Christmas Revels Collection: Six Centuries of European & American Christmas Music

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Thom Owens
Christmas Revels Collection: Six Centuries of European & American Christmas Mu is a four-disc overview of holiday music from the Christmas Revels, a yearly pageant directed by John Langstaff. There's a huge variety of music on this set, concentrating on traditional folk Christmas and seasonal music from North America and Europe. Apart from the occasional "Wassailcarol" and "The Holly and the Ivy," much of this music will be unfamiliar to the general public, but that's the beauty of it -- there is no other holiday music quite like this. And it's not just for musicologists or folk fans -- it is truly enjoyable music, music that will ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Thom Owens
Christmas Revels Collection: Six Centuries of European & American Christmas Mu is a four-disc overview of holiday music from the Christmas Revels, a yearly pageant directed by John Langstaff. There's a huge variety of music on this set, concentrating on traditional folk Christmas and seasonal music from North America and Europe. Apart from the occasional "Wassailcarol" and "The Holly and the Ivy," much of this music will be unfamiliar to the general public, but that's the beauty of it -- there is no other holiday music quite like this. And it's not just for musicologists or folk fans -- it is truly enjoyable music, music that will enrich the holidays.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/17/1995
  • Label: Revels Records
  • UPC: 738871001023
  • Catalog Number: 1


Disc 1
  1. 1 Abbots Bromley Horn Dance (1:52)
  2. 2 Room's Opening Lines (0:39)
  3. 3 Wassail Carol - Revels Chorus (2:09)
  4. 4 Father Christmas Verse - Revels Chorus (0:31)
  5. 5 The Boar's Head Carol (1:31)
  6. 6 Constant Billy (1:30)
  7. 7 Here We Come a Wassailing (1:20)
  8. 8 Villagers All! (0:29)
  9. 9 There Was a Pig (1:39)
  10. 10 The Monk's March (1:05)
  11. 11 Dargason (0:57)
  12. 12 Fra Giovanni (1:08)
  13. 13 The Holly and the Ivy - Revels Chorus (2:48)
  14. 14 Fool's Verse (0:14)
  15. 15 Lord of the Dance - Revels Chorus (4:18)
  16. 16 Brass Fanfare (1:11)
  17. 17 Masters in This Hall - Revels Chorus (3:08)
  18. 18 Shakespeare Lines (0:31)
  19. 19 Nova, Nova - Revels Chorus (1:36)
  20. 20 Nativity (0:25)
  21. 21 Alle Psallite Cum Laya - Revels Chorus (1:24)
  22. 22 The Moon Shines Bright (1:04)
  23. 23 St. George's Verse (0:14)
  24. 24 Sword Dance Tunes (1:27)
  25. 25 The Shortest Day (1:28)
  26. 26 The Wren Song (0:51)
  27. 27 Apple Tree Wassail - Revels Chorus (1:56)
  28. 28 The 12 Days of Christmas - Revels Chorus (3:36)
  29. 29 The Fools Farewell (0:14)
  30. 30 Sussex Mummer's Carol (2:28)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Exultation - Revels Chorus (1:45)
  2. 2 The Angels and the Shepherds/Go Tell It on the Mountain - Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble (2:18)
  3. 3 Iglulik Eskimo Poem (0:18)
  4. 4 The Huron Indian Carol (1:56)
  5. 5 The Babe of Bethlehem - Revels Chorus (2:09)
  6. 6 Star Silver (1:42)
  7. 7 The Cherry Tree Carol (4:04)
  8. 8 New Hosanna - Revels Chorus (2:10)
  9. 9 Glory to the Mountain (0:48)
  10. 10 Children, Go Where I Send Thee (5:36)
  11. 11 The Kentucky Wassail Carol - Revels Chorus (1:56)
  12. 12 The Christmas Tree (2:29)
  13. 13 Chicken Foot (2:20)
  14. 14 Mountain Christmas Carolling (0:39)
  15. 15 Wondrous Love - Revels Chorus (3:39)
  16. 16 I Will Bow and Be Simple - Revels Chorus (2:30)
  17. 17 Shall I Tell You Who Will Come? (0:40)
  18. 18 Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (2:31)
  19. 19 The Young Convert - Revels Chorus (1:37)
  20. 20 The Boston Brigade March (1:47)
  21. 21 Shall We Gather at the River? - Revels Chorus (2:44)
Disc 3
  1. 1 The Gower Wassail - Revels Chorus (2:18)
  2. 2 Jolly Old Hawk - Revels Chorus (1:14)
  3. 3 Country Dances (3:29)
