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Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, Volume 1 / Edition 7

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, Volume 1 / Edition 7

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by John C. Kotz, John Townsend, Paul M. Treichel

ISBN-10: 0495387118

ISBN-13: 9780495387114

Pub. Date: 01/29/2008

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Chapters 1 -11 of the core text, including appendices.


Chapters 1 -11 of the core text, including appendices.

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Cengage Learning
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Edition description:
Older Edition
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8.60(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1: CONCEPTS OF CHEMISTRY. 1. BASIC CONCEPTS OF CHEMISTRY. LET'S REVIEW: THE TOOLS OF QUANTITATIVE CHEMISTRY. 2. ATOMS, MOLECULES, AND IONS. 3. CHEMICAL REACTIONS. 4. STOICHIOMETRY: QUANTITATIVE INFORMATION ABOUT CHEMICAL REACTIONS. 5. PRINCIPLES OF CHEMICAL REACTIVITY: ENERGY AND CHEMICAL REACTIONS. INTERCHAPTER: THE CHEMISTRY OF FUELS AND ENERGY SOURCES. Part 2: ATOMS AND MOLECULES. 6. THE STRUCTURE OF ATOMS. 7. THE STRUCTURE OF ATOMS AND PERIODIC TRENDS. INTERCHAPTER: MILESTONES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHEMISTRY AND THE MODERN VIEW OF ATOMS AND MOLECULES. 8. BONDING AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURE. 9. BONDING AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURE: ORBITAL HYBRIDIZATION AND MOLECULAR ORBITALS. 10. CARBON: MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER ELEMENT. INTERCHAPTER: THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE: BIOCHEMISTRY. Part 3: STATES OF MATTER. 11. GASES AND THEIR PROPERTIES. Appendix A: Using Logarithms and the Quadratic Equation. Appendix B: Some Important Physical Concepts. Appendix C: Abbreviations and Useful Conversion Factors. Appendix D: Physical Constants. Appendix E: Naming Organic Compounds. Appendix F: Values for the Ionization Energies and Electron Affinities of the Elements. Appendix G: Vapor Pressure of Water at Various Temperatures. Appendix H: Ionization Constants for Weak Acids at 25ºC. Appendix I: Ionization Constants for Weak Bases at 25ºC. Appendix J: Solubility Product Constants for Some Inorganic Compounds. Appendix K: Formation Constants for Some Complex Ions in Aqueous Solution. Appendix L: Selected Thermodynamic Values. Appendix M: Standard Reduction Potentials in Aqueous Solution at 25ºC. Appendix N: Answers to Exercises. Appendix O: Answers to Selected Study Questions. Appendix P: Answers to Selected The Chemistry of… Study Questions. Appendix Q: Answers to Chapter Opening and Case Study Questions.

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