Choose Peace & Happiness

Choose Peace & Happiness

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by Susyn Reeve
Sprung from a workshop Reeve developed and taught at Mount Sinai-NYU Health medical center in New York City after September 11, Choose Peace & Happiness is a year-long structured guide to help readers find peace and happiness in their everyday lives.


Sprung from a workshop Reeve developed and taught at Mount Sinai-NYU Health medical center in New York City after September 11, Choose Peace & Happiness is a year-long structured guide to help readers find peace and happiness in their everyday lives.

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CHOOSE Peace & Happiness

A 52-Week Guide
By Susyn Reeve

Red Wheel

Copyright © 2003 Susyn Reeve
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1-59003-059-1

Chapter One

Week 1: Use the Law of Attraction

There seems to be a great law of Nature whereby an atom attracts to itself that which is needed for its development. And the force that brings about these results manifests itself in Desire. There may be many Desires, but the predominant one has the strongest attracting power. This law is recognized through the various kingdoms of Nature, but it is only beginning to be realized that the same Law maintains in the kingdom of the mind. -William Walker Atkinson, The Law of the New Thought

The law of attraction is a universal law and the paradigm for peace and happiness. The idea is quite simple: what you think is what you get. Thoughts fueled with desire (emotional energy), spoken with authority (you are the author!), and acted on with conviction (faith, believing in something one hundred percent) is what you create in your life. This law operates whether or not we are conscious of our thoughts. It is as if the universe hears us through our dominant thoughts and through our vibrations and always responds with a resounding YES. What this means is that all of our life experience begins with us. Everything, every relationship, every event, is first created in our consciousness before it takes form in three-dimensional reality. Each one of us is continually creating our world. Consciously using this knowledge is our point of power. To shift our paradigm requires commitment and discipline, the same kind of discipline and focus of attention you would use if you were training for a marathon. Left to our own devices, most of us get lazy. We tend to follow the path of least resistance, whether or not that path is satisfying.

If you desire a deeper and more consistent experience of peace and happiness in your life, then your dominant thoughts must reflect your desire. When we have a strong desire for something, we are used to looking to see if it is there yet. Imbedded in that looking is the belief that it isn't there (since if it were there, we wouldn't be looking!). We are so used to giving more power to visible outside circumstances than to the power of our in-visible intention wedded with faith that we often simply don't allow the gifts of the universe into our lives.

Another stumbling block to peace and happiness is that many of us are walking around with beliefs about ourselves that go something like this:

� I'm not good enough.

� I'm not kind enough.

� I'm not smart enough.

� I'm not loveable enough.

� I'm not wealthy enough.

� I'm not strong enough.

� I'm not young enough.

� I'm not thin enough.

We have gathered so much evidence through the years to support our belief that we have faith in it, and the law of attraction goes into high gear, saying YES to our dominant thought. Thereby we create experiences to further support getting what we really don't want.

Rather than deciding if you believe or don't believe in the law of attraction, I invite you to act as if it is true, imagine it is true, and play with it. And if some evidence would help you, think of all those things you have called coincidence or synchronicity-for example, when you think of someone and they seem to call you out of the blue or when you hear about a new book or movie that you'd never heard of before and suddenly the next five people you talk with mention it as well. Or you say you are certain you are not going to get a parking space in the center of town and you don't; or you meet someone and you know within moments that this is the person you'll marry, and now you are married to that person! The truth is the law of attraction has been at work in your life already! What if you truly are made in the image of the creator and you are the artist, the creator of the greatest masterpiece of all: your life? Would you choose heaven rather than hell, peace rather than war, love rather than fear? Make these choices this week and every day and notice peace and happiness taking center stage in your life.



~ The Law of New Thought by William Walker Atkinson, Pomeroy, WA: Health Research, 1967 (

~ Stepping into the Aquarian Age by Nancy Privett, Westhampton, NY: Old Lion Publishing, 2001.

~ Abraham-Hicks Book and Tapes

~ The Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded (movies).

