Chip Deffaa's Seven Little Foys

Chip Deffaa's Seven Little Foys


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Cd Baby

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  1. Smiles  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  2. Singin' the Blues  - Alex Craven
  3. I Want to Be a Popular Millionaire  - Maxwell Beer
  4. If I Was a Millionaire  - Devon Eddy
  5. Shine On, Harvest Moon  - Tyler Duboys
  6. Everybody Works But Father  - Peter Charney
  7. Some of These Days  - Emily Bordonaro
  8. The Yankee Doodle Boy  -  Seven Little Foys Company
  9. Moonlight Bay  - Beth Bartley
  10. Oh! Mr. Moon  - Michael Townsend Wright
  11. Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland  - Beth Bartley
  12. Row, Row, Row  -  Seven Little Foys Company
  13. Banter At the Benefit Show  - Michael Townsend Wright
  14. Irish-American Vaudeville Medley  - Michael Townsend Wright
  15. You Can Tell That I'm Irish  -  Seven Little Foys Company
  16. "Smiles" (Reprise)  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  17. Oh! Mr. Moon" (Reprise)  - Michael Townsend Wright
  18. An Eddie Foy Soft Shoe  - Michael Townsend Wright
  19. I'm Tired  -  Seven Little Foys Company
  20. Second-Hand Rose  - Emily Bordonaro
  21. Some Sunny Day  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  22. Someday  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  23. One More Christmas  - Michael Townsend Wright
  24. Sometimes I Miss New Rochelle  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  25. Please Wait for Me  - Maxwell Beer
  26. One More Christmas (First Reprise)  - Peter Charney
  27. You Remind Me of My Mother  - Zachary Riopelle
  28. Struttin'  -  Seven Little Foys Company
  29. Daddy, You've Been a Mother to Me  - Zachary Riopelle
  30. Chinatown My Chinatown  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  31. Musical Moon  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  32. The International Rag  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  33. One More Christmas (Second Reprise)  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  34. Gallagher & Shean Bit  - Peter Charney
  35. World War One Medley: America I Love You/Goodbye Broadway, Hello France  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  36. One More Christmas (Finale Reprise)  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble
  37. Someday (Finale Reprise)  -  Seven Little Foys Ensemble

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
George M. Cohan   Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Chip Deffaa   Composer
Nora Bayes   Composer
Jack Norworth   Composer
Joe Young   Composer
J. Russel Robinson   Composer
Edgar Leslie   Composer
Grant Clarke   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
James F. Hanley   Composer
William Jerome   Composer
Edward Madden   Composer
Shean   Composer
Gus Edwards   Composer
Leo Friedman   Composer
Ed Gallagher   Composer
Beth Slater Whitson   Composer
Jean Schwartz   Composer
Will D. Cobb   Composer
J. Will Callahan   Composer
Chris Smith   Composer
Archie Gottler   Composer
Lee S. Roberts   Composer
Jean C. Havez   Composer
Jimmie Monaco   Composer
Percy Weinrich   Composer

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