Chocolate Sex: A Naughty Little Book

Chocolate Sex: A Naughty Little Book

by A. Richard Barber, Anthony Loew, R. M. Whitin

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Barbara Jacobs
A small but expensive-for-its-size book on the appeal of chocolate to women? If you measure the words and pictures, then Barber and Whitin's fantasies are indeed very costly. Yet it's an MTV concept in print: visuals, punny and/or irreverent, and all about famous art masterpieces, sayings, and people that are all somehow related to chocolate. Like a Letterman-type list of the top 10 reasons to eat chocolate. Or "The Last Temptation" paintings--lightly altered to include food from the cocoa bean, of course. Even a 900 number for (what else?) indulging chocoholics. Without chocolate, life might be longer; without this 10-minute book, your budgets would be bigger. For libraries with large numbers of browsers.

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