Classic Field Recordings: Landmark Country Sessions from a Lost Era

Classic Field Recordings: Landmark Country Sessions from a Lost Era


First off, the songs collected on this four-CD, 100-track box of early country and old-time sides released in the 1930s and early '40s aren't exactly field recordings, at least not in the normal sense. The artists compiled here, ranging from string bands like the Tennessee Ramblers and the Pine…  See more details below


First off, the songs collected on this four-CD, 100-track box of early country and old-time sides released in the 1930s and early '40s aren't exactly field recordings, at least not in the normal sense. The artists compiled here, ranging from string bands like the Tennessee Ramblers and the Pine Ridge Boys to duos like Dewey & Gassie Bessett and polished (for the era) solo singers like Johnny Barfield, were professional musicians to some degree and these recordings were made with an eye to being commercial on the radio, whether or not they actually achieved that aim. That doesn't make them somehow less authentic, however, since these tracks are only a slight half-step removed from the music played on rural back porches throughout America in the 1930s and 1940s and they prefigure the more stylized and codified motifs of what would eventually come to be known as country music. Among the highlights in this expansive box are Johnny Barfield's "Ain't I Right" (a version of the folk tune "Railroad Bill"), Smith's Carolina Crackerjacks' "There Are No Disappointments in Heaven," the Tennessee Ramblers' "Don't Put a Tax on Beautiful Girls," and a truly haunting version of "Maggie" by Blind Fiddler. There's a lot of history collected here, and listening to these 100 tracks, one can almost hear modern country music coming just around the bend.

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Disc 1

  1. Long Tongue Women  - Johnny Barfield
  2. Ain't I Right?  - Johnny Barfield
  3. Desert Lullaby  - Johnny Barfield
  4. Heartaches and Tears  - Johnny Barfield
  5. Don't Take My Memories  - Johnny Barfield
  6. Love Me Only  - Johnny Barfield
  7. Boogie Woogie  - Johnny Barfield
  8. Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby  - Johnny Barfield
  9. My Poodle Doodle Dog  - Johnny Barfield
  10. That Little Shirt My Mother Made for Me  - Johnny Barfield
  11. It Ain't No Good  - Johnny Barfield
  12. The New Boogie Woogie  - Johnny Barfield
  13. The Story of Love Divine  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  14. Gamblin' On the Sabbath  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  15. My Little Mountain Lady, Queen of Alabam  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  16. Heaven Bound Gold  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  17. Free As I Can Be  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  18. Red Roses, Sweet Violets So Blue  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  19. Keep Your Love Letters, I'll Keep Mine  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  20. Goodbye Baby, Goodbye  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  21. Love Hunting Blues  -  McClendon Brothers With Georgia Dell
  22. There's a Grave in the Wilderness  - Gassie Bassett
  23. The Great Final Agreement  - Gassie Bassett
  24. Blue Moon  - Gassie Bassett
  25. Back Water Blues  - Gassie Bassett

Disc 2

  1. Rock City Blues  - Gassie Bassett
  2. Lonesome Life of Worry  - Gassie Bassett
  3. Burning of Cleveland School  - Roy Shaffer
  4. My Sweetheart Has Gone and Left Me  - Roy Shaffer
  5. Girl That Married My Mind  - Roy Shaffer
  6. Mollie Married a Travelin' Man  - Roy Shaffer
  7. Howell's Railroad  - Roy Shaffer
  8. Lost John  - Roy Shaffer
  9. Fiddle and Guitar Running Wild  -  Four Pickled Peppers
  10. Fox Hunter's Luck  -  Four Pickled Peppers
  11. He Turned Around and Went the Other Way  -  Four Pickled Peppers
  12. Long anf Bony  -  Four Pickled Peppers
  13. Farmer Grey  -  Tennessee Ramblers
  14. Whoa, Mule, Whoa  -  Tennessee Ramblers
  15. There Are No Disappointments in Heaven  -  Tennessee Ramblers
  16. Your Soul Never Dies  -  Tennessee Ramblers
  17. T.B. Killed My Daddy  -  Pine Ridge Boys
  18. Little Paper Boy  -  Pine Ridge Boys
  19. Precious Thoughts of Mother  -  Happy Valley Boys
  20. Shattered Love  -  Happy Valley Boys
  21. What a Change One Day Can Make  - Pete Pyle
  22. Forbidden Love  - Pete Pyle
  23. I Am On My Way to Heaven  -  Wilks Ramblers
  24. Just Over in the Glory Land  -  Wilks Ramblers
  25. I'm Glad I Counted the Cost  -  Wilks Ramblers

