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Chosen Forever: a memoir

Chosen Forever: a memoir

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by Susan Richards

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“Richards reflects on how rich life becomes when one travels her own best path. . . . Richards writes more courageously than she perhaps realizes, and each page of this uplifting book will touch a chord in everyone who enjoyed her first book.”— Booklist

“Charismatic. . . Engaging writing by an honest


“Richards reflects on how rich life becomes when one travels her own best path. . . . Richards writes more courageously than she perhaps realizes, and each page of this uplifting book will touch a chord in everyone who enjoyed her first book.”— Booklist

“Charismatic. . . Engaging writing by an honest self-explorer.”— Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Chosen by a Horse:

“An inspired story of what family means, and what the loss of one can do to us, and for us.”—The Boston Globe

“An incredibly moving story, beautifully written and insightful.”—The Roanoke Times

“Two kindred spirits find each other in this beautifully written memoir.”—Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation

When Susan Richards adopted an abused horse rescued by the local SPCA, she didn’t know how Lay Me Down’s loving nature would touch her heart—and change her life.

Susan, a writing teacher, had lost her mother at the age of five and been abandoned by her father to uncaring relatives; she had endured an unhappy marriage ending in divorce and had self-medicated for anxiety and repressed anger with alcohol. For more than a decade, she aspired to be published, but it was only with the memoir she wrote to honor Lay Me Down that she achieved this goal.

The book led to a book tour, in the course of which Susan reconnected with family and friends. But even more joyously, at the second reading on her tour she met the man who had sold her his house twenty-four years earlier, a world-famous photographer, Dennis Stock. And they fell in love.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Far better than a book tour chronicle has any right to be, Richards' follow-up to her bestseller Chosen by a Horse again shows her gift for clarity in description, of both her physical surroundings and the landscapes of her heart and mind. The publicity campaign (and cover photo) focus on Richards's surprise romance with renowned photographer Dennis Stock, who appears at one of her book signings: "I remember thinking that no one like that would ever be interested in someone like me." But he was interested, so much so that there's little suspense involved their relationship. While her observations about later-in-life love are spot-on, the heart of Richards' book is how she comes to accept herself as a worthwhile author, despite crushingly low self-esteem. As she travels around the country, reconnecting with folks from her past and addressing small audiences, she reveals an infectious passion for her craft; that Chosen by a Horse turns out to be a phenomenon, and that Stock ends up marrying her, just makes Richards's work of self-discovery sweeter.
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Kirkus Reviews
Charismatic, albeit meandering memoir about the author's discovery of love and self-acceptance while on a book tour. The book was Chosen by a Horse (2006), an account of Richards's relationship with an abused mare named "Lay Me Down" that finally got this reclusive animal lover and writing teacher into print after years of trying. The tour plucked her from isolation in upstate New York for what became a life-altering journey through small-town bookstores across the Northeast. Richards reconnected with friends and relatives she'd cut off during years of anxiety and low self-esteem, encounters that prompted her to examine the memories surrounding each of them and to grapple with her past. Bolstered by positive reviews and feedback from readers, her confidence grew. She was able to develop relationships and chat with strangers at her readings; she could even, when a self-assured older gentleman crossed her path, overcome her wariness of intimacy. Richards had experienced previous disappointments and was going through menopause, so theirs was not precisely a fairy-tale romance, even though she makes frequent use of the word "fate" when describing it. Self-conscious, cautious and analytical during the process of falling in love, the author fought feelings of being swept away. She shares all of this quite openly with readers in candid, if somewhat undirected prose that explores her fears, her past and her passions. Anxiety often takes the front seat in her narrative, which chronicles a struggle toward self-approval after a lifetime of feeling unwanted. Richards admits to being shy in person, but she's clearly comfortable in the memoir format, which tends to foster an occasionally excessiveamount of self-psychoanalysis. (She's equally at ease talking about her "baggage" or her pets.) Fortunately, her charming, self-effacing humor keeps the tone light even when she's examining darker feelings. Engaging writing by an honest self-explorer. Agent: Helen Zimmermann/The Zimmermann Agency

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Susan Richards is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Chosen by a Horse. She lives in New York with her husband.

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Chosen Forever [With Earbuds] 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
RoosterCR More than 1 year ago
When I picked up Susan Richards first book, Chosen By A Horse, I was very touched from the very beginning it literally was one of those books I could not put down. The next installment from Susan is equally well written and reminds you of the first book and her beautiful journey with a horse that just happened to her and touched all of us named Lay Me Down. By the end of that first book you realize that even when you are down on your luck something wonderful can bring you back to life. Susan has a down to earth touch in telling her stories that literally warms your heart. After being alone for many years and having some wonderful friends she finally finds someone she can share her heart with. It unfolds slowly but you always get the feeling that the spirit is there from the beginning. I can highly recommend this book if you just need something to pick you up or to have a good cry about if that is what you need. One thing I hope is that she will continue to do what she does so well WRITE. I will look for more books in the future and purchase them with the full knowledge that I will love them all. Please do yourself a favor, these 2 books will revamp your spirit.
Sauerkraut More than 1 year ago
I read Chosen By a Horse and right away picked up Chosen Forever then ran right out and bought Saddled and am now reading that!!! I never read three books in a row by the same author. Only one other time have I done that and that was Lorna Barrett's mysteries. These books are wonderful, thoughtful, and very emotional. You end up caring about all the characters in the book and can't wait to find out more. I sure hope she writes more!!!
1aja More than 1 year ago
Another heartwarming memiour. Susan Richards has a way of bringing forth feelings that otherwise remain unaknowledged in all of us. She is so open in her writing about her feelings that is makes it posible to acknowledge our own feelings and fears. The pets in our lives really truely help shape who we are and what we can become. The unconditional love they give us allow us to begin to trust and feel as they hold no judgement. They truely can be the first step in realizing it is ok to love and be loved. I look forward to reading any thing else witten by Ms Richards as her determination and perserverence on the road to being published is inspirational and leaves me wanting more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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donnareads911 More than 1 year ago
I was taken in from the very beginning of this memoir. It is, in turn, deeply saddening,growing up in such an isolate family, to warm, meeting a man who not only shares her love of books and animals, but the author herself. I was moved at her compassion and being so open to learning from, yes, a horse. How well I know the healing properties of these gentle giants. A love story on so many levels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago