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by Sarah De Capua

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Children's Literature - Patrick Hunter
The Cheyenne did not start out living on the plains and did not originally live in Teepees. It was not until they became a more mobile people that the Cheyenne began hunting buffalo, riding horseback and living in the homes most associated, incorrectly, with Native American Tribes. Originally the Cheyenne lived in present day Minnesota. Due to other tribes moving into the lands occupied by the Cheyenne and frequent attacks from those tribes, the Cheyenne eventually made their way into the area of the current state of South Dakota. It was here where a transition to their lives began. They began to hunt the buffalo on horseback and thus, needed homes that were more suited to being able to follow the herds. From Sarah De Capuas' exploration of the Cheyenne people, we learn extensively about their beliefs, culture, and history. The book includes several fascinating facts. Cheyenne people had no marriage ceremony. A woman was simply brought to a man's teepee and then carried inside on a blanket and dressed in new clothes. Divorce was even simpler. A woman just placed a man's belongings outside the teepee and that was it. They were divorced. Today many Cheyenne work as farmers or ranchers. As with other Native American tribes, the Cheyenne have been removed from their original lands and now live on reservations—some that are shared with other tribes. One of the most important resources for the Cheyenne is casinos. They provide much needed income and jobs. The Cheyenne is part of the "First Americans" series and contains numerous good photos that accompany the text. Sidebar items provide additional in-depth tidbits about Cheyenne life or activities. Reviewer: Patrick Hunter

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First Americans Series
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