Disc 3

  1. One Year Ago Today  - J.H. Howell
  2. No Deep True Love  -  J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies
  3. Coupon Song  -  J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies
  4. Bury Me Out On the Prairie  -  J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies
  5. Disappointed in Love (I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine)  - J.H. Howell
  6. Rocking Alone in An Old Rocking Chair  - J.H. Howell
  7. The Answer to "Disappointed in Love"  - J.H. Howell
  8. Cowboy Jack  - J.H. Howell
  9. When I Was a Baby  -  Walter Hurdt & His Singing Cowboys
  10. Bungalow Big Enough for Two  -  Walter Hurdt & His Singing Cowboys
  11. I'll Remember You, Love in My Prayers  - George Wade
  12. I'm Not Angry With You Darling  - George Wade
  13. Don't Put a Tax On Beautiful Girls  -  Coley
  14. I'll Keep On Loving You  -  Coley
  15. Four or Five Times  -  Carolina Crackerjacks
  16. All My Natural Life  -  Carolina Crackerjacks
  17. You Are My Sunshine  - Leon Hyatt
  18. Farther Along  - Leon Hyatt
  19. Homecoming Time in Happy Valley  - Hazel Cole
  20. I'll Never Leave Old Dixieland Again  - Hazel Cole
  21. Little Blue Eyed Blonde, Goodbye  - Hazel Cole
  22. It's So Hard to Be Just a Pal to You  - Hazel Cole
  23. Fourteen Days in Georgia  -  Hill Brothers
  24. Chesapeake Bay  -  Hill Brothers
  25. I Want My Black Baby Back  -  Hill Brothers

Disc 4

  1. Slim Girl  - Blind Fiddler
  2. Maggie  - Blind Fiddler
  3. Soap Box Blues  - Jack Pierce
  4. Rabbit Blues  - Jack Pierce
  5. Big Fat Gal  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  6. Knocking On the Hen House Door  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  7. Minor Blues  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  8. Married Life Blues  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  9. Back in My Home Town  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  10. Home With Mother and Dad in the West  - Lester "Pete" Bivins
  11. How Many Biscutis Can I Eat?  - Gwen Foster
  12. Side-Line Blues  - Gwen Foster
  13. With My Banjo On My Knee  - Louisiana Lou
  14. A Package of Love Letters  - Louisiana Lou
  15. The Export Gal  - Louisiana Lou
  16. Sinful to Flirt  - Louisiana Lou
  17. Go 'Long Mule  - Louisiana Lou
  18. If You See My Saviour  -  Odus
  19. Tribulation Days  -  Odus
  20. Down in Baltimore  -  Odus
  21. Wind the Little Ball of Yarn  -  Odus
  22. Sweet Locust Blossoms  -  Odus
  23. I'll Remember You, Love, in My Prayer  -  Odus
  24. My Family Circle (Will the Circle Be Unbroken)  -  Rouse Brothers
  25. Orange Blossom Special  -  Rouse Brothers

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith   Mandolin,Vocals
Ervin T. Rouse   Fiddle,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Ralph Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Marvin Taylor   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
George Wade   Mandolin,Vocals
Leroy Johnson   Guitar
Odus Maggard   Banjo,Vocals
Johnny Barfield   Guitar,Vocals
Harry Blair   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,String Bass
Jack Gillette   Fiddle,Trumpet,Vocals
Tex Martin   Guitar,String Bass
Tennessee Ramblers   Vocals
Lonnie Austin   Fiddle
Grady Cole   Vocals
Hazel Cole   Vocals
Norman Woodlief   Guitar,Vocals
Dewey Bassett   Guitar,Vocals
Smoky Wiseman   Fiddle
Chuck Wiseman   Fiddle
Curly Burleson   String Bass
Pete Pyle   Guitar,Vocals
Eva Mae Greenwood   Guitar,Vocals
Dewey Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Woodrow Roberts   Guitar,Vocals
Jesse Pitts   Guitar
Willie Simmons   Vocals
Julian Johnson   Vocals
Walter Couch   Fiddle
Gassie Bassett   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Hurdt & His Singing Cowboys   Guitar
Rupert McClendon   Fiddle,Vocals
Slim Mays   Guitar,Vocals
J.H. Howell   Harmonica,Vocals,Soloist
Leon Hyatt   Vocals
Lester "Pete" Bivins   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
Roy Shaffer   Guitar,Vocals
Kelly Couch   Guitar
Ralph Pleasant   Fiddle
Bonson Couch   Banjo
Buster McClendon   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Curley Campbell   Steel Guitar,Tenor Banjo,Guitar (Tenor)
Dallas Hubbard   Vocals
David Coley   Guitar,Vocals
Douglas Spivey   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
Edward Crowe   Mandolin
Ernie Cornelison   Guitar,Vocals
Esmond Morris   Guitar
Georgia Dell   Guitar,Vocals
Gerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Gordon Rouse   Guitar,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Guy Hinson   Guitar,Vocals
Gwin Foster   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Hamon Newman   Tenor Banjo
Jack Rouse   Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Jesse Bassett   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Tony Russell   Source Material
Marvin Taylor   Duet
Robert K. Oermann   Source Material
Charles K. Wolfe   Source Material
Johnny Barfield   Liner Notes
Grady Cole   Duet
Hazel Cole   Duet
Pat Harrison   Liner Notes
Dewey Bassett   Duet
Gassie Bassett   Duet
Thompson Salamander   Source Material
J.H. Howell   Duet
Dellar Salamander   Source Material
Douglas Spivey   Duet
George C. Edens   Source Material

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