Claiming Catherine: Montana Maiden Series, Book 1

Claiming Catherine: Montana Maiden Series, Book 1

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by Blushing Books
Branded a harlot for undoing a confining button on her blouse, Catherine Langton's finds herself rejected by the man she is to marry, leaving her in a predicament: mail order bride or the poorhouse. Her decision is simple and she arrives in Liberty, Montana to marry a man she's never seen, her only desire to be a pleasing wife.

Jake Bridger exceeds


Branded a harlot for undoing a confining button on her blouse, Catherine Langton's finds herself rejected by the man she is to marry, leaving her in a predicament: mail order bride or the poorhouse. Her decision is simple and she arrives in Liberty, Montana to marry a man she's never seen, her only desire to be a pleasing wife.

Jake Bridger exceeds Catherine's expectations at first glance. He looks as if he stepped from the pages of the Western romances she knows she shouldn't read. But she's about to find out that the men of Liberty are not like other men. Here, a wife is expected to make all of herself available to her husband, even parts a good girl like Catherine never expected a man to plunder. It's not an easy adjustment, but Jake isn't a man to take "no" for an answer, and sets about training his new bride using techniques that soon have Catherine wantonly eager for his attentions.

But can Catherine live with her new husband's explicit requirements when it opposes everything she's known?

If you're looking for a smoking hot Western that breaks the mold, then this first book in the Montana Maidens Series won't just leave you satisfied, but eagerly awaiting the continuation of the sexiest, most wildly explicit adventure to hit the open range of publishing in a very long time.

