Childhood Language Disorders / Edition 1

Childhood Language Disorders / Edition 1

by Michael D. Smith, Jack S. (Eds.) Damico, Jack S. Damico

ISBN-10: 086577501X

ISBN-13: 9780865775015

Pub. Date: 06/28/1996

Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated

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Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date:
Current Therapy of Communication Disorders Series

Table of Contents

1Childhood Language Disorders: Clinical Outcome Perspectives3
2The Adaptive Nature of Developmental Immaturity: Implications for Language Acquisition and Language Disabilities17
3Speech Therapy Discourse: The Input to Learning41
4Clinical Language Teaching: Theories and Principles to Guide Our Responses when Children Miss Our Language Targets64
5Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Specific Language Impairment97
6Children with Developmental Language Disorders: Outcomes, Persistence, and Change119
7Specific Language Impairment: A Changing Role for Normal Developmental Language Theories During the 1990s141
8Atypical Cognitive, Linguistic, and Social Development in Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders of Childhood157
9Acquired Childhood Language Disorders198
10Communicative Development of Children with Severe Disabilities218
11Substance Abuse Risk Factors and Childhood Language Disorders235
12Multicultural Populations and Language Disorders272
13Early Intervention in Communication Development: A Collaborative Model for Professionals Consulting with Families300

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