Cinderella: A Grimm's Fairy Tale

Cinderella: A Grimm's Fairy Tale

by Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm

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Children's Literature - Elisabeth Greenberg
This retelling of the original Cinderella tale returns to a closer version of the Grimm version. Cinderella faces the same obstacles—death of her mother, remarriage for her father, servitude to the haughty stepsisters. However, without a fairy godmother, Cinderella resolves some of her own problems through her courtesy to the birds and her nurturing of a tree. The birds fulfill her stepmother's demands to pick the lentils out of the ash, while the tree clothes Cinderella in a sparkling gold and silver ball gown and silk slippers. When the Prince seeks his beloved whose foot will slip into the abandoned silk slipper, one stepdaughter makes the gruesome decision to cut off her heel in order to squeeze her foot into the shoe. Fortunately, Cinderella's tree warns the Prince of the stepsister's deception, and the Prince returns to discover Cinderella, his true love and the perfect fit to the slipper. Without the cotton candy overtones of Disney, this Cinderella tale will both satisfy young readers and teach them a bit about character. Reviewer: Elisabeth Greenberg
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2—Metallic glitter adorning her ball gown adds a bit of luster to this pallid reworking of the classic tale. Flat, simple sentences and the truncated story suggest an ever-younger audience. Gone are the folktale's three repetitions that originally built the love story and the effort of finding the right girl to fit that lovely shoe. Cinderella goes just once to the ball. "When it was late, Cinderella wanted to go home. The Prince was anxious to go with her, but she ran off so quickly he couldn't follow." Though it's not so clear why they intervene, the birds do show up to pick the lentils out of the ashes and magically drop the golden dress and silken shoes from the tree. Only one stepsister cuts off part of her foot to don the shoe, and in the end no punishment is meted out to those who have been jealous and mean. It's a quick love at first sight, happily-ever-after story. The pleasant watercolor scenes nicely capture the pretty dresses and haughty demeanor of the stepmother and her daughters, and the old-fashioned kitchen where Cinderella spends her days is a rather attractive place. The bits of golden glitz will attract some viewers, and the reduced story may please adults who feel that robust versions of fairy tales are in some way inappropriate, but it's better to wait until children are ready for the whole story.—Margaret Bush, Simmons College, Boston
Kirkus Reviews
First published in German in 2011 as Aschenputtel, this is a gentle(ish) version of the oft-told tale, with illustrations evocative of the 18th century. A dying mother tells her daughter that she will look down from heaven upon her, and every day the girl goes to her mother's grave to weep. Her stepfather remarries, and his new wife's two daughters scorn the girl and force her to be their servant. When the invitation for the prince's ball arrives, the stepmother first sets Cinderella an impossible task that friendly birds help her to accomplish. Still denied the ball, Cinderella, weeping, recites a rhyme on her mother's grave, and a white bird drops down a silver and gold ball gown and silk slippers, one of which she leaves behind in haste and which the prince picks up, triggering the classic search. The first stepsister cannot get her foot in it at all, and the second cuts off a piece of her heel to make it fit. Of course it is Cinderella whom the slipper fits, and "they were happy ever after." This version neither marries the stepsisters to local nobles nor sends birds to peck out their eyes. The pictures, even to the ship-in-full-sail hairdo on one stepsister, are based on 18th-century patterns and styles, and Cinderella's dress has a satisfying quantity of gold floral glitter. This Germanic Cinderella is simple, direct and rather sweet. (Picture book/fairy tale. 5-8)

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