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Claiming Catherine: Montana Maiden Series, Book 1 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Lauralei0 More than 1 year ago
Boy, oh boy this was some book.  If you have ever read a review of mine you know that I enjoy books of this genre.  That being said - REALLY!  The book started off with a very different and I thought at the time novel idea.  Because the heroine of this book Catherine, unbuttoned her blouse when she became overheated, she was branded a harlot with no chance of ever marrying. She becomes a mail order bride by proxy to a man named Jake Bridger and travels to Montana to begin her new and hopefully wonderful married life.  This community is way different from what Catherine is used to as the men in this community want want their wives to be open to sex, submissive and hot to trot.  To make sure this occurs they have a substance that will insure their wives are exactly like this.  Now, up to and including this point - I'm on board with this book and really looking forward to reading it.  I didn't mind that the men were going to give their wives something because remember this is the Wild West and women at the time did not believe that sex should be fun for all.  Here is where this book in my humble opinion goes off the rails.  Because I believed (silly, naive person that I am) that after the wives found out how pleasurably sex really was they would no longer need to take the drug.  This is a super hot book but I really didn't like that Catherine was so one dimensional and too wussy.   This is a much more hard core book then the typical spanking book.  Which usually I love and enjoy.  The sad fact is I only liked it when I really wanted to love it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an 85 page story, good ....but it kind of reminded me of the Stepford Wives ...not too sure I liked the way the bride was treated....but then again it was also a pretty good read.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
MAIL ORDER BRIDE FOR DOMINATE HUSBAND Catherine was treated horribly by a man she was supposed to marry, when he accused her publically of being a harlot, a slut, just because she let the top button undone on her high necked blouse when it was extremely hot and she feared passing out. The humiliation left her feeling as she had no other choice except to become a mail order bride. Arriving in Liberty, MT to her new husband by proxy, Jake Bridger, she is relieved to find him handsome and caring. Even to the point of taking her to the church for a wedding by a minister. On the way back to the ranch he starts explaining her as his wife, her life of submission.  What a shock all this is to Catherine. Wives are given a daily dose of an aphrodisiac anally, and told it is because the water will make them sick and plugged or corked.  The story has Jake dominating Catherine by using her arousal to make her acquiesce to his desires. The story is heavy on power play, has lots of sex, anal play and total domination in a western setting.
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
OK, I’ve read a few of the other reviews for this story and I don’t disagree.  But, if you view it in the context of being non-consensual, it is a very erotic book.  Also, let us not forget that women were viewed as property in those days and a man could do pretty much what he wanted.  I really liked this book.  It was sexy and very well written.  Catherine is a mail order bride and Jake is the man who ordered her. Lol   The community that Catherine has moved to does things differently. They make their wives sexually submissive by giving them and aphrodisiac that makes them needy all the time.  In this story, we learn how Catherine is trained by Jake to become a wife in this community.  When you read this story, look at it in the eyes of someone from this time and suspend your disbelief and outrage.  It is after all, a story. I give this story 4 stars.
Timberlan127 More than 1 year ago
Married by proxy Catherine went to Montana as a mail order bride. She found her husband handsome and appealing. Then he started to tell her about her new life and how it would be different. He said that a wife's only job was to make her husband happy. From that point on Catherine starts on a journey of sexual discoveries at the hands of her new husband. The story is well written but I could only give it 4 stars because although it is fiction I felt it portrayed women as only being valued for their submissiveness. I like strong intelligent heroines who think for themselves. Since this is book 1 of a series maybe the author intends to revise that portrayal in the next book. Interesting read.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I liked this story.
missalicia2013 5 months ago
I was given a free copy to review in exchange for an honest review... HOT!!!, corks, and mail order brides...This book was sensational!!! Some would find it uncomfortable as it deals with what could be considered forced sexual situations. The persons are married to each other at the time and frankly this is light compared to what some authors are writing. The wife is never abused and actually gets turned on she just is uneducated about her body due to situations she comes from and the time period. It gets very sexy as the book goes on. Yes as with most Vale books more that one male is used in the context of her training but it is not fully achieved. I was really good and I was left wishing to read the next installment of the series.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
I do not even know where to begin I am still in shock. I know in this time frame women didn’t have a lot of say about issues. I have a hard time believing that every man in a town including the preacher and doctor would agree to this life style. I had no idea that this was an Erotica read I guess had I went to Amazon and not Audible to read the description I would have know this before signing up to review it. As with most Erotica reads there is very little story and I do not mind sex but I really would like a story with it which this book has very little of. When the preacher asked if they wanted him to cork her, my mouth fell open. I have a hard time believing a man of God would do this to an innocent or any women. The next place I have a hard time believing is when he thought it was ok for his brothers to see her with no clothes on or even touch her in private places. Had I been this women and got branded a harlot for undoing a confining button on her blouse (which would be correct in this time period) and then walked into a marriage of this kind I would have run for the hills never to have returned. I know they had BDSM very early in history but as a mail order bride that is an innocent and all the man in town are doing this I have a hard time buying that. Dom/Sub relationships are based on trust this story was not. First they have to drug their wives up their butts with corks and plugs to even get them in the mood to do the deed whenever the husband wants. Then they have to keep them drugged for the rest of their lives so they can do the deed whenever and wherever they want to with whatever people might be around. There is no trust this is all about control and getting all they can get whenever they want by drugging the women to make them sick so she would understand that she needed to take her meds like a girl little girl. His reply is I am only doing what is right for you to keep you safe and healthy I am only thinking of you. I found very little romance in this story. I will give the author credit for turning around Jake at the end to wanting to make his wife happy in return making him happy with what he wanted. The one thing about a story is if it is believable and the author makes you buy into it. This story is not believable yes it is fiction but it is not believable. I am so sorry this story has a pretty good plot but not much of a story. The only thing I got out of this story are the men are controlling and get off on the thrills of from treating women like trash, from embarrassing them and making them feel lower than life along with degrading them. Yes I will agree some of this went on all through history but a WHOLE town? This is what we know as abuse to demean, embarrass, control and put down. If it had not been every man in town even the preacher and doctor I would have bought into this story. Book 2 in this series does sound like a great read and I am hoping it will be a little better than this one maybe have a story with it. I have promise to review both books and will do so with an open mind as long as there is a story with the sex. I just cannot buy into a whole town going along with this. If it had more of a story and not just the deed of control and the means they gain that control I could go along with the rest of it. I really hate to give a bad review and do not take on a book I feel I can’t give at least a 3 or above. I wish I could in this case. I know there will be people who will love this story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Charlie1972 More than 1 year ago
A very different twist on a mail order bride story, did not see that coming. I did think that a discerning woman or women would have seen through the ruse of it's the water you can't handle. So.....they had a cure all for that and it had to be repeated daily, well whatever...okay,  so it is a good book overall with a lot of new and different things for Catherine, at least she can be accepted and not scorned because  she  unbuttoned her top button  when overheated. I kept wanting to tell Catherine to wake up and smell the coffee. 
Katy_Beth More than 1 year ago
Catherine goes to be a mail order bride.  Jake shares the ranch with his brothers.  Catherine finds out that this community has a whole lot more rules than she's interested in.  She needs to learn to adjust to all the differences and try to understand her new life.  She struggles to come to terms will all of it but in the end she is thankful for her new life.  
madpuss More than 1 year ago
I have to admit I was a little surprised by this story. It was not what I expected. I knew the blurb said 'Here, a wife is expected to make all of herself available to her husband, even parts a good girl like Catherine never expected a man to plunder.' This is an understatement. I can't like the fact that Jake lied to Catherine to get what he wanted or used an aphrodisiac to keep her in a perpetual aroused state so that Catherine can barely function as an individual. It almost sounds like torture as there is no relief from it. However, Catherine ends up adjusting and liking her life with Jake. I can say I quite enjoyed it as a piece of fiction. Of course it's unrealistic fantasy, if it could be reality it would be no, NO, NO.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Catherine comes to Montana as a mail order bride after her intended accuses her of being a harlot. Stepping from the coach, Catherine is very happy to discover that Jake, the man she wed by proxy, is not only considerate and leads her to the church for an additional ceremony, but has agreed there will be not ‘relations’ until she is ready and asks for him to consummate the marriage. Jake and his two brothers are all very handsome, large and makes her feel safe and protected. However, she quickly learns that customs on Montana’s open ranges are nothing like a ‘citified’ girl could ever have imagined. This is not really a spanking novel, it is more about the sexual awakening and training up of a wife to the exact specifications of a determined husband. I would have liked to see Catherine become more of a partner on the ranch.