Chicano Rap Box Set, Vol. 3

Chicano Rap Box Set, Vol. 3


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Thump Records


Disc 1

  1. Still In Love
  2. Need You In My Life
  3. Confessing My Love
  4. Hurt Inside
  5. I Be Cruzin
  6. Meet Us At the Bar
  7. Heating Up
  8. Drop It To the Floor
  9. Hoppin Droppin
  10. Operate the Swisher
  11. Give You What You Want
  12. Pornstar

Disc 2

  1. Like Whoa
  2. Make Your Move
  3. Shake and Snap
  4. Shake It
  5. Dame Dame
  6. Look Out Weekend
  7. Tricky
  8. Shake That Ass
  9. Latinas
  10. Un Momento (Love Jones)
  11. The Drop
  12. Reggaeton Pa Mi Raza
  13. My Dime
  14. Uwi Uwi

Disc 3

  1. Intro: the Funky Funky Bomb
  2. Baby Og'z
  3. Slow Pain Baby (To the Left, To the Right)
  4. Money Maid (Fallin' In Love)
  5. Ride With Me
  6. Saturday Night Ballin'
  7. Wicked Ass Funk
  8. So Many City's
  9. If You Get High
  10. My Trigger Finger
  11. We On a Mission
  12. [Untitled]

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Rick James   Composer
Tony G.   Producer
Slow Pain   Composer
ODM   Producer
MC Magic   Composer
David Salas   Composer,Producer
Carlo Zanella   Producer
Blue   Composer
Lil Jay   Producer
Binky Womack   Composer
Renegade Foxxx   Composer
Cecy B   Composer
Domenic Marte   Composer
Big Sinz   Composer
Phoebe-Mac   Composer
Dicky Ranking   Composer
Dos Caraz   Composer
Julio-G   Producer
D. Salas   Composer
Myra   Composer
Steals   Composer
Bad Mouth   Composer,Producer
Kiki Smooth   Composer
David Wheeler   Composer
Omar Gonzalez   Composer
PJ The Gator   Composer
Nico Tha Jett   Composer
Tony Butler   Composer
William Walker   Executive Producer
Abusivo   Composer
C. Johnson   Composer
Arturo Molina   Composer
Irvine Alexander   Composer

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