Cinema Classics, Vol. 3

Cinema Classics, Vol. 3


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Naxos Cinema Classic

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  1. Unspecified excerpt
  2. Rondeau (as used in the film Hot to Trot)
  3. Nessun Dorma (as used in the film The Witches of Eastwick)
  4. Rhapsody in Blue, for piano & orchestra (orchestrated by F. Grofé) [Man
  5. Intermezzo sinfonico (as used in the films Raging Bull & Godfather III)
  6. Sarabande (as used in the film Barry Lyndon)
  7. O Fortuna (as used in the film Excalibur)
  8. Andante (as used in the film Elvira Madigan)
  9. Questa of quella (as used in the film Wall Street)
  10. Ode to Joy (as used in the film A Clockwork Orange)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Woody Allen   cast
Simon Callow   cast
Eli Wallach   cast
Patrick Magee   cast
Andy García   cast
Daryl Hannah   cast
Jack Nicholson   cast
Michael O'Donoghue   cast
Meryl Streep   cast
Nigel Terry   cast
Sean Young   cast
Michael Douglas   cast
Diane Keaton   cast
Michael Murphy   cast
Roy Dotrice   cast
Tom Hulce   cast
Michelle Pfeiffer   cast
Charlie Sheen   cast
Pacino   cast
Robert De Niro   cast
Joe Pesci   cast
Jeffery Jones   cast
Frank Vincent   cast
Martin Sheen   cast
Meriel Hemingway   cast
Cleo Jensen   cast
Nicol Williamson   cast
F. Murray Abraham   cast

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Ludwig van Beethoven   Composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Composer

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