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Children of Nuggets

Children of Nuggets

Garage rock has occasionally bubbled up onto the pop charts -- from the Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" on through Nirvana and the White Stripes -- but the bulk of its creative output has always lurked below the surface. While Rhino's first two Nuggets box sets ably chronicled the subgenre's development in the mid- and late '60s, Children of Nuggets compiles


Garage rock has occasionally bubbled up onto the pop charts -- from the Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" on through Nirvana and the White Stripes -- but the bulk of its creative output has always lurked below the surface. While Rhino's first two Nuggets box sets ably chronicled the subgenre's development in the mid- and late '60s, Children of Nuggets compiles the work of their creative offspring, likeminded groups from the '70s through the '90s (with an emphasis on the '80s). A few of the artists here were, at least briefly, household names -- the Bangles, the Hoodoo Gurus, the Smithereens, the Church -- but most trafficked in the seedy underground, receiving notice only from fanzines, record store regulars, and paisley-clad rock club denizens. Surprisingly, the 100 mix-tape favorites collected here represent a broad stylistic and geographic range. They include L.A.'s "paisley underground" (the Dream Syndicate's Neil Young–influenced "Tell Me When It's Over," the Rain Parade's kaleidoscopic "One Half Hour Ago"); the U.K.'s mid-'80s psych-rock heyday (Biff Bang Pow!'s Rickenbacker-fueled anthem "There Must Be a Better Life," the Dentists' sweetly melancholy "Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden," Primal Scream's lilting "Gentle Tuesday"); the Pacific Northwest (Screaming Trees' proto-grunge "Transfiguration," the Posies' angsty "I May Hate You Sometimes"); and the rich Australia/New Zealand axis (the Stems' downbeat power pop "Love Will Grow," the Chills' eerie, chiming "Pink Frost," Died Pretty's psychedelic, organ-propelled "Out of the Unknown"). Residing alongside are long-term garage enthusiasts, including the Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC's alter ego), Jeff Conolly's Lyres/DMZ, the Spongetones, Julian Cope, Billy Childish/Milkshakes, the Bevis Frond, and Teenage Fanclub. This passionately assembled four-disc set will give pause even to diehard garage fans; upon each listening, new nuggets are unearthed, whether the Nerves' effusive power-pop "One Way Ticket" or the Last's raw, swirling "She Don't Know Why I'm Here." The set's 100-page booklet includes essays by garage diehard Little Steven and Bucketful of Brains founder Nigel Cross, plus extensive liner notes from British scribe Kieron Tyler and an ode to the late Voxx/Bomp! mainman Greg Shaw, without whom, according to co-producer Gary Stewart, "the events covered in this set wouldn't have taken place." Amen.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
As its title makes clear, Children of Nuggets is the first Nuggets release to stretch beyond the '60s heyday of garage rock and psychedelic music. Instead of once again returning to that seemingly bottomless well -- which has not only brought the original 1972 double LP, Nuggets, but such imitators as the Pebbles and Rubble series, plus Rhino's expanded four-disc 1998 box set and its 2001 sequel, which focused on singles from the U.K. and around the world -- the four-disc box Children of Nuggets is devoted to bands from the '70s, '80s, and '90s (but primarily the '80s) that were inspired by the original Nuggets LP, along with other trashy, intoxicating rock and guitar pop from the '60s. They weren't just inspired by this music -- they patterned themselves after it, from the sound to the look of classic garage psych. This might seem like a dodgy proposition, either as music or for the subject of an exhaustive retrospective like this, but the garage and psych revival of the '80s -- which also encompassed such diverse but related movements as power pop, British C-86 indie pop, the paisley underground, punk-blues, cowpunk, and surf rock -- was a surprisingly fertile scene, as this absolutely terrific box set proves. Far from sounding monotonous, Children of Nuggets has a tremendous variety of sounds, styles, and attitudes. As producer Alec Palao states in his introductory liner notes, the idea was to adhere to Lenny Kaye's idea for the original Nuggets LP, which was to "compile together the good tracks from all those albums that only have one good track," not caring whether the featured songs adhered to a strict definition of what was or was not garage or psych. Of course, Palao and his co-producer, Gary Stewart, and their assistants on this project do have a template to follow and not just because there are bands that were tagged at the time as '60s revivalists. They have Kaye's work to guide them; plus they have the work of Greg Shaw, the journalist and record label head who championed this music at first in his fanzine, Who Put the Bomp, and then on his Bomp and Voxx labels. Stewart salutes Shaw at the conclusion of the booklet for Children of Nuggets, and in a way, this set does function as a tribute to the music Shaw helped shepherd during the '80s, since it celebrates all kinds of '60s-inspired guitar pop made in the post-punk years -- music that arguably wouldn't have existed without Shaw's input. Yet, as the best music should, the music on Children of Nuggets transcends such behind-the-scenes particulars and exists simply as flat-out great music. Sure, there are some bands that faithfully re-create the sounds of the '60s, but most of the groups are inspired by the '60s, picking up their favorite elements -- whether it's dirty, raunchy guitars, jangling 12-strings, sweet harmonies, trippy swirling guitars, or catchy choruses -- and assembling them in a manner that sounds fresh, new, and invigorating. Yes, some of the production sounds a little tied to its time, but no more than the singles from the first two Nuggets boxes. What matters is that this box crackles with energy and is filled with great songs, whether they're hard rock & roll, tongue-in-cheek neo-psychedelia, Beatles and Byrds homages, dreamy, mysterious indie pop, or straight-up power pop. There are a handful of big names here, but only the La's are represented with anything close to their best-known song -- not only that, but "There She Goes" is the only thing here that could be called well known. The other big names are represented by some of their earliest and, in many cases, best songs: there's "(I Thought) You Wanted to Know" and "If and When" by Chris Stamey & the dB's, the Smithereens have "Strangers When We Meet" and "Beauty and Sadness," Primal Scream are captured in their pre-Screamadelica incarnation with "Gentle Tuesday," the Posies show a strong British Invasion bent on "I May Hate You Sometimes," Teenage Fanclub's "Metal Baby" is pulled from their cult classic, Bandwagonesque, while the Bangles show up with their earliest songs, "The Real World" and "Getting out of Hand," which was released under the name the Bangs. A few songs here show up regularly on '80s comps -- the Hoodoo Gurus' "I Want You Back," the Lyres' "Help You Ann," the Spongetones' "She Goes out with Everybody," the Church's "The Unguarded Moment" -- but most of this is devoted to bands that had one or two songs that were staples on college radio and are now forgotten to all but the die-hard underground garage rock fans. Now that they're part of this compulsively listenable set, they help define the canon of underground rock and pop of the post-punk years: surrounded by other bands of a similar mind and vision, these songs sound like forgotten classics. And that's why Children of Nuggets is such a resounding success -- it not only shines a light on the bands that carried the torch for this kind of music in the '80s, this box, like the original double LP, helps rescue worthy bands from the scrap heap of history and, in the process, becomes an essential piece of rock history itself.

Product Details

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Disc 1

  1. Vanishing Girl
  2. Help You Ann
  3. The Real World
  4. We're Living in Violent Times
  5. The Trains
  6. Seven Years
  7. Strangers When We Meet
  8. Wading Through a Ventilator
  9. I Can't Hide
  10. The Girl from Baltimore
  11. It's a Good Thing
  12. She's Fine
  13. All My Life
  14. Down at the Nightclub
  15. (My Girl) Maryanne
  16. She Turns to Flowers
  17. You Are My Friend
  18. Mr. Unreliable
  19. (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
  20. She Don't Know Why I'm Here
  21. There Must Be a Better Life
  22. Slave Girl
  23. I May Hate You Sometimes
  24. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
  25. It's About Time
  26. I Live for Buzz
  27. I Want You Back

Disc 2

  1. This Damn Nation
  2. Tell Me When It's Over
  3. Whenever I'm Gone
  4. New Kind of Kick
  5. And She Rides
  6. Motorbike Beat
  7. Tears (Only Dry)
  8. 25 O'Clock
  9. Don't Give It Up Now
  10. If and When
  11. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  12. There She Goes
  13. Kingsley J.
  14. I Can Never Tell
  15. Make Me Stay
  16. Everyday Things
  17. I Wanna Destroy You
  18. It's You
  19. Apology
  20. Lights Are Changing
  21. Ahead of My Time
  22. Welcome to My Love
  23. Flowers in the Sky
  24. Metal Baby

