Circus Is Coming (Old Fashioned Calliope Music)

Circus Is Coming (Old Fashioned Calliope Music)

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by 1912 National Calliope

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  1. Medley: Dixie/Yankie Doodle/Oh! Susanna/Old South Cake Walk/Hot ...
  2. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
  3. The Prisoner's Song
  4. Nola
  5. Under the Double Eagle March
  6. The Twelfth Street Rag
  7. Smiles
  8. My Blue Heaven
  9. Oh Dem Golden Slippers
  10. Hinky Dinky Parlez Voo
  11. In the Good Old Summer Time
  12. Spirit of St. Louis March
  13. The Eagle March
  14. Hello Lindy
  15. We Did It Again
  16. Lucky Lindy
  17. You Flew Over
  18. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March
  19. The Billboard March
  20. Bombasto March
  21. Rensaz Race March
  22. Chariot Race March
  23. The Roxy March
  24. The Stars and Stripes Forever
  25. El Captain March
  26. Free Lance March
  27. God Bless America
  28. Washington Post March
  29. Hands Across the Sea
  30. Field Artillery March

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