Chronology of American Indian History

Chronology of American Indian History

by Liz Sonneborn

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This extremely useful chronology of Native American history begins with a general history from before 1492 (ca. 25,000 to 12,000 B. C.), providing archeological evidence that ancient Asian hunters crossed the Bering Strait as well as contradictory support in Native creation stories that disputes the immigration theory. The resource ends with President Clinton's last day of office when he does not pardon an American Indian activist, Leonard Pettier, convicted of shooting two FBI agents in 1975. What separates this text from other chronologies or encyclopedic works is the author's fair-minded analysis of the historical events. For example, in the May 25, 1637, entry, "The English Destroy the Pequot's Village at Mystic," Sonneborn concludes, "The Pequot massacre has enormous ramifications for Indian-white relations. The slaughter sends a message to other area Indians that resistance is futile.... It helps unite the Massachusetts colonists struggling with dissension.... By demonizing the Pequot, the English come to see the massacre as a shared victory in a holy war." The author's understanding of the subject matter is keen and precise. Of all the facts and dates compiled, this reviewer identified only one error. Tecumseh's Prophet's Town is located in Indiana Territory not western Ohio. For its breadth of information and contemporary perspective, recommend this book to those looking for a good foundational resource on the history of Native Americans. Index. Bibliography. Glossary. 2001, Facts on File, 384p. PLB $60. Ages 11 to Adult. Reviewer: Ann T. Reddy-Damon SOURCE: VOYA, February 2002 (Vol. 24, No.6)
A year-by-year chronicle of interesting and important moments in Indian history, including major wars and battles, federal Indian policies and reactions to them, legal rulings, individual achievements, protests, migrations, religious movements, and other topics. Each event mentioned is followed by a one to two paragraph elaboration. Sidebar quotations throughout the volume offer insight into people's thoughts and perceptions of important events described. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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