City Sense and City Design: Writings and Projects of Kevin Lynch

City Sense and City Design: Writings and Projects of Kevin Lynch

by Kevin Lynch

A collection completing the record of one of the foremost environmental design theorists of our time.See more details below


A collection completing the record of one of the foremost environmental design theorists of our time.

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Meet the Author

Kevin Lynch (1918-1984) studied with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin and later obtained a Bachelor of City Planning degree from MIT. After a long and distinguished career on the faculty of the MIT School of Architecture and Urban Planning, he was named Professor Emeritus of City Planning.

Tridib Banerjee is Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Southern California.

Michael Southworth is a Professor of Urban Design and Environmental Planning at the University of California at Berkeley.

Table of Contents

Kevin Lynch: His Life and Work1
IThe Form of Cities
The Form of Cities35
The Pattern of the Metropolis47
The Visual Shape of the Shapeless Metropolis65
The City as Environment87
IIExperiencing Cities
The Travel Journals103
Notes on City Satisfactions135
Some Childhood Memories of the City154
Growing Up in Cities174
A Walk Around the Block185
The Urban Landscape of San Salvador: Environmental Quality in an Urbanizing Region205
Foreword to Environmental Knowing233
Environmental Perception: Research and Public Policy239
Reconsidering The Image of the City247
IIIAnalysis of Visual Form
A Process of Community Visual Survey263
An Analysis of the Visual Form of Brookline, Massachusetts287
Development and Landscape: Martha's Vineyard316
Analyzing the Look of Large Areas: Some Current Examples in the United States338
IVCity Design: Theory
A Theory of Urban Form355
Environmental Adaptability379
The Openness of Open Space396
Open Space: Freedom and Control413
Where Learning Happens418
Quality in City Design430
VCity Design: Education and Practice
City Design and City Appearance465
The Immature Arts of City Design498
Urban Design511
City and Regional Planning535
Sensuous Criteria for Highway Design563
Designing and Managing the Strip579
On Historic Preservation: Some Comments on the Polish-American Seminar617
The Image of Time and Place in Environmental Design628
Some Notes on the Design of Ciudad Guayana634
Comments: A Manual for Site Development for Columbia, Maryland641
Controlling the Location and Timing of Development646
City Design: What It Is and How It Might Be Taught652
VICity Design: Projects
Government Center and the Waterfront, Boston665
Community Revitalization Plan for Columbia Point674
Boston Tomorrow: Draft Development Policies679
Performance Zoning: The Small Town of Gay Head Tries It692
University Circle Area Planning Project, Cleveland701
The Rio Salado Development Plan710
Temporary Paradise? A Look at the Special Landscape of the San Diego Region721
VIIUtopias and Cacotopias
The Possible City771
Grounds for Utopia789
What Will Happen to Us?811
Coming Home: The Urban Environment After Nuclear War823
Fantasies of Waste834

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