China: A Cultural, Social, and Political History / Edition 1

China: A Cultural, Social, and Political History / Edition 1

by Patricia Buckley Buckley Ebrey, Patricia Buckley Ebrey

ISBN-10: 0618133879

ISBN-13: 9780618133871

Pub. Date: 10/18/2005

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning
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World History Ser.: Specialized Courses
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Bronze Age: Shang and Western Zhou (ca. 1500-771 B.C.E.). 1: The Geography of the Chinese Subcontinent. 2: The Shang Dynasty (ca. 1500-1045 B.C.E.). 3: Developments Outside the Shang Core. 4: The Western Zhou Dynasty (1045-771 B.C.E.). Part 2: Philosophers and Warring States During the Eastern Zhou (770-256 B.C.E.). 5: The Multistate System of the Eastern Zhou. 6: Warfare and Its Consequences. 7: The Hundred Schools of Thought. 8: Warring States Literature and Art: The Case of Chu. Part 3: The Founding of the Bureaucratic Empire: Qin and Han (256 B.C.E.-200 B.C.E.). 9: The Qin Unification (256-206 B.C.E.). 10: The Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E.-220 C.E.). 11: Intellectual, Literary, and Religious Currents. 12: Chinese Society in Han Times. 13: Central Asia and the Silk Road. 14: Borderlands. 15: Maintaining the Empire. Part 4: Political Division (200-580). 16: The Three Kingdoms (220-265) and the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). 17: Non-Chinese Dominance in the North. 18: The Southern Dynasties and Aristocratic Culture. 19: The Buddhist Conquest of China. 20: Daoist Religion. Part 5: The Cosmopolitan Empires of Sui and Tang (581-960). 21: The Northwest Military Aristocracy and the Sui Reunification of China. 22: The Founding of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). 23: The Tang at Its Height. 24: The Rebellion of An Lushan and Its Aftermath. 25: The Achievements of Tang Men of Letters. 26: The Dunhuang Documents. 27: The Tang Dynasty's Final Decades and the Five Dynasties. Part 6: China Among Equals: Song, Liao, Xia, and Jin (907-1276). 28: The Founding of the Song Dynasty. 29: Song's Rivals: Liao and Xia. 30: A New Era. 31: The Fall of the Northern Song and the Jin Dynasty. 32: Hangzhou and the Southern Song. 33: Song Culture and Society. Part 7: Mongol Rule: Yuan (1215-1368). 34: The Mongol Conquest of the Jin and Xia Dynasties. 35: The Mongol Conquest of the Southern Song. 36: Life in China Under the Mongols. Part 8: The Ming Dynasty (1368-1600). 37: The Founding of the Ming Dynasty. 38: Diplomacy and Defense. 39: Social and Cultural Trends. Part 9: Manchus and the Qing (1600-1800). 40: The Ming Dynasty Lapses into Disorder. 41: The Manchus. 42: Ming Loyalism. 43: The Qing at Its Height. 44: Contacts with Europe. 45: Social and Cultural Cross Currents. Part 10: Disorder and Decline (1800-1900). 46: Economic and Fiscal Problems. 47: Midcentury Crises. 48: Self-Strengthening. 49: Foreigners in China. 50: The Failures of Reform. 51: The Boxer Rebellion. 52: The Decline of the Qing Empire in Comparative Perspective. Part 11: Remaking China (1900-1927). 53: The End of Monarchy. 54: The Presidency of Yuan Shikai and the Emergence of the Warlords. 55: Toward a More Modern China. 56: Reunification by the Nationalists. Part 12: War and Revolution (1927-1949). 57: The Chinese Communist Party. 58: The Nationalist Government in Nanjing. 59: The Japanese Invasion and the Retreat to Chongqing. 60: The Chinese Communist Party During the War. 61: The Civil War and the Communist Victory. Part 13: The People's Republic Under Mao (1949-1976). 62: The Party in Power. 63: Departing from the Soviet Model. 64: The Cultural Revolution. 65: The Death of Mao. Part 14: New Directions (1976 to the Present). 66: The Communist Party After Mao. 67: Restructuring the Economy. 68: Social and Cultural Changes. 69: Critical Voices. 70: Taiwan. 71: China in the World.

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