The Christmas Clock

The Christmas Clock

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by Kat Martin

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From New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin comes and inspiring holiday story of vows broken and love redeemed, of courage and strength, all wrapped in a memorable tale that will resonate long after the book is over. 
Teddy Winters was eight years old that Christmas, too young to understand all the undercurrents swirling around him in the tiny


From New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin comes and inspiring holiday story of vows broken and love redeemed, of courage and strength, all wrapped in a memorable tale that will resonate long after the book is over. 
Teddy Winters was eight years old that Christmas, too young to understand all the undercurrents swirling around him in the tiny Michigan town of Dreyerville.
He wasn’t able to value that Christmas for the miracle it truly was.
Teddy only knew he wanted to buy the beautiful Victorian clock in the window of Tremont Antiques as a gift for his grandmother, Lottie Sparks, a woman desperate to find him a home before her rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s left him an orphan.
Teddy didn’t know that in trying to buy the clock he would meet Sylvia Winters and Joe Dixon, a couple, once in love, desperate to overcome the past. He didn’t know he would form a friendship with his neighbors, Floyd and Doris Culver, two people struggling to revive their long-dead marriage.
He didn’t know that these people would fill his Christmas with magic and hope; that the love of his friends would change his world, and that he would forever change theirs.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of True Colors
“The perfect stocking stuffer for the romance reader on your holiday list.”

Jill Marie Landis, bestselling author of Heart of Stone
“Kat Martin has given readers the perfect holiday gift. The Christmas Clock is a lovely tale of finding family, love, joy, and forgiveness all in one sweet package. I loved it.”

Library Journal, starred review
“Charming and romantic....A must read....”

Romantic Times
“Get your hankie ready before you settle in for Martin’s novella of love and forgiveness. The sweet story is well wrought.”

Publishers Weekly
In this yuletide yawner, young Teddy Winters is being raised by his grandmother, Lottie, who is stricken with Alzheimer’s. While she seeks a guardian for her grandson, two Dreyerville couples overcome their own obstacles: the Culvers have been married for decades, but they have let a distance grow between them. Meanwhile, Joe Dixon and Sylvia Winters were young lovers, but they let secrets tear them apart. With Christmas just around the corner, these six people’s lives intersect as they struggle for second chances at marriage, love and family. It’s standard-issue sentimental holiday fare, peopled with wholesome and one-dimensional caricatures, though, notably, there’s no late-book miracle. It has plenty of competition with other seasonal titles, and there’s little to distinguish this from the others. (Oct.)
Library Journal
In small-town Michigan, a cast of sweet characters share in a Christmas miracle. Sylvia left town on the eve of her wedding to deal with a major health crisis, alone. She's now back to set things right with her former fiancé, Joe, who had a rough time of it when she left. Meanwhile, Lottie is coming to terms with her advancing Alzheimer's and needs to find a suitable family to take in her grandson. Could Sylvia and Joe be the right couple? This charming and romantic fable marks romance author Martin's (Heart of Honor, The Bride's Necklace) hardcover debut. A must read for romance readers.

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Kat Martin is the New York Times bestselling author of over forty bestselling novels in a variety of genres including historical, romantic suspense, and contemporary. Over eleven million copies of her books are in print. She lives with her husband in Missoula, Montana.

