Chicano Rap Box Set

Chicano Rap Box Set


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Thump Records


Disc 1

  1. Que Buena Esta  -  Weeto
  2. Jefe De Banda  -  Knightowl
  3. No Te Metas  -  Knightowl
  4. En Kalifas  - Lil' Demon
  5. Asesino  -  Kozme
  6. Mate Al Sheriff  -  Weeto
  7. Quien Es El Que Sigue  -  Latino Velvet
  8. Yo No Fui  -  Kurupt
  9. Quiero Estar Contigo  -  Clika One
  10. Alza Las Manos  - Nino Brown
  11. Me Andan Buscando  -  Xhibit
  12. Trucha  -  Weeto
  13. Que Chevere  -  Knightowl

Disc 2

  1. Something For the Riders  -  Frost
  2. What's Your Name (Time of the Season)  -  Frost
  3. Mamacita  -  Frost
  4. Hittin' Switches  -  Frost
  5. Tears of a Mother  -  Frost
  6. Los Katrachos  -  5PM
  7. What's Goin On  -  Frost
  8. Outlaws  -  Frost
  9. 6 Million Ways To Die  -  Frost
  10. Speak On You  -  Frost
  11. Big Business  -  Xhibit
  12. You're No Good  -  Frost
  13. On the Skeena  -  Frost

Disc 3

  1. Lookout Weekend  -  Rayleen
  2. Poquito Mas (Dame, Dame)  - Dicky Ranking
  3. I Like the Way  - Dos Caraz
  4. Latinas  -  Damon
  5. Shake That Ass  - Mal Hablado
  6. Te Necesito  - Mariana G.
  7. Flow  - Cecy B
  8. One Moment (Love Jones)  -  Que No
  9. Tengo Que  - Manny Loco
  10. 21  -  Que No
  11. The Anthem  -  Abusivo
  12. Don't Let No One Get You Down  -  Myke Nez
  13. Like Whoa  -  Abusivo
  14. The Drop  -  Sonny Blue
  15. Nadien Lo Hace Como Yo  -  Que No
  16. Lookout Weekend  -  Rayleen

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Levitti   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Fredwreck Nassar   Conductor
Cry on Cue   Guitar,Drums,Keyboards
Baby Beesh   Vocals
Mariachi 2000   Background Vocals
Nino B   Vocals
Weeto   Background Vocals
Cindy Vasquez   Background Vocals
Don Ciscone   Background Vocals
Clika One   Vocals
Frost   Vocals
Angeles Filharmonixs   Strings,Horn

Technical Credits

Lee Oskar   Composer
Rod Argent   Composer
Tony A.   Producer
Tony G.   Producer
Richard Huredia   Engineer
Ice-T   Composer
Jayo Felony   Composer,Lyricist
Xzibit   Composer,Lyricist
Merciless   Composer
DJ Ace   Producer
Knightowl   Producer
David Salas   Producer,Remixing
Fredwreck Nassar   Producer
Joe Dean   Mastering
King T   Composer,Lyricist
Kurupt   Composer,Lyricist
Baby Beesh   Composer,Lyricist
S. Allen   Composer
Nino B   Composer,Lyricist
Gee   Composer
Mariana G.   Composer
Massive   Engineer
Don Ciscone   Composer,Lyricist
Clika One   Composer,Lyricist
Marshall "Massive" Ford   Producer
V. Pérez   Composer
Sonny Blue   Composer
Mad One   Composer,Lyricist
Bobby Ross   Producer
Domenic Marte   Composer
Damon   Composer
Da Playboy Foundation   Producer
Philly   Engineer
Mal Hablado   Producer,Layout
Manny Loco   Composer
Dicky Ranking   Composer
Ari Levine   Producer
D. Salas   Composer,Executive Producer
Frost   Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Byano   Producer
5PM   Composer,Lyricist
C. Ballard   Composer
O.G. Enius   Composer
Omar Gonzalez   Composer
M. Dickerson   Composer
Hen-Gee   Associate Executive Producer
Phil 'Philly Blunt' Armstrong   Producer
R. Ascencio   Composer
J. Gonzalez   Composer
Alvaro Hernandez   Composer
T. Gonzales   Composer
Tony Butler   Composer
William Walker   Executive Producer
Abusivo   Composer
C. Johnson   Composer
Cecilia Berajas   Composer
Sharon Campos   Executive Producer
Lucky Latino   Composer
Lo-6   Composer,Lyricist
Jim Chirdo   Marketing
Jeremy James Berry   Composer

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