City Quilts: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired By Urban Views

City Quilts: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired By Urban Views

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by Cherri House

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Turn your love of urban cityscapes into beautiful quilts.See more details below


Turn your love of urban cityscapes into beautiful quilts.

Editorial Reviews

Quilter's World
"As quilters, we frequently find ourselves looking for and discovering hidden geometries in the most unusual places. City landscapes present themselves as a quilting wonderland, particularly for those of us who gravitate towards angular quilt designs. Designer Cherri House has captured her love of urban architecture in her new book. This straightforward book presents 12 clean quilt designs that, as described by her daughter Lizzie, perfectly marriage form and function. This book is great for beginning quilters, modern quilters and quilters looking for non-fussy design. Cherri's use of solid rather than patterned fabrics keeps the emphasis on the quilt's architecture and design. Color placements in many of the designs have a decidedly masculine feel which makes this book perfect for those of us constantly o the lookout for quilts we can make for the men in our lives."
Quilter's Home
"This book was so worth the wait! One of the first offerings from C&T's new imprint, Stash Books, City Quilts just drips with mod style, which is defined by quilts made with lots of solids, simple lines and easy construction methods. What's even cooler is Cherri takes us through her design process. Surveying her hometown of Houston, Texas, Cherri shows us how to hone in on repetitive images in urban architecture and translate those images into quilts. The quilts may be simple in concept but they come off as sophisticated because of the overall design. The patterns come from the play of solids, not from printed fabrics. Should you buy this book? Even if you don't luv the growing return to solid quilt fabrics, you'll learn more about how color and pattern work together. Worth it!"
Quilting Arts
"Inspired by her admiration for historical quilts, Cherri House presents a fresh combination of traditional and contemporary quilt making in this collection of patterns for what she refers to as glorified utility quilts. After browsing through the images in the book, you will never view an urban scene in the same way. House has a brilliant eye for pulling basic patterns from everyday city sight - the sides of buildings, airport runways, tires, and even barcodes - and transforming them into fabric. She translates these sights into simple, geometric quilts whose patterns are achieved through the repetition of basic shapes and straightforward construction techniques, often sewn together in horizontal rows. While House's easy-to-follow instructions make it possible for quilters to re-create her patterns exactly, she also encourages individuals to interpret the designs loosely and use them as jumping-off points for their own unique work. Whichever approach you take, House's patterns will train you eye to discern the underlying quilt patterns in the most unexpected of places."
Library Journal
This fine volume of stylish, modern quilt patterns that are accessible to beginners yet intriguing for experienced quilters is another entry from C&T's new Stash imprint. House (co-owner, Cherry House Quilts) describes her designs as a contemporary version of utility quilts, but they certainly look like modern art. The patterns contain bold, graphic designs, and the use of solid-colored fabrics is especially forgiving for beginners. While the basics of cutting, piecing, quilting, and finishing are described, some familiarity with quilting is assumed.

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Cherri House is a quilt designer and co-owner of Cherry House Quilts. Cherri believes that people in her home will always feel welcome when they are “warm with a quilt.” Cherri lives in Humble, Texas.

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