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Christmas Clock 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lovely story, very touching and keeps you in suspense. A lot packed into a quick read.Great for a gift but you'll want one for yourself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Through several pairs of eyes, we're given a glimpse into the events that changed not only eight-year old Teddy's life, but those that befriend and come to love him. Teddy doesn't understand that his grandmother's health is rapidly failing. He doesn't know the circumstances of his new friend Joe Dixon's past. Teddy isn't aware of Sylvia Winter's former relationship with Joe, nor of their painfully broken engagement. He has no idea that neighbors Floyd and Doris Culver simply exist in their marriage. The affect Teddy has on their lives simply by being himself goes unnoticed by Teddy. What's important to Teddy is that he earns enough money to buy a Christmas present for his Gramma: the clock that's sat in the antique store's window, the one his Gramma has admired. Unfortunately Teddy will soon have to be concerned with more than the Christmas clock. What becomes important is Teddy's unwavering trust in these people, in Joe. The Christmas Clock is a story of compassion, healing, faith, love and forgiveness. How Teddy unwittingly touches Joe, Sylvia, Doris and Floyd is definitely a miracle and almost magical. This creates the hopes that at some point in our own lives we're able touch someone's life unconditionally and unknowingly just as Teddy did. Connie
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Dreyerville, Michigan, Teddy Winter is sad as his beloved grandmother, Lottie, who has raised him, is suffering from Alzheimer's; he watches helplessly as she rapidly loses her faculties. Lottie loves her grandson and in her lucid moments in between the fog, she knows what is happening to her; she is not concerned about herself, but worries about Teddy who will be an orphan living who knows where and with whom. Meanwhile Teddy has one goal. He needs to find a way to buy a Victorian hand-painted clock that reminds Lottie of her childhood and even in the fog state gives her some peace. He persuades Joe the mechanic, to allow him to work in his garage station. Joe becomes fond of Teddy, but knows his prison record precludes him from taking care of the lad as he wants. He also knows he still has acrimonious feelings towards the person, his former fiancée, who he holds responsible for his drunken rage that led to his killing a man. THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK is a fascinating Yuletide relationship drama as redemption and forgiveness are fostered by love and caring for others. Fans of uplifting holiday tales will appreciate this allegorical novella through three lost souls finding a small peace on earth with one another if they take a chance reaching out through the darkness to the shining light of love as symbolized by the clock. Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very good book
Guest More than 1 year ago
A young boy's gift from the heart brings about new and old loves that will change the lives of all those he encounters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I sat down with this book and was drawn in to the story and finished the book in one sitting. From the first I had to know what happened next. I was so excited to find such a great story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TheodosiaIngrid More than 1 year ago
The novelette THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK by Kat Martin is a holiday treat. It is perfect for any stocking. It's the story of a little boy who finds love from so many people. As I read this tale late one night, I fell asleep. Suddenly I awoke to hope, peace, joy and love. Yes, THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK is wish fulfillment. Thanks, Kat Martin.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never been faced with a life threatening disease, but novelist, Kat Martin's new book, The Christmas Clock, made me wonder what decisions I would make or if I could be as selfless as Sylvia Winter's. When Sylvia's life was turned upside down with a terrible diagnosis, she felt she was doing the right thing by breaking it off with her fiancé and moving away. What she didn't realize, is the hurt she left behind would reshape the lives of those she loved the most in a negative way. Sylvia left her fiancé a week before their wedding, saying she didn't love him. Joe Dixon was confused, hurt and angry, and found solace in a bottle. Shortly after Sylvia's departure, Joe was involved in a barroom brawl that accidentally left the other man dead. Joe went to prison for three years. He was getting his life together and becoming quite successful, when Sylvia returned to town eight years later. Joe befriends eight year old, Teddy, a boy who has nobody in the world but his grandmother. He has no father and his mother is dead. Teddy's grandmother is quickly deteriorating from Alzheimer's. Walking with his grandmother, Teddy notices her longing for a Christmas clock in the window of a local antique store. Joe hires the little boy to help clean up around the garage he has part ownership in, so that Teddy can buy his grandmother that special clock for Christmas. When Teddy's grandmother can no longer care for him, things get complicated. The bond between Joe and Teddy, the failing health of Teddy's grandmother, Sylvia's return and the complications created by her departure years earlier, make this a heartwarming read for the holiday season. The Christmas Clock is filled with people who grew apart and came together again. Sylvia's landlady and husband live a mentally separate existence. Ms. Martin shows us the goodness and vulnerability of friends, family and even strangers. They say you can never go home again, but Ms. Martin shows us you can. The short prologue at the beginning of the book is narrated by a young man, 14 years after the actual story. The epilogue at the end of the book is narrated by the same young man, who gives thanks for the miracle of the Christmas season that fulfilled joy, celebration and prayers. If your are longing for a heartwarming holiday story for the upcoming season, you will not be disappointed with The Christmas Clock, by Kat Martin. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I can envision myself curled up in a favorite chair, on a snowy day, reading it again. Complete your Christmas shopping by purchasing The Christmas Clock for everyone on your list. Cyndee
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Have you ever loved an object that in and of itself was just inanimate matter but to one person held the key to memories of love, peace and an unquestionable connection that defies description? Teddy Winter's grandmother, Lottie, is deteriorating from a form of Alzheimer's disease that rapidly ravages one's ability to think and remember. Lottie knows what is happening in her clear moments and is worried sick that Teddy may be left an orphan left to live in a place where he is treated poorly. Teddy, on the other hand, is totally focused on his determination to purchase the beautiful Victorian, hand-painted clock that reminds Lottie of her childhood and which, even when she doesn't remember, brings her such peace to just gaze at. So he begs Joe, the local mechanic, to let him work in his garage station. Little by little, Joe develops an affection for Teddy that turns to worry and care about his future. But Joe's got a problem background, the result of some reactions after a tremendous loss that sent him to prison for several years. Now when he thinks about those years, he knows he has turned around his life but still bears tremendous bitterness toward one individual. Can he overcome this combination enough to help Teddy the way he wants? Sylvia Winters, meanwhile, has returned to the small town of Dreyerville, Michigan after years in a big city. Why did she initially leave when it seemed her future was destined to be spent with someone she so deeply loved? That's the secret that almost no one knows but one which haunts her as she returns to find a job and renew her hometown connections. And what will she do when her secret eventually is discovered? How can she also help Teddy, whom she meets in the doctor's office when he comes with Lottie for her regular physical examinations? The Christmas Clock is a special story about the spirit behind this holiday, a promise of possibilities full of life, love, forgiveness and peace so often associated with the Yuletide season but so often missed because hearts are closed to its magic. The Christmas clock is a beautiful metaphor for the new love and life about to inspire and transform everyone in this poignant story! Beautifully written, Ms. Martin! Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on September 3, 2009