Chile: Death in the South

Chile: Death in the South

by Jacobo Timerman, Random House Value Publishing Staff

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Timerman describes the ordinary Chilean's survival tactics in a society where one can be arrested without reason, and where thousands have been tortured, murdered or ``disappeared'' by right-wing squads. He presents a shocking portrayal of the daily horrors of life under General Pinochet's dictatorship. The well-known Argentinian journalist and author of Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number discusses the pauperization of Chile's middle class, massive poverty and unemployment, the drying up of cultural life. Interwoven with his short narrative are testimonies from Chileans who were tortured or raped while in prison. Timerman skims over the U.S. role in propping up the military regime it helped install, and his proposals for dislodging Pinochet seem wishful thinking. Still, his report is a powerful and disturbing call to conscience. (December 14)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Timerman's new book is at once a meditation, essay, and report on life in Chile under the dictator Pinochet. Each chapter concludes with the testimony of someone who has suffered under the present military government. Timerman, himself a victim of torture under the former military government in Argentina, places himself in strong opposition to what he sees as the most vicious dictatorship in Latin America today. This is a dramatic and moving statement written with the clarity of a newspaper reporter and the fervor of one who suffered under similar regimes. N.P. Cushner, SUNY, Empire State Coll.

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