Classic Ragga Dancehall 90's Mix

Classic Ragga Dancehall 90's Mix

by Bobby Konders

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  1. Intro  -  Massive B All-Stars
  2. Suspense
  3. Stop Live in a de Pass
  4. Dengue Fever
  5. A Gal a Chat  - Mad Cobra
  6. Bad Boy Nuh Cub Scout
  7. Nuh Have No Heart
  8. Rude Bwoy No Powder
  9. When I Hold You Tonight
  10. She Wrong
  11. World Dance
  12. Dead in Ya  -  Silvercat
  13. More dem Talk  - Mad Cobra
  14. Combination Mix, Pt. 2  - Ricky General
  15. 1-4 to 12  -  Simpleton
  16. Peanut Punch  - Fabby Dolly
  17. Dun Wife  - Mad Cobra
  18. Too Young  - Buju Banton
  19. Gun Fool
  20. Cellular Phone
  21. Not Another Word
  22. Wap Dem
  23. Dis di Program
  24. Turn Around
  25. Gooda Than Gold
  26. Intimate  - Anthony Redrose
  27. Big Up and Trust
  28. Tear off Mi Garment
  29. Urkle Dance  - Mega Banton
  30. Mavis  -  Merciless
  31. Chronic  -  Silvercat
  32. How the West Was Won
  33. Nuh Watch Nuh Clock  -  Simpleton
  34. The Return-Father & Son  -  Ninjaman
  35. Hollow Point Bad Boy
  36. More Gal
  37. Husband Goody-Goody  -  Capleton
  38. Born Good Looking
  39. Every Mickle Make a Muckle  - Jigsy King
  40. Galong So  - Major Mackerel
  41. Ole Gallis  -  Merciless
  42. See You No More (2004)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bobby Konders   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

John Wayne   Audio Production
Philip "Fatis" Burrell   Producer,Audio Production
Anthony Cameron   Composer
Clevie   Audio Production
Lloyd James   Producer,Audio Production
Robert Livingston   Producer,Audio Production
Patrick Roberts   Producer,Audio Production
Jack Scorpio   Producer,Audio Production
Steely   Audio Production
Collin "Bulbie" York   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
John John   Audio Production
Henry "Junjo" Lawes   Producer,Audio Production
Sting International   Audio Production
Red Rose   Producer,Audio Production
Harvel Hart   Producer,Audio Production
Malvo   Audio Production
Aquamanda   Composer
Delroy Schoborough   Audio Production
Shocking Vibes   Audio Production
DJ Quinton   Audio Production
Massive B   Audio Production

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