  4. 4 King Herod and the Cock (1:32)
  5. 5 I Saw Three Ships - Revels Chorus (1:43)
  6. 6 Lilliburlero (1:51)
  7. 7 While Shepherds Watch'd Their Flocks (2:23)
  8. 8 Spered Hollvedel (4:33)
  9. 9 Estampie: Souvent Sospire (3:31)
  10. 10 The Wexford Carol - Revels Chorus (2:33)
  11. 11 Please to See the King - Revels Chorus (1:07)
  12. 12 Personent Hodie - Revels Chorus (2:19)
  13. 13 Angelus Ad Virginem (2:15)
  14. 14 Green Grow'th the Holly - Revels Chorus (1:43)
  15. 15 Welcome to Our Saviour - Revels Chorus (1:17)
  16. 16 The Christ Child's Lullaby (2:08)
  17. 17 The First Nowell - Revels Chorus (2:14)
  18. 18 Brightest and Best - Revels Chorus (3:17)
  19. 19 We've Been a While A-Wandering (1:37)
  20. 20 Dame, Get Up and Bake Your Pies (0:53)
  21. 21 The Bacca Pipes Jig (2:43)
  22. 22 Milford - Revels Chorus (2:21)
  23. 23 God Rest You Merry - Revels Chorus (2:29)
Disc 4
  1. 1 The Somerset Wassail (3:31)
  2. 2 The Sans Day Holly Carol (2:41)
  3. 3 Alleluia (1:41)
  4. 4 Nowel Syng We Bothe Al and Some (2:00)
  5. 5 St. Patrick's Breastplate (3:33)
  6. 6 Alleluya Psallat (1:04)
  7. 7 Orientis Partibus (3:06)
  8. 8 Alleluia (0:29)
  9. 9 The Friendly Beasts (2:27)
  10. 10 Make We Mery Bothe More and Lesse (1:17)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
The Revels Primary Artist
Jean Ritchie Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Helen Cornelius Choir, Chorus
John Langstaff Conductor, Baritone, Baritone (Vocal)
Robert J. Lurtsema Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,
Richard Hudson French Horn
David Arnold Choir, Chorus
Peter Barnes Synthesizer, Piano, Pipe, Penny Whistle
Alex Brown Choir, Chorus
David Coffin Recorder, Choir, Chorus
Hildur Colot Flute, Vocals, Dulcian
Ruthie Dornfeld Fiddle
Carol Duveneck Dulcimer, Vocals
George Emlen Synthesizer, Conductor
Jermone Epstein Concertina, Conductor
Jerry Epstein Concertina, Conductor
Diana Erdmann-Sager Vocals, Handbells
John Fleagle Pipe, Tenor (Vocal), Rebec, Cornetto, Medieval Harp, Gaita, Tabor, Lyzarden
Stephen Foote Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Mike Fraser Vocals
Janet Fuchs Vocals, Sackbut
David Gay Conductor, Vocals
David Howell Choir, Chorus
Richard Husson French Horn
Tom Kruskal Concertina
Mary Lea Fiddle
Neal MacMillan Fiddle, Pipe, Northumbrian Smallpipes
Nigel Nathan Choir, Chorus, Sackbut, Bellringer, Handbells
James Polk Recorder, Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Sean Reynolds Bodhran
Susan Robbins Psaltery
Lawrence Rosenwald Recorder, Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Jacqueline Schwab Choir, Chorus
Jenifer Smith Choir, Chorus
Stan Strickland Fiddle, Percussion, Double Bass
Nick Sykes Vocals
Susan Ward Percussion, Recorder, Choir, Chorus, Hurdy-Gurdy, Shawm, Crumhorn, Handbells
Lee Warren Choir, Chorus
Hillary Wells Choir, Chorus
Linda Hall Choir, Chorus
John Hildebrand Trombone
Kevin Henry Trombone
Lisle Kulbach Recorder, Psaltery
Julian Cole Choir, Chorus, Rebec, Soprano Recorder, Cornemeuse, Treble Viol, Sopranino Recorder
Chris Rua Recorder, Choir, Chorus, Bass Viol, Shawm
Frank Epstein Timbales, Timpani
Dana Oakes Trumpet, Descant
Sarah Tenney Percussion, Timbales, Timpani
Susan Thomas Choir, Chorus
Hannah Davidson Dulcian, Bass Viol, Alto Recorder
Brian Holmes Trumpet, Conductor, Horn
Marshall Barron Fiddle, Flute
John Fleagel Bagpipes, Drums, Pipe, Vocals, Double Bass, Rebec, Medieval Harp, Tabor, Lyzarden
Janice Allen-Brooks Vocals
Ann Baxter Choir, Chorus
Sarie Booy Choir, Chorus
Rachel Burdick Vocals
Stacey Burdick Vocals
John Burkhardt Vocals
Murray Cion Choir, Chorus
Maggie Coe Vocals
Jane Culbert Choir, Chorus, Bellringer
Mark J. Deck Choir, Chorus
Adam Faulk Vocals, Handbells
Gene Faxon Choir, Chorus
Gregory Fitze Tuba
Mimi Gredy Choir, Chorus
Fred Holmgren Trumpet
Roberta Humez Conductor
Nancy Hurlbut Choir, Chorus
Henry Kettell Choir, Chorus
Timothy Lovelock Vocals, Handbells
Joel Menzin Vocals, Handbells
