City Lounge, Vol. 2: New York/London/Paris/Berlin [Box Set]

City Lounge, Vol. 2: New York/London/Paris/Berlin [Box Set]


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Wagram Electronica

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Disc 1

  1. Summer in Paris
  2. La Ritournelle
  3. She's My Lover (Song for R.)
  4. Rêveries
  5. Sleeping Song
  6. Get to Know the Girl
  7. Smooth
  8. Ungodly Fruit
  9. Barefoot
  10. Force Be with You
  11. Car Video
  12. Bitches on the Ground
  13. Music Kills Me
  14. An Ordinary Life
  15. Closer to Julie

Disc 2

  1. Hero Dead & Gone
  2. Keep Going
  3. Home
  4. Soulpower
  5. Out of the Game
  6. Held Him First
  7. A Hard Night's Day
  8. Sweet City
  9. K.T.B.
  10. Can't Hold Baack
  11. That Night
  12. Protection
  13. Take Over Me
  14. White Noise
  15. Alegre 2004

Disc 3

  1. Evolution Revolution Love
  2. Les Nuits
  3. Same
  4. Hurry on Now
  5. Multiply
  6. Medecine
  7. Bird Song
  8. Ur
  9. Squire for Hire
  10. A Tree, A Rock and a Cloud
  11. Take a Ride
  12. Bliss
  13. This Thing
  14. The Hush
  15. Sugar Rhyme

Disc 4

  1. The Heart's a Lonely Hunter
  2. Release
  3. New York City
  4. Twisted
  5. Didn't I
  6. Your Love
  7. Flowers
  8. Baby Doll
  9. Try Me
  10. Everything in Its Right Place
  11. Fever
  12. Hard Twelve/The Ante
  13. Way of the Light
  14. Got to Be a Love
  15. I Changed My Mind

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Roy Ayers   Composer
Andrew Hill   Composer
Marlena Shaw   Composer
Ned Kelly   Composer
Gil Scott-Heron   Composer
Tammy Payne   Composer
Jonny Greenwood   Composer
Phil Asher   Composer
Ursula Rucker   Composer
Mark Rae   Composer
T.J. Parker   Composer
B. Baral   Composer
Jean-Benoît Dunckel   Composer
Nicolas Godin   Composer
Robin Taylor-Firth   Composer
J. Whitefield   Composer
Thom Yorke   Composer
Lyrics Born   Composer
Roland Appel   Composer
Stefan Leisering   Composer
Professor Stretch   Composer
Laurent Daumail   Composer
T. Shimura   Composer
Alison Crockett   Composer
Jazzanova   Composer
Roots Manuva   Composer
A. Turner   Composer
Nathan Haines   Composer
Christian Prommer   Composer
Thomas Braun   Composer
M.J. Harris   Composer
Ray Mighty   Composer
Stéphane Pompougnac   Composer
Peter Heider   Composer
Florian Seyberth   Composer
Alice Russell   Composer
Micatone   Composer
O.B. Jackson   Composer
Ernst Wawra   Composer
Asu Yalcindag   Composer
Georg Levin   Composer
Leslie Feist   Composer
Steffen "Dixon" Berkhahn   Composer
Justin Boland   Composer
Hypnolove   Composer
Eddy DeClercq   Composer
Paul Beller   Composer
Sportes   Composer
Heather Clayton   Composer
Deyampert Giles   Composer
Marcia Montez   Composer
Gabor Schablitzki   Composer
Alex Cowan   Composer
Rosie Brown   Composer
Ellie Hajee   Composer
George Levin   Composer
D.H. Berger   Composer
Robert Philipp   Composer
Simon Green   Composer
Bernd Rest   Composer

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