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4.6 7
by Barbara Ellen Brink

With tongue firmly in cheek and genuine Amish-made stakes at hand, The Amish Bloodsucker Trilogy sets off like a bat in the belfry. Jael the vampire slayer is ready to kick some serious bloodsucker butt. Seriously.
Move over Buffy – there’s a new slayer in town! Raised in the desert of Nevada, and destined for the Minnesota Loon Lake Amish Community,


With tongue firmly in cheek and genuine Amish-made stakes at hand, The Amish Bloodsucker Trilogy sets off like a bat in the belfry. Jael the vampire slayer is ready to kick some serious bloodsucker butt. Seriously.
Move over Buffy – there’s a new slayer in town! Raised in the desert of Nevada, and destined for the Minnesota Loon Lake Amish Community, Jael Shetler is the Chosen One.
Trained by her uncle and father in twenty-one different forms of hand-to-hand combat – she also throws a knife with the speed of a bullet, and is accurate to within two centimeters of a cold, dead heart with her crossbow – she is a bloodsucker’s worst nightmare.
Her parents, forced to leave their plain and simple upbringing to escape the clutches of the new Bishop – an ancient and powerful vampire with plans to use the Amish Community as his own personal Jamba Juice – raise and train their daughter to continue the fight begun thousands of years earlier by another Jael, and to fulfill the prophecy in the Book of the Shunned.
Soon Jael is turning sweet sixteen and then … all hell will break loose.
This is author Barbara Ellen Brink’s first foray into the world of Amish and Vampires – both of which scare her – but it won’t be the last. Watch for the 2nd book in The Amish Bloodsucker Trilogy… Shunned

Editorial Reviews

FUOnlyKnew Laura's Ramblin's & Reviews - Laura Thomas
I really like Jael. Barbara was able to make her a typical teen, with everyday worries and baggage, and also with a secret life as a vampire slayer, and made it believeable and really fun.

The bloodsuckers are nasty, Jael is double tough, her family is fiercely devoted and her friends are loyal.

There are some tender moments in this story and a whole lot of humor. You’d expect that with the title Amish Bloodsuckers! It’s all in good fun, but there is some serious

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Lapdog Publishing
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The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy , #1
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12 Years

Meet the Author

Barbara Ellen Brink is a multi-published author, supported financially by a loving husband who just happens to have a better paying job. She is the author of the Fredrickson Winery mysteries, Entangled, Crushed, and Savor. She is also the author of an award winning thriller, Split Sense; inspirational suspense novels; and a young adult series, The Amish Bloodsuckers. She grew up on a small farm in Washington State, but now lives in the mean “burbs” of Minnesota with her husband and their dogs, Rugby & Willow. With her kids now pushed out of the nest and encouraged to fly, Barbara spends much time writing, motorcycling with her husband in the summer, and hiking through the snow with the dogs in the winter.

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Chosen 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I'm sure you're thinking that since this book is free it's not very good. Right? WRONG! The Amish Bloodsucker Trogy #1 is one of the best books on vamps I've read in a loong time. Don't even think about passing the opporotunity of reading this up! <3
Mary_Groten More than 1 year ago
Amish Bloodsuckers. I have to confess that I never read Twilight, never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know, right?), so I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to teen vampire fiction.  Chosen is a teenage vampire hunter story with a twist: the vampire hunter is Amish. Jael is a girl predestined from birth to hunt vampires. At the start of the book, she is approaching her sixteenth birthday, when her powers will come to full fruition. The Amish community her parents come from is under threat from the vampires, led by someone known as 'the Bishop.' Her parents had to flee as soon as they knew their daughter was the next Chosen One, and Jael's life has been spent running and hiding and training in martial arts so that she could one day fight the vampires. Brink interweaves the story of the Amish bloodsuckers, which goes all the way back to Biblical times, and Jael's modern teenage concerns. The book is suffused with wry humor which makes it great fun. Although it's good as a standalone, it ends on a cliffhanger which made me want to read the next book and find out what happens to the Amish community of Loon Lake, where I assume Jael is headed now that she's a full-fledged vampire hunter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok I know Amish and Vampires how can the be good. But this book us truely good. I love how quick witted the main character is. Also this book is nothing like other vamp books! Can't wait to read book two!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jael is a teenage amish vamp hunter trying to kill amish vamps. She and her family have been running ever since her parents found out she was the Chosen One. Jael faces normal modern teenage problems. She cant go to after school functions like her friends. She has no fashionable clothes and is a social outcast. She is bffs with a bubbly blonde named brianna who is a social butterfly. One night jaels dad Jesse and her uncle Seth decides to test Jael. Seth dresses up as a vamp and goes after Jael when Jael comes home from school. Jael passes the test and her parents tell her her destiny. Seth and Jesse take Jael out to kill an actual amish vamp. Jael successfully kills the vamp. Jael gets sick and tired of being an outcast and after being asked out by her crush Lyle sneaks out and goes to Lyles basketball game. Lyle Jael Brianna and Lyles friends go to a burger joint after the game. Shad then tells Brianna that she and Jael are in danger. Jael and Brianna leave to drop off Jael. Shad turns out to be in the back seat. Lyle was mad when Jael left so he tried to make her stay and she hit him! Lyle followed Jael Shad and Brianna down the road and out of town. Briana pulls over and Lyle does the same. Lyle comes to Briannas driver side and tries to get Jael and her but Brianna locked the door. Lyle then introduced a baseball bat to he situation and Brianna lost it. Brianna walked out and started yelling. Jael sensed danger and beat up Lyle and his friends badly injuring his friends and breaking Lyles finger. [end of spoiler] Read the book Chosen to get the rest of the book. I recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put the book down when I started reading it. Thankfully I didn't have anything else I needed to do this weekend so I was able to read it and the rest in the series. There's a total of 200 pages in this book of action and believable responses and reactions from the characters. I'm glad it doesn't appear to be one of those sappy fall in love with the vampire types of books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago