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by Anne Rooney

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Children's Literature - Michael Jung
Anne Rooney showcases some of the different clothing styles worn throughout China's history in this early reader book, accompanied by photographs and paintings. From the silk robes worn by emperors during the Han Dynasty of 206 BCE-220 CE, to the work suits used during the Cultural Revolution, to the various suits and gowns worn for marriage ceremonies and special occasions, Rooney touches on many styles of dress and gives brief explanations for how each type of clothing developed. Certain sections of the book also touch on how types of clothing are designed to help people survive in colder or warmer parts of China, while others examine types of theatrical or festival clothing, such as the lion costume worn during lion dances or the costumes worn in Chinese opera. Despite these attempts to educate the reader about the varieties of Chinese clothing, at 32 pages, the book is astonishingly brief and cannot hope to capture the many types and styles of clothing that developed during China's long history. Those interested in studying international clothing styles would be better off with a more detailed book. Reviewer: Michael Jung

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Costume Around the World Series
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9 - 12 Years

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