Child Advocacy: History, Theory, and Practice

Child Advocacy: History, Theory, and Practice

by James R. Tompkins, Benjamin L. Brooks, Timothy J. Tompkins, Timothy J. Tompkins

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction: Advocacy Overview3
Ch. 2The Emergence of Child Advocacy at the National Level7
Ch. 3National Institute of Mental Health's Hightest Priority17
Ch. 4Further Support for Child Advocacy: White House Conference on Children21
Ch. 5Advocacy Models: Child Advocacy in North Carolina25
Ch. 6Child Advocacy in the 90s: A Definition31
Ch. 7Guiding Principles of Advocacy: Ecological Theory37
Ch. 8Advocacy Needs of Children43
Ch. 9Child Advocacy: Its Purpose49
Ch. 10Child Advocacy: A Proactive View53
Ch. 11A Case Study: Individual Child Advocacy61
Ch. 12University and Community Collaboration71
Ch. 13A Parent Training Approach89
Ch. 14A Model Program: Child Advocacy Commission97
Ch. 15Pathways to Develop Local Advocacy Councils103
Ch. 16Advocacy in the Treatment and Education of Adjudicated Children111
Ch. 17Delivery of Services Model: Boards for Children in Trouble123
About the Authors133

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