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A Clause for Murder

A Clause for Murder

4.7 4
by Jill Shure
Courtney Farrow is a woman other women despise. She will steal your lover or husband, leave you crying, and wash her hands in your tears. Her special victim is Betsy Ross. Ever since Courtney bought life insurance from Betsy and insinuated herself into Betsy's circle of friends, Courtney has used all her charms to seduce every guy in Betsy's life. So when Courtney


Courtney Farrow is a woman other women despise. She will steal your lover or husband, leave you crying, and wash her hands in your tears. Her special victim is Betsy Ross. Ever since Courtney bought life insurance from Betsy and insinuated herself into Betsy's circle of friends, Courtney has used all her charms to seduce every guy in Betsy's life. So when Courtney turns up deader than a cooked Brussels sprout in a neighbor's garage, after an ugly confrontation with Betsy at a party, more than a few fingers point to Betsy as the murderess. So begins Betsy's life as an amateur sleuth in A Clause for Murder, where in order to save herself from being the prime suspect, Betsy must discover who killed Courtney Farrow, a woman too many men loved and too many women despised. A woman who made men and women pay for her favors.

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Meet the Author

Jill Shure has written books, screenplays, and TV scripts. She won the prestigious Ben Franklin Award for Night Jazz. She lives in Southern California where she is working on her next novel.

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Clause for Murder 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Betsy Ross was the type of gal who only had one regret. Well, make that two. She rued the day her parents, Abe and Ida Ross, decided to name her after a seamstress. And secondly she regretted that Ken Blanchard always seemed to take her for granted, drifting in and out of her life. Mostly out these days. She thought to herself every time they played sleepover, "I didn't want this. I wanted a husband, a family, a ring on my finger, and a lawn mower." She had Sofia, her ten-year-old daughter, and no regrets there, but the dating game was getting to her. The most exciting thing that had happened to her in recent memory was when she had to go fetch Richard Kluger off the ledge of the building by telling him if he committed suicide it would violate the terms of his insurance policy. Betsy's the lame name, insurance was her game . . . at Aloss insurance agency. It wasn't easy always "telling people about deadly illnesses and death benefits," but a job was a job and she was good at it. The Saturday night "leftover party" she attended with her best friend, Arlene Silvers, and a couple other friends had been a mixed bag. It was one of those events, "where everyone invites over her last great love and a few lesser loves, so [the] losers can be recycled." Everyone knows that recycling equals green, but Betsy only ended up going green with envy because that miserable Courtney Farrow, was after Ken. She was one of those gorgeous trust fund gals from back east who had everything going for her, including "guys [who] fell for her like bricks." As luck would have it, Courtney got totally miffed at Betsy and threw a drink in her face. That drink just could have been a motive for murder. Next thing you know, Miss Trust Fund, according to Arlene, ended up "fried like a chicken" in her neighbor's garage. It wasn't long before Detectives Raine and Williams were checking out everyone who ever had anything to do with her. In the "man" department that meant half of San Diego. Betsy and Arlene had already checked out Courtney's condo and Betsy pocketed a "tiny telephone book" with nine names in it. Unfortunately for Betsy her very own "silver hoop earring with a single black pearl" had been clutched in darling Courtney's hand when she was unexpectedly fried. Threatening calls and notes began shortly after the murder. "Return the book, or you'll be sorry." Betsy surely was going to be sorry if she didn't figure out who killed Courtney. Misery loves company, but she didn't want to end up like another piece of Kentucky fried. Who really had a motive to kill Courtney? Why was that little book so important? If you are into cozy mysteries with an adult theme, language, and humor, this lighthearted mystery will keep you chuckling with glee as you try to figure out who did in Courtney Farrow (a.k.a Delilah and Sydney Louise). You'll be ogling the pages as if you were a member of Courtney's fan club, a passel of men (and a few women) who couldn't keep their eyes off her when she was on the Dancin' Beauties club stage. Jill Shure was able to keep me laughing, but also wondering whodunit. The main characters were well developed and I was anxious to see who was going to show up next. Betsy, who was part hottie and part Gidget, was a very appealing female "detective" most readers would like to see in a series. Quill says: This mystery was a winner and if there's a sequel I'm in!
Happyartist More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed this book! I read Night Jazz recently and loved it. I'm about to order Night Glitter. But a friend gave me this for Christmas and I just got around to reading it. But it was so clever and really funny. I also couldn't guess who did it. If you want a really fast and enjoyable book, buy this one. It's a cozy but also sexy, very romantic, and funny.
Arizona2008 More than 1 year ago
A Clause for Murder was a fun novel with romance, humor, suspense, and a surprising fairytale ending. The book is the first in the Betsy Ross series. Betsy Ross is an insurance salesman and sells insurance to Courtney Farrow who wiggles her way into Betsy's circle of friends. Courtney is a materialistic brat with a dark past and makes every effort to seduce every guy in Betsy's life and the lives of other women, including murder. Courtney is found dead in a neighbor's garage. Because of an ugly confrontation Betsy had with her at a party, Betsy becomes the prime suspect. In order to clear herself as a suspect, Betsy must discover who killed Courtney. This murder mystery was so good...very entertaining!
ljbinion More than 1 year ago
Jill manages to inject humor into what should be a scary situation for Betsy Ross, a single mom who lives in San Diego with her daughter and makes a living by selling insurance. Any problems she had been having seemed trivial after Courtney Farrow becomes part of her life. Courtney Farrow is the kind of woman we all love to hate. She is a woman who uses seduction and sex as a means to get what she wants. No one - male or female, married or single - is safe from her advances. Much to Betsy's dismay, she seems to pay particular attention to the guys in her life. Somehow, Courney appeared in Betsy's circle of friends. None of them really wanted here there, but still she kept showing up at their parties. When a body, identified as Courtney Farrow, turns up burned to a crisp, Betsy is a suspect in her death due to their fight at a recent party. Determined not to be jailed for something she didn't do, she sets to find out what really happened. Along the way to proving her innocence, she makes many astounding discoveries, most of them concerning Courtney. I won't give all of the discoveries away, but Courtney gave the impression that she was an heiress. Betsy found this wasn't true- Courtney was in need of money and had a job at not only one, but two different strip clubs. She was also in the habit of only sticking with an amour until no more money could be squeezed from him or her. Betsy's race to find out what truly happened turns into a life-threatening situation. Now she is fighting to find out the truth not only to stay out of jail, but to stay alive. There is a lot of "adult" language in this book, so if you don't like "adult" language in what you read, I wouldn't recommend it. If the language won't bother you and you like a good murder mystery, I highly recommend this book. You will be trying to figure out what has happened until you read the satisfying conclusion.