DAY 1: Play with the law of attraction. Focus on things and people and watch them show up. Imagine loose change in the morning and then spend thirty seconds pretending it is the end of the day and you are telling your family and friends about the loose change you found today. Then let it go, release this idea into the universe like a helium balloon. During the day, loose change will have your name on it. No telling where it will show up: on the street, in your car ashtray that you hadn't opened since you got the car; in your raincoat pocket, inside your wallet, Whenever it shows up, acknowledge it, saying, "yes, the law of attraction works" and then the universe will say YES to this idea as well. Play. This format may be helpful:

� Identify something you want to attract.

� Imagine you've attracted it. Create a virtual reality and for thirty seconds, visualize your desire realized. Make sure to include yourself in the picture and how you feel achieving your results (getting out of your car after easily getting a parking space and saying to yourself, "It was really easy getting this space," and feeling great about it with a smile on your face: sitting in a seat on a crowded subway or bus immediately after you've got on it and thinking to yourself, "I'm so glad I got this seat" and feeling relaxed and at ease).

� Let it go. Allow the universe to provide with a resounding YES.

� Receive it when it knocks at your door.

DAY 2: Identify what is in your life that is not a source of peace and happiness and focus your attention on what you do want. For example, if your job is unsatisfying and you have spent much of the past six months complaining about it, stop the complaining and imagine you are in a satisfying job. If creating a virtual reality with your boss in it results in anxious feelings, imagine that you are getting home from work and telling your family or friends what a great day you had at work. Let the universe provide the details. You may unexpectedly get a call from a headhunter with a great job interview for you; your boss may be transferred and your new boss is great; or maybe you are offered that position! Have faith that the universe has heard you and let it go. And if all thoughts about work result in feelings of unrest, trust that the universe has heard your desire for a satisfying job and focus your attention on anything that gives you pleasure, because that is the vibration that allows you to be open to the resounding YES of the universe answering your desire.

DAY 3: Any time during the day that you are out of sync with peace and happiness, choose in the moment to attract a new experience.

Acknowledge you are feeling yucky. You have been seduced by abusive and judgmental thoughts about yourself or others. You are feeling victimized and isolated; revenge may be on your mind or guilt has found a comfortable home!

Say "oops." Use your personal power to stop the train of negative thoughts.

Choose your desire. Say aloud (allowed!) or think to yourself: "I choose feeling: (happy, light-hearted, grateful, and so forth) for this moment."

� Let it go and move on. With your attention focused in the present moment, smell the flowers.

DAY 4: Make a pleasure list of things on which you can focus your attention. Carry the list with you, put it on your Palm Pilot, paste it to your refrigerator, and put it by the side of your bed. Use this list to shift your attention when you are attracting hellish experiences into your life. Here are some of my pleasure list items:

� My granddaughter's giggle and the sound of her voice.

� The morning sun, glistening on the ocean, as I walk along the water's edge. My dog playfully romping ahead of me.

� Snuggles with my lover on my couch in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace; getting a foot massage from my lover.

� The full moon lighting the sky.

� The smell of fresh baked bread as I walk into my house on a rainy winter day.

� Hearing my golf club connect with the ball. Seeing the ball soar and land on the green, on a fall afternoon.

DAY 5: Use the law of attraction for the well-being of others. Here are some ways to do it:

� If you have a family member or friend who has been suffering, place his or her photo on your refrigerator and every time you look at the photo, see him as whole and happy; say a prayer for her highest good.

� If you pass a car accident on the road, instead of getting caught up in the horror, say a prayer for the well-being of all involved and express your gratitude for the emergency service workers at the scene. I have noticed that when I do this, rather than getting seduced by the drama, I feel as if I am contributing to the well-being of the people involved as well as to my own. Since I have faith in the power of thought, I know I am contributing to a greater experience of peace and happiness on whatever I am focusing my attention.

DAY 6: Expand the law of attraction to the world. See peace on earth. Imagine a news telecast declaring peace in the Middle East, peace between the United States and Iraq. Use the power of your thought to influence the collective consciousness of the planet. We attract what we put our attention on. This is true in our individual lives, in our families, communities, workplace, countries, and in our world.