John Movius Vocals
Keith Ohmart Choir, Chorus
Henry F. Olds Jr. Choir, Chorus, Bellringer, Handbells
Meghan Ouellet Vocals
Beth Piper-Pendary Choir, Chorus, Bellringer
Ken Pullig Trumpet
Paul Rahmeier Choir, Chorus
Mary Pat Rasmussen Vocals
Miriam Rubinow Vocals
Ashima Scripp Vocals
Cynthia Shauer Choir, Chorus
James Truslow Vocals
Joseph Wang Vocals
Lucy Warsh Vocals, Handbells
A. Douglas Wauchope Bass Trombone
Peter Clarke Choir, Chorus
Carl Corey Choir, Chorus, Bellringer
Kathy Fitzgerald Choir, Chorus
Lew Kimball Choir, Chorus, Bellringer, Handbells
Corinna Snyder Vocals
Ben Soule Choir, Chorus
Pegeen Valentine Choir, Chorus
Mark Ward Choir, Chorus
Gerret Warner Choir, Chorus,
Sandra Spring Choir, Chorus
Kate Stevens Vocals
Kate Sykes Vocals
Kendra Tornheim Vocals
Martha Reardon Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Robin Rohrabacher Choir, Chorus, Bellringer
Jesse Saletan Vocals
Nina Saletan Vocals
Melissa Smith Choir, Chorus
Megan Thomas Vocals
Sarah Wickett Vocals
Naila Wissa Vocals
Janet Armstrong Choir, Chorus
Mark Dooley Choir, Chorus
Chip Hitchcock Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Jamie Jaffe Choir, Chorus
Revels Chorus Choir, Chorus
Hannah Allen Vocals, Handbells
Elizabeth Clarke Choir, Chorus
Alison Folland Vocals
Angie Hurlbut Choir, Chorus
Andrew Inglis Vocals, Handbells
Alison Kraley Vocals
Alyssa Raymen-Read Vocals, Handbells
Rob Howard
Sarah Russell Vocals, Handbells
Katherine Valentine Vocals
Stephen Christian Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Jonathan Morse Vocals
Bruce Hall Trumpet
Bonnie Barit Choir, Chorus
Henry Chapin
Michael Chase Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Caroline Churchill Vocals
Vera Clifford Choir, Chorus
Linda Coe Choir, Chorus
Bob Couture Trombone
Robbie Dawson Vocals
Francis S. Duane Choir, Chorus
Robert Duncan Choir, Chorus
Kendra Ferguson Choir, Chorus
Emily Gregory Vocals, Handbells
Charles Hammond Choir, Chorus
Catherine Hitchings Choir, Chorus
Stan Strickland Soprano Saxophone
Susan Karasz Choir, Chorus
Eric Leslie Vocals, Handbells
Darrin Leverett Vocals
David Lynch Choir, Chorus
Kathleen McDougald Choir, Chorus
Gennie Merrill Vocals, Handbells
David Mimno Vocals, Handbells
Marlene Montgomery Conductor
Ron Nath Choir, Chorus
Suzanne Neil Choir, Chorus
Deirdre O'Connor Vocals
Roy Raja Choir, Chorus
Peter Rivard Choir, Chorus, Handbells
Sue Robbins Vocals
Emily Sagalyn Vocals, Handbells
Christopher Snyder Handbells
Peter Sollins Vocals, Handbells
Elissa Spelman Vocals, Handbells
Jamal Thomas Handbells
Mark Ware Choir, Chorus
Molly Warsh Handbells
Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble Brass
Sarina Tcherepnin Choir, Chorus
Technical Credits
Aaron Copland Composer
Ralph Vaughan Williams Arranger
Jean Ritchie Composer, Director
Carl Sandburg Composer, Poetry
John Langstaff Director, Art Direction, Artistic Director
Charles Ives Composer
Robert J. Lurtsema Director
George Emlen Arranger
Jermone Epstein Arranger
Jerry Epstein Engineer
Henk Kooistra Mastering
Nick Page Director
Kathy Valentine Contributor
Susan Ward Contributor
Hillary Wells Composer
Revels Children's Choir Contributor
David Griesinger Engineer, Digital Editing
Robert Lowry Composer
Raine Miller Producer
Susan Cooper Liner Notes, Program Notes
Brian Holmes Arranger, Brass Arrangment
Marshall Barron Arranger
John Fleagel Contributor
Don Wade Engineer
Mary Azarian Artwork, Woodcut
Stafano Di Giovanni Artwork, Cover Art
Roberta Humez Director
Jeremiah Ingalls Composer
Elizabeth Poston Arranger
Mary Pat Rasmussen Contributor
Sarah Wickett Contributor
William Sandys Composer
Traditional Composer
Jonathan Morse Contributor
Henry Chapin Contributor
Caroline Churchill Contributor
Julie Coe Contributor
Robbie Dawson Contributor
Robin Howard Contributor
Darrin Leverett Contributor
E. Brad Meyer Digital Editing
Marlene Montgomery Arranger
Deirdre O'Connor Contributor
Christie Thomas Contributor
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