Disc 3

  1. The Unguarded Moment
  2. I Can't Pretend
  3. Out of the Unknown
  4. L.A. Explosion
  5. I'll Cry Alone
  6. Sunspots
  7. Hindu Gods (Of Love)
  8. Death and Angels
  9. Barbed Wire Heart
  10. Pink Frost
  11. She Told Me Lies
  12. Beauty and Sadness
  13. Test Drive
  14. Busy Man
  15. Love Will Grow
  16. She Goes Out with Everybody
  17. Hypnotized
  18. No Apology
  19. God Knows It's True
  20. You Keep on Lyin'
  21. Don't Break Down
  22. The World Has Changed
  23. Baby What's Wrong
  24. Psycko (Themes from Psycho and Vertigo)
  25. My Name Is Tom

Disc 4

  1. Gentle Tuesday
  2. With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
  3. Like Wow - Wipeout!
  4. Bad News Travels Fast
  5. Plains of Nazca
  6. Getting Out of Hand
  7. Please Don't Tell My Baby
  8. One Half Hour Ago
  9. You're My Loving Way
  10. Transfiguration
  11. A Scandal in Bohemia
  12. Where the Wolf Bane Blooms
  13. Cheated and Lied
  14. Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden (And It's Wintertime)
  15. Won't Need Yours
  16. Weakness
  17. You'll Know Why
  18. Not My Memory
  19. Far Away
  20. Ain't That a Man
  21. Mink Dress
  22. Tight Turn
  23. One Way Ticket
  24. Tracy Hide