DAY 7: Write your reflections on the law of attraction.

� What did you learn about yourself?

� How can you apply this in your daily life? Do it.

* * *

Loose Change

When I wrote this chapter, the idea to practice the law of attraction with loose change simply popped into my mind as I wrote the Day 1 exercise. The next morning I went to the gym. When I got on the elliptical trainer to work out there was loose change in the cup holder. The law of attraction popped into my mind. I smiled. After thirty minutes I got off the elliptical trainer and went to a bench to lift free weights. After a few minutes, I realized that I'd left my newfound loose change where I had found it. When I finished using the weights, I was bending down to pick up my towel and I saw more loose change. "Ah yes," I thought, "when I express a desire and let it go, the universe says: YES." -SR

* * *

Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you. -Matthew 7:7

Chapter Two

Week 2. Acknowledge Accomplishments

When you get to the top of the mountain, your first inclination is not to jump for joy, but to look around. -James Carville

Acknowledging accomplishments is an important element of the creative process. In 1982, when I studied with Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, I learned about the importance of acknowledging our accomplishments. He described the creative process as having, the following three components:

Germination-an inner process where the seed of an idea is planted in the fertile soil of our consciousness (the idea for this book, for example).

Assimilation-when we begin to see the fruits of the seeds we have germinated in our life (a book proposal is written; the proposal is sent to publishers; a book contract is signed; the manuscript is completed and sent to the publisher).

Completion-acknowledgment of the completion of the creation (Yippee! I completed my book proposal; I'm so glad my friends spoke with their publisher about taking a look at my proposal; YES, I have a book contract, thank you, God, Loving Power of the Universe for guiding my way, Hooray! I've completed my manuscript; I am thrilled my book is a bestseller).

He told us that in his research of composers, all had the artistic and technical skills to compose music. The difference between the ones who were successful and the ones who were not was that successful composers went through all three steps of the creative process. Some people had great ideas and stopped there; others had ideas and took action; but it was the people who had ideas, took action, and acknowledged their accomplishments who experienced success.

We feel good when we acknowledge our accomplishments, but many of us are not skilled at doing this. We have more practice focusing our attention on what didn't work or what is left to be done. We acknowledge, but what we acknowledge is what is lacking. Think about it. Have you ever completed ten items on your daily to-do list and found yourself only thinking about the two you didn't complete at the end of the day? This drains our energy. When we focus on and acknowledge our accomplishments, the force is with us. This force gives us the energy to move with grace and ease and at the end of the day, we fed alive and good about who we are. Not only does acknowledging our accomplishments enhance our personal well-being, it contributes loving energy to the collective consciousness of peace and happiness in the world. Each and every moment we have one hundred percent power to choose what we think and where we focus our attention, so acknowledge your accomplishments this week. This is a week for celebration!


DAY 1: At the end of the day, write down five things you accomplished. Do this every day this week. Do this when you are questioning your ability to get things done or feeling blue. This exercise is less about the content of your items and more about seeing yourself through the eyes of accomplishment. For some of you this will be like wearing new glasses. You may not be used to them at first, but suddenly your vision will clear.

DAY 2: Choose an Accomplishment Symbol (based on Robert Fritz's Symbolic Gesture). An Accomplishment Symbol is something you normally do each day that you endow with the power to represent an accomplishment.


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Guest More than 1 year ago
Susyn Reeve's 'Choose Peace and Happiness' is simply a brilliant book for anyone interested in having greater joy in their life. Ms. Reeve doesn't merely tell you what to do, she leads you through the lessons and exercises in an enjoyable, lighthearted manner, one basic concept per week. At the end of the week, you not only understand the lesson, it has become a part of your very being. You don't even need to think about it anymore, which frees you to move on to the next lesson. It doesn't take long before you realize you are functioning on an entirely new level, and it was all so easy, so pleasurable. There are a lot of self-help books on the market, but 'Choose Peace and Happiness' delivers the goods. This is, quite simply, a brilliant book. A perfect gift for all my friends.