Chinese Migrants Abroad: Cultural, Educational, and Social Dimensions of the Chinese Diaspora

Chinese Migrants Abroad: Cultural, Educational, and Social Dimensions of the Chinese Diaspora

by Michael W. Charney

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Introduction: The Chinese Abroad
Pt. 1Chineseness and "Overseas" Chinese Identifications and Identities of a Migrant Community
1Five Southeast Asian Chinese Empire-Builders: Commonalities and Differences3
2Providers, Protectors, Guardians: Migration and Reconstruction of Masculinities23
3Tasting the Night: Food, Ethnic Transaction, and the Pleasure of Chineseness in Malaysia41
4Multiple Identities among the Returned Overseas Chinese in Hong Kong63
Pt. 2Chinese or Western Education? Cultural Choices and Education
5Chinese Education and Changing National and Cultural Identity among Overseas Chinese in Modern Japan: A Study of Chuka Dobun Gakko [Tongwen Chinese School] in Kobe85
6Chinese Education in Prewar Singapore: A Preliminary Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of Chinese Vernacular Schools101
7Hokkien Immigrant Society and Modem Chinese Education in British Malaya114
8The Search for Modernity: The Chinese in Sabah and English Education145
Pt. 3Fitting In: Social Integration in the Host Society
9Language, Education, and Occupational Attainment of Foreign-Trained Chinese and Polish Professional Immigrants in Toronto, Canada163
10Career and Family Factors in Intention for Permanent Settlement in Australia181
11No Longer Migrants: Southern New Zealand Chinese in the Twentieth Century204
12Singapore Chinese Society in Transition: Reflections on the Cultural Implications of Modern Education229

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