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Circuit Party, Vol. 1-3

Circuit Party, Vol. 1-3


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Release Date:
Spg Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sharon Bryant   Choir, Chorus
Tracie Ackerman   Vocals
Norma Jean Bell   Background Vocals
Dana Calitri   Choir, Chorus
Angela Cappelli   Choir, Chorus
Connie Harvey   Background Vocals
Ernie Lake   Group Member
Althea Rogers   Background Vocals
Britt Savage   Choir, Chorus
Kaz Silver   Choir, Chorus
Carole Sylvan   Background Vocals
Annette Taylor   Choir, Chorus
Mike Delgado   Keyboards
Charisse Arrington   Vocals
Bobby Guy   Group Member
Dawn Tallman   Vocals
Corrina Joseph   Vocals
Mousse T   Keyboards
Reina   Vocals
Donna Blakely   Vocals
Glamma Kid   Vocals
Scott Wozniak   Keyboards
GoMan   Vocals
Tamara Wallace   Vocals
Lula   Vocals
Monja Pietsch   Vocals
Paul Redmand   Keyboards
Suzanne Palmer   Vocals
Beat Street   Vocals
Karen Binod   Choir, Chorus
Renee Goldstein   Background Vocals
Peduh Ozback   Vocals
Crazie Frankie   Vocals

Technical Credits

Frankie Knuckles   Producer,Remixing
Ralphi Rosario   Arranger,Producer
Tommy Bruce   Producer
David Morales   Producer,Remixing
808 State   Producer
Kim English   Vocal Arrangements
Ralph Falcon   Producer
Terry Farley   Arranger,Producer
Maurice Joshua   Arranger,Producer
Ernie Lake   Arranger,Producer
Peter Lazonby   Producer
Mac Quayle   Producer
Danny Tenaglia   Producer
Matthias Heilbronn   Arranger,Remixing
Club 69   Producer,Remixing
Junior Vasquez   Producer,Remixing
Johnny Vicious   Producer,Remixing
"Brutal Bill" Marquez   Arranger,Producer
Peter Rauhofer   Arranger,Producer,Remixing
Jon Ciafone   Producer
Roland Clark   Producer
Orange   Producer
Aquarius   Composer
Anthony Acid   Arranger,Producer
Berman Brothers   Producer
Oscar Gaetan   Producer
Hex Hector   Arranger,Producer
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Bobby Guy   Arranger,Producer
Stephen Jones   Producer
Lem Springsteen   Producer
Gomi   Remixing
Victor Imbres   Producer
Larry Lush   Producer
Bobby d'Ambrosio   Producer
Stephan Mandrax   Producer
Syunji Moriwaki   Producer
Jean Phillipe   Producer
That Kid Chris   Producer
Victor Calderone   Producer,Remixing
Kane   Producer,Remixing
Matthew Roberts   Remixing,Re-produced
Oliver Stumm   Producer
Richie Santana   Remixing
Nalin Inc.   Producer,Remixing
Camisra   Producer
Razor N' Guido   Producer,Engineer,Remixing
KLM   Producer,Remixing
Jahkey B   Producer
Eddie Amador   Producer
Lewis Dene   Producer
Hani   Arranger,Producer
John Creamer   Remixing
Spacedust   Producer
Richard "Younglord" Frierson   Producer
Chris Bassat   Programming
68 Beats   Producer
Robbie Rivera   Producer
Fumi Kondoh   Producer
Jason Jinx   Arranger,Producer
David Knapp   Remixing
Andre Stresser   Producer,Remixing
Peter Bailey   Remixing
Sal Basile   Arranger,Producer
DJ Mada   Producer
Christian Gambella   Arranger,Producer
Chris Staropoli   Programming
Sharam Jey   Producer,Remixing
Kamahele   Producer
Wilkinson   Arranger,Producer
Dillion   Producer,Remixing
Heller   Arranger,Producer
Demonic   Producer
Nate Cummerfield   Producer
Frank Loncar   Producer
Paul Redmand   Programming
Reminder   Producer
Dave Hall   Producer
Cet Merlin   Producer
Eddie Acosta   Producer
Jonathan Peters   Producer
Ronen Ben Horin   Producer
Robert Jr.   Producer
Yuval Uri   Producer
Razor N-Go   Arranger,Producer,Remixing
Dickins   Producer,Remixing
C&N Project   Producer,Remixing
Henrik Korpi   Producer
Paul Dobbalina   Producer
DMC America   Remixing
Anthony Martinez   Producer
Paul "Precious Paul" Moessl   Producer

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