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Case   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Julian Cope   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Don Dixon   Percussion,Background Vocals
Robyn Hitchcock   Guitar,Vocals
Susanna Hoffs   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Kilbey   Bass,Vocals
Peter Koppes   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Lanegan   Vocals,Background Vocals
John Jorgenson   Drums
Billy Childish   Guitar,Vocals
Steven Roback   Bass,Vocals
Chris Stamey   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Jack Waterson   Bass
Steve Wynn   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Collins   Drums
Jeremy Gluck   Vocals
Bill Hurley   Vocals
Craig Leon   Piano
Matt Piucci   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Zaremba   Harmonica,Vocals
Simon Jones   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Paul Martin   Guitar
Sean O'Neill   Guitar,Vocals
Kendra Smith   Bass
Ric Albin   Vocals
George Alexander   Bass
Jon Auer   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Andy Babiuk   Bass,Background Vocals
Edward Ball   Guitar,Vocals
Danny Benair   Percussion,Drums
Mick Blood   Vocals
David Bowler   Drums
Clyde Bramley   Bass,Vocals
Brewer   Bass,Vocals
Patrick Allen Brown   Drums
David Buckley   Bass,Vocals
Chris Cacavas   Keyboards,Vocals
Don Christensen   Drums
Roger Clay   Guitar,Background Vocals
Rick Coraccio   Bass,Vocals
Chris Coyne   Bass,Vocals
Peter Coyne   Vocals
Paul Damien   Drums
Dennis Diken   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Kris Dollimore   Guitar,Vocals
Ben Donnelly   Bass
Dennis Duck   Drums
John East   Bass,Vocals
David Faulkner   Guitar,Vocals
James Ferrell   Guitar
Fay Fife   Vocals
Don Fleming   Background Vocals
Marvin Gardens   Guitar,Background Vocals
Michael Gibson   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Gillespie   Vocals
Will Glenn   Keyboards
Peter Greenberg   Guitar,Vocals
Sid Griffin   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Gunn   Guitar
Orest Guran   Organ
Janne Haavisto   Drums
Babs Handjive   Background Vocals
Cherry Handjive   Background Vocals
Hi Fi Harris   Guitar
Jody Harris   Guitar
Jim E. Hill   Tambourine
Gene Holder   Acoustic Guitar,Bass
Jamie Hoover   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Innes   Guitar,Vocals
Lux Interior   Vocals
Pat Irwin   Organ,Saxophone
Poison Ivy   Guitar
Ethan James   Piano
Michael Jay   Bass
Cyril Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Lenny Kaye   Voices
Ray Kent   Organ
Mark Kingsmill   Drums
Nick Knox   Drums
Kid Krupa   Guitar
Mikko Lankinen   Guitar
Ricky Lawson   Drums
Mike Lewis   Bass
Gerard Love   Bass,Vocals
Steve Lovell   Guitar,Recorder
John Lundberg   Guitar
Alex MacNicol   Drums
Steve Mack   Vocals
Mickey Mariano   Keyboards,Vocals
Vitus Mataré   Keyboards
Mark Matthews   Bass
George Mazur   Drums,Vocals
Steve McCarthy   Guitar,Vocals
Raymond McGinley   Guitar,Vocals
Doug Meech   Drums
Andy Metcalfe   Bass
Bill Milhizer   Drums
Eddie Muñoz   Guitar
Paul Murphy   Drums
Mike Musburger   Drums
Brett Myers   Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
David Nolte   Bass,Vocals
Joe Nolte   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Nolte   Vocals
Tom Nyman   Bass
Brendan O'Hare   Drums
Damian O'Neill   Bass,Vocals
Tony Oliver   Guitar
Dave Pahoa   Bass,Vocals
Jan Marek Pakulski   Bass
Ron Peno   Vocals
Debbi Peterson   Drums,Vocals
Vicki Peterson   Guitar,Vocals
Martin Phillipps   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Pickerel   Drums
Marty Willson-Piper   Guitar,Vocals
Matti Pitsinki   Organ
Kid Congo Powers   Guitar
Karl Precoda   Guitar
Greg Prevost   Vocals
Michael Quercio   Bass,Vocals
Louie Ramirez   Drums
Jay Rassler   Guitar,Vocals
Kimberley Rew   Guitar,Vocals
Eugene Reynolds   Vocals
Jack Reynolds   Drums
Will Rigby   Piano,Drums,Background Vocals,Mouth Organ
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Rocky Rhythm   Drums
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Van Conner   Bass
Nick Turner   Drums
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John Frankovic   Bass,Vocals
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Matt Rogers   Guitar
Kyle Raven   Drums
Anders Johansson   Bass
Red Curtain   Bass,Bass Guitar,Vocals
Cornelius Plum   Keyboards,Vocals,Fuzz Guitar
E.I.E.I. Owen   Drums
Glenn Rehse   Organ,Guitar,Vocals
Vic Demechei   Drums
Bill Calhoun   Organ,Background Vocals
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Michael Sellers   Guitar
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Daniel J. McLain   Drums
Robert Collins   Guitar
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Bruce Lyall   Organ
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Bob Cassell   Cello
Danny Demiankow   Guitar
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David Hardison   Bass
Rondo Hatton.   Drums
Lucien Hayes   Bass
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Richard Jakimyszyn   Guitar
Ed Johnsson   Drums
Jonathan Lickliter   Bass
Steve Mace   Bass
David Andrew Mann   Guitar,Vocals
Kiddie Manzini   Drums
Graham May   Bass,Vocals
Clyde "Richard Lloyd" McFettered   Drums
Ian OSullivan   Drums,Vocals
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Gary Pietronave   Vocals
Mark Pietronave   Organ,Guitar,Vocals
Paul Rieger   Fuzz Bass,Guitar (12 String Electric)
Matt Roberts   Bass
Steve Roger   Organ
Trent Ruane   Organ
Hans Sacklén   Bass
Morgan Sheppard   Voiceover
Ron Swart   Organ,Background Vocals
Bob Tiefenwerth   Organ
Eric Tretbar   Drums
Henki VanDenBorn   Guitar,Background Vocals
Imre VonPolgár   Guitar (12 String Electric)
Jonathan Adam Weiss   Saxophone,Vocals
Erik Westin   Drums
Terry Moore   Bass,Percussion,Background Vocals
Jack Lee   Guitar,Background Vocals
Norman Blake   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Lane   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Peter Case   Composer
Julian Cope   Composer
Don Dixon   Producer
Dave Edmunds   Producer
Robyn Hitchcock   Composer
Susanna Hoffs   Composer
Steve Kilbey   Composer
Mark Lanegan   Composer
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Brett Myers   Composer
Ted Myers   Discographical Annotation,Discographical Information
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David Sellers   Composer
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Keith Patterson   Composer,Photo Courtesy
Gary Pietronave   Composer
Paul Rieger   Composer,Producer,Photo Courtesy
Mark Shipper   Producer
Neal Thorgrimson   Producer
Graham Tollitt   Producer
Russell Wilkins   Producer
Joel Barnett   Composer
Patrick Irwin   Composer
Alan McLean   Composer
Terry Moore   Composer,Producer
Joel Harris   Composer
Isokynä Lindholm   Producer
Norman Blake   Composer
Richard Lane   Composer
Terry King   Producer

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