Child Development and PH Pbservation / Edition 3

Child Development and PH Pbservation / Edition 3

by Robert Feldman

ISBN-10: 0131240889

ISBN-13: 9780131240889

Pub. Date: 08/14/2003

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Child Development.

An Orientation to Child Development. Children: Past, Present and Future.
2. Theoretical Perspectives and Research: Asking and Answering Questions on Children's Development.

Perspectives on Children. The Scientific Method and Research. Research Strategies and Challenges.
3. The Start of Life: Genetics and Prenatal Development.

Heredity. The Interaction of Heredity and Environment. Prenatal Growth and Change.
4. Birth and the Newborn Infant.

Birth. Birth Complications. The Competent Newborn.
5. Physical Development in Infancy.

Growth and Stability. Motor Development. The Development of the Senses.
6. Cognitive Development in Infancy.

Piaget's Approach to Cognitive Development. Information-Processing Approaches to Cognitive Development. The Roots of Language.
7. Social and Personality Development in Infancy.

Forming the Roots of Sociability. Forging Relationships. Differences among Infants.
8. Physical Development in the Preschool Years.

Physical Growth. Health and Wellness. Motor Development.
9. Cognitive Development in the Preschool Years.

Intellectual Development. The Growth of Language. Schooling and Society.
10. Social and Personality Development in the Preschool Years.

Forming a Sense of Self. Preschoolers' Social Lives. Moral Development and Aggression.
11. Physical Development in Middle Childhood.

The Growing Body. Motor Development and Safety. Children with Special Needs.
12. Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood.

Intellectual andLanguage Development. Schooling: The Three Rs (and More) of Middle Childhood. Intelligence: Determining Individual Strengths.
13. Social and Personality Development in Middle Childhood.

The Developing Self. Relationships: Building Friendship in Middle Childhood. Family Life in Middle Childhood.
14. Physical Development in Adolescence.

Physical Maturation. Stress and Coping. Threats to Adolescents' Well-Being.
15. Cognitive Development in Adolescence.

Intellectual Development. Moral Development. School Performance and Cognitive Development. Picking an Occupation: Choosing Life's Work.
16. Social and Personality Development in Adolescence.

Identity: Asking "Who Am I?" Relationships: Family and Friends. Dating, Sexual Behavior, and Teenage Pregnancy.
Name Index.
Subject Index.

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