Chopin, Bach, Schumann and others

Chopin, Bach, Schumann and others

by George Walker

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Albany Records


  1. Work(s): Prelude and Fugue in D major, W.T.C. No.5  - Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Kreisleriana, 8 fantasies for piano, Op. 16  - Robert Schumann
  3. Etude for piano in C sharp minor, Op. 10/4, CT 17  - Frédéric Chopin
  4. Etude for piano in G flat major, Op. 10/5, CT 18  - Frédéric Chopin
  5. Etude for piano in E flat minor, Op. 10/6, CT 19  - Frédéric Chopin
  6. Etude for piano in B minor, Op. 25/10, CT 35  - Frédéric Chopin
  7. Nocturne for piano in F sharp major, Op. 15/2, CT 112  - Frédéric Chopin
  8. Trois pièces, for piano, FP 48: Toccata  - Francis Poulenc

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