The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls

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by John F. Grabowski, F. Grabowski John

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The Chicago Bulls are the basketball dynasty of the 90s, with 6 championship rings to show for it. Most people associate the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Coach Phil Jackson. But where did this team come from? How did they go from a mediocre team to become six-time world champions? John Grabowski, in this volume of the "Great Sports Teams" series, begins by covering the history of the franchise, from their start in 1966 to their losing seasons over the last few years. Grabowski then writes about the individuals who made a difference in the teams history, covering their successes both on and off the court. With a great deal of detail and accompanying photographs, the author captures the spirit of this great team. He also provides younger readers with a wonderful starting point for learning about this great team. His storytelling style helps keep the reader captured and want more. The end of the book contains a further reading section, bibliography, index and timeline of Bulls moments. This book is an excellent addition to any school library non-fiction collection. 2003, Lucent Books, Ages 12 to 18.
— John D. Orsborn

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Great Sports Teams Series
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john920 More than 1 year ago
The Chicago Bulls The author of The Chicago Bulls is John F. Grabowski. The Chicago Bulls were once one of the worst teams in NBA history. This all changed when all-stars like Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Robert Earl Love, and Scottie Pippin joined the Bulls. Michael Jordan was the all time greatest player to ever play basketball. Michael's full name was Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Jordan was born in February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Jordan is today at a height of six foot six. Michael Jordan was at an age of 32 when he retired. He retired from the game because of a tragedy in his family. Michael's father was murdered in a robbery. Soon after this incident, he signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox, but, he thought that he wasn't good enough for the game. Jordan came back to play with the Bulls for a couple of seasons and won a couple more championships. After a couple of seasons he thought it was time to go. He thought there was nothing else to prove. Dennis Rodman was another great star who had a great personality. Rodman always used to come to games dressing as a woman. Dennis played a couple of seasons with Michael,Scottie Pippin. Dennis was born in Delhi, Louisiana, December 8, 1942. Robert Earl Love was another great star who played for the Bulls. Teammates with him in the Bulls called him Bob Love for short. Bob Love was born in Delhi, Louisiana, on December 8, 1942. Bob Love had a stuttering problem in the first grade and kids often made fun of him. When he got to the third grade his stuttering problem got worse. Bob Love's favorite sport was football but, he liked basketball better. Scottie Pippin was another great star who also played with the Bulls back in the day. His full name is Maurice Scottie Pippin. Scottie was born on September 25, 1965, in the rural town of Hamburg, Arkansas. Scottie was the youngest of twelve children. Scottie's parents' names were Ethel and Preston Pippin. Scottie's favorite sports when he was a little boy were baseball and football. When Scottie was eleven he was introduced to basketball and he loved the game since. This book/story takes place in Chicago during the 1940's to the year 2006. Fans of the Chicago teams waited about 60 years before the Chicago Bulls brought back their first championship. The theme of this book that the author wanted to tell us was to tell us to never quit, your dream will come true if you never give up. This book is about courage, working hard, power, and the love for the game. I have learned that if you never give up your dream can and will come true. I would really say that there was no problem in this story, except that one problem was Bob Love's parents fighting all the time, but he solved it by moving with his grandparents. This book has to do with great stars from the Chicago Bulls. The happiness of the fans when their team brought back a championship back in over 60 years. Michael Jordan has changed the game of basketball forever, and there will probably be no other great star like him. I recommend this book to anybody and everybody. This book is a great. "The Chicago Bulls" is one of the best, it teaches you respect, hard work, and the love for the game.