City of the Sun

City of the Sun

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by Juliana Maio

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Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as "Paris on the Nile" plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches and swanky nightclubs than the Germans' unrelenting advance across North Africa. Meanwhile, as refugees, soldiers, and spies…  See more details below


Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as "Paris on the Nile" plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches and swanky nightclubs than the Germans' unrelenting advance across North Africa. Meanwhile, as refugees, soldiers, and spies stream into the city, the Nazis conspire with the emerging Muslim Brotherhood to fuel the Egyptian people's seething resentment against their British overlords.

Ambitious American journalist Mickey Connolly has come to Cairo to report on the true state of the war. Facing expulsion by the British for not playing by their rules, he accepts a deal from the U.S. embassy that allows him to remain in the country. His covert mission: to infiltrate the city's thriving Jewish community and locate a refugee nuclear scientist who could be key to America's new weapons program. But Mickey is not the only one looking for the elusive scientist. A Nazi spy is also desperate to find him--and the race is on. Into this mix an enigmatic young woman appears, a refugee herself. Her fate becomes intertwined with Mickey's, giving rise to a story of passion, entangled commitments, and half-truths.

Deftly blending the romantic noir of the classic film Casablanca with a riveting, suspenseful narrative and vivid historical detail, City of the Sun offers a stunning portrayal of a time and place that was not only pivotal for the war, but also sowed much of the turbulence in today's Middle East.

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Meet the Author

Juliana Maio was born in Egypt but expelled from the country with her family during the Suez Crisis. She was raised in France and completed her higher education in the United States, receiving a BA from the university of California Berkeley and her Juris Doctor degree from UC Hastings.

Juliana practices entertainment law in Los Angeles and has represented multi-award winning filmmakers. Prior to practicing law she served as vice president of worldwide corporate and business affairs for Triumph Films, a joint venture between Colombia Pictures and Gaumont Films.

Juliana is the cofounder of Lighthouse Productions, an independent film and television company. She speaks both domestically and abroad about the Arab Spring. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter

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City of the Sun 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great read! "City of the Sun" is set in WW2 Egypt, and while this is not my typical genre, I found myself engrossed in this story. I am fascinated by Jewish culture and this book opened a door to a facet of that culture that I had never considered. This book really has it all - espionage, suspense, romance - and all wrapped up with a healthy dose of rarely explored history.
druidgirl More than 1 year ago
This was a wonderful historical fiction novel about life in Egypt during WWII. In Cairo, journalist Mickey Connelly writes articles no one will publish. The Brits want to throw him out of the country, but he meets Bill Donavan the head of the OSS and becomes a spy for the OSS and must find a Jewish scientist, the Americans need him to help build a bomb to end the war. He first meets the sister Maya and not knowing who she is pursues her and falls in love. How will it all end? Read City of the Sun to find out. This was a well developed suspenseful and well developed characters, I loved it. Thanks to Net Galley and Greenleaf Book Group.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good character development of the top 7 characters. But, it drops for the minor characters. Pace is good and historical data seems correct though I'm not a scholar.
Naplessun More than 1 year ago
It opened up a whole new viewpoint as to what was going on during WWII. Nice addition to my library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love reading about the WWII era. Thank you Mrs. Maio for researching and sharing this slice of history! Please write a sequel- it would be fun to follow your characters to the end of the war...
dmlyons More than 1 year ago
I got the sample of this book because it sounded like a good plot, but the writing was a little slow for me. Maybe the later chapters were better then the sample. I just wasn't sure it would get any better so I didn't buy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NicoS More than 1 year ago
The book is set during World War II in Cairo, Egypt and tells the story of a young Jewish woman named Maya and her family who are escaping Jewish persecution, struggling to find a place to call home where they will be safe.   Simultaneously, an American reporter named Mickey, ends up working for the U.S. Embassy in Cairo as a spy for a very specific mission.  Maya & Mickey’s paths cross and are woven together throughout the duration of the story.     This was a very well-written book filled with mystery, romance, misdirection, and intrigue.  It was an exciting read that had my attention up until the very end.  There were a couple twists that I thought were great and overall just really enjoyed this book.   There were several really likeable characters and I loved reading the descriptions of Cairo in the early 1940’s.  I found it really interesting to read a story about the War told from a different point of view than the norm.  I really got into the author’s style of writing.  It flowed nicely and was very easy to read.  Also, it appeared to me that the author was very knowledgeable on what she was writing.   Instead of 5 stars, I decided to give the book 4 stars only because there were 3 graphic sex scenes in the book.  I felt they were not necessary and I’m just not into reading that sort of thing.  So I just skipped over them.  However, this is merely personal preference and as stated above, I felt that this book was a really great read overall.   This is an exciting, fun novel from Juliana Maio and I would definitely read more by this author.  She’s very talented and I look forward to more novels by her!
ABookishGirlBlog More than 1 year ago
A Jewish women on the run and an American journalist acting as a spy become star crossed lovers in Egypt while Rommel's Afrika Corps marches forth with its eye on Cairo. Maya inhibited by the horrors she faced as she and her brother and father escaped first Nazi Germany and then Vichy France ending up in Cairo after being on the run for some time seems willing but unsure of whether or not to let Mickey into her heart. Mickey who is not long out of a relationship that ended after 3 years and an engagement plus who is trying to find a scientist for the American government as well so he must keep secrets from Maya which endangers their relationship.  Full of war, desperation, love, pain, and anguish City of the Sun covers a part of World War II that you don't often see in historical fiction and that is the setting in which the book takes place, the African Theatre.   The relationship of Mickey and the Nazi spy, Kesner, and the hatred that they felt to each other  represents how their nations felt towards each other and I find that their battles against each other in pursuit of the nuclear scientists are particularly well written. My favorite character was Dorothy, who was the American Ambassadors secretary, she was brash and full of sass which endeared her to me greatly! And maybe to call her just a secretary would be humbling her position within the embassy a bit. The ending surprised me a little.
jayfwms More than 1 year ago
All the ingredients for an outstanding Blockbuster: romance, intrigue, deception, exotic locale, historical accuracy, a cast of loveable and hateful characters, and a climate of tension. The story was fantastic. It was so well-written I envisioned the action in my mind as though I was seeing a film. Set against a backdrop of early WWII, the action follows the trials of the Jews, both indigenous and displaced, in the city of Cairo. The wise-cracking American Reporter is drawn into spying, and unknowingly falls in love with the sister of the man he is searching for. The tension grows and the action is terrifying as the story unfolds. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a story so engrossing they cannot stop for air.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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