Clean Air and Clean Water Acts

Clean Air and Clean Water Acts

by Susan Dudley Gold

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Children's Literature - Sylvia Firth
As a history of legislation that pertains to curbing pollution and contamination of water and air in America, this book is rather unique. It is one of a series titled "Landmark Legislation." Most students will not be aware that pollution started to be a problem in the 1890s. Early in the twentieth century scientists began to link untreated sewage that flowed into creeks and rivers as the cause of diseases such as typhoid. Local efforts to solve this situation often resulted in other communities or states having greater pollution. With the rise of manufacturing, more pollution of both air and water occurred. Local and state governments tried to deal with the difficulties, but the outcomes were not very productive. During the 1920s attempts were made by Congress to write legislation, but the laws that were enacted were weak and not very effective. Senator Edmund Muskie began work on getting strong legislation for protecting air and water shortly after being elected to the U. S. Senate in 1958. He was the prime mover in getting the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts passed by Congress and signed into law. A great part of the book is devoted to his untiring efforts. Both black and white and colored photographs are found throughout. Additional sections provide information that should prove useful for students undertaking research and writing reports. Four pages explain the process at the federal level describing how a bill actually becomes a law. A glossary, an extensive bibliography, web and audio/video resources, an index as well as detailed notes on the sources consulted by the author are also included. Add this book to the purchase list if it meets a curriculum need. Reviewer: Sylvia Firth

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Landmark Legislation Series
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