Church Administration: Programs/Process/Purpose

Church Administration: Programs/Process/Purpose

by Robert N. Bacher, Michael L. Cooper-White

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ISBN-10: 0800637429

ISBN-13: 9780800637422

Pub. Date: 04/15/2007

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing

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Augsburg Fortress Publishing
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Table of Contents

Preface: Riding Time to the End!     v
Administration's Biography: A Holy History     1
Godly Governance     25
Boards: Blessed Balladeers     41
Planning with Passion     63
Budgets and Balance Sheets: Deeply Doctrinal Documents     93
Raising the Resources: Theology Talks and Money Matters!     117
Oversight (Being CEO) Is a Worthy Calling     143
Communication: Ministry Means Messaging     179
Ministry Teams: Teeming with Talent     201
External Relationships: Loving Thy Institutional Neighbor     217
When Conflict Comes Calling     241
Life under Law: Navigating Legal Issues in Ministry     265
Afterword: The Church Administrator as Person     291
Conflict of Interest Certification     303
Sample General Fund Revenue and Expense Statement     305
Sample Statement of Revenue and Expense     307
Sample Congregational Balance Sheet     309
Sample Statement of Cash Flows     311
Sample Position Description     313
Performance Evaluation and Development Report     315
Sample Timed Meeting Agenda     319
Sample Background Check Chart for Lay Church Workers     321
Sample Screening Interview and Background Check Procedure     323
Roles Identification Exercise     329
Competencies Survey Instrument     331
The IRS Model (Identity, Roles, and Skills)     335
Index     336

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