Civilization Past & Present, SVE / Edition 9

Civilization Past & Present, SVE / Edition 9

by Pamela Brummett, Bailkey, A. Taylor, G. Jewsbury

ISBN-10: 0321005295

ISBN-13: 9780321005298

Pub. Date: 08/19/1999

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Pearson Education
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Foreword: Retrospective/Prospective 1942-1992
Prologue: Perspective on Humanity
Ch. 1Along the Banks of Rivers: The Civilizations of the Ancient Near East1
Ch. 2The Glory That Was Greece: Aegean, Hellenic, and Hellenistic Civilizations36
Ch. 3The Grandeur That Was Rome: The Roman World, 509 B.C. to A.D. 18069
Ch. 4The Asian Way of Life: Ancient India and China to A.D. 22098
Ch. 5The City of God: The Fall of Rome and the Rise of Christianity129
Ch. 6Islam from the Beginning to 1300150
Ch. 7The Byzantine Empire, Eastern Europe, and Russia to 1600170
Ch. 8The Rising Flood of Asian Culture, 300-1300194
Ch. 9Europe's Search for Stability: The Early Middle Ages, 500-1000223
Ch. 10The High Middle Ages, 1000-1300: Medieval Politics, Economics, Religion, and Learning245
Ch. 11Europe in Transition: Religion, Politics, and Culture, 1300-1500281
Ch. 12"Man Is the Measure": Renaissance Thought and Art, 1300-1600305
Ch. 13"Here I Take My Sand": The Protestant and Catholic Reformations337
Ch. 14The Transition to Modern Times in Asia, 1300-1650364
Ch. 15Emerging Civilizations in Sub-Sahara Africa - and the New World390
Ch. 16European Expansion: Exploration and Colonization, 1400-1650420
Ch. 17The Strife of States and Kings: European Religion, Politics, and Art in a Century of Strife, 1560-1660449
Ch. 18L'Etat, C'Est Moi: European Absolutism and Power Politics473
Ch. 19The Crisis of the Old Regime, 1714-1774497
Ch. 20The European Dream of Progress and Enlightenment: Science, Art, and Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century522
Ch. 21The Rights of Man: Revolution in the Western World546
Ch. 22The European Shadow over Africa and Asia: Developments in the Non-Western World, 1650-1815570
Ch. 23Europe Transformed: The Napoleonic and Industrial Revolutions593
Ch. 24Revolution, Reaction, and Reform: Political Change, 1815-1871625
Ch. 25Society, Politics, and Culture, 1871-1914649
Ch. 26The Foundations of European Global Dominance675
Ch. 27Europe Transplanted: The British Dominions, the United States, and Latin America691
Ch. 28The Middle East and Africa, 18721[sic]-1914721
Ch. 29South and East Asia, 1815-1914740
Ch. 30Tragic War and Futile Peace: World War I760
Ch. 31The Eclipse of the Democracies: Economic Crises and Political Retreat, 1918-1939791
Ch. 32The Quest for Total Power: The USSR, Italy, and Germany816
Ch. 33Asia and Africa in the Interwar World846
Ch. 34Troubled Peace and World War II, 1920-1945873
Ch. 35The Bipolar "North," 1945-1991: Soviet and American Spheres905
Ch. 36The Emerging "South" Since 1945940
Ch. 37Toward the Third Millennium: Integration and Diversity972
Epilogue: Toward the Twenty-First CenturyE1
Chronological TablesT1
Reference MapsM1

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