Clean Break: A Kate Brannigan Mystery

Clean Break: A Kate Brannigan Mystery

by Val McDermid

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Art theft and murder take PI Kate Brannigan to Italy, testing both love and loyalty.See more details below


Art theft and murder take PI Kate Brannigan to Italy, testing both love and loyalty.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Fast-talking, kick-boxing Kate Brannigan, a PI in Manchester, England, returns (after Crack Down) in a cleanly written, fast-paced escapade. Cut from the same cloth as Kinsey Milhone, though somewhat less of a loner and possessed of a more demanding palate, Kate is just as likely to be seized by a case and just as regretful when violence comes to pass. This tale jumps out of the gate at top speed when perfectionist Kate discovers that a security system she developed for a local castle has been breached and a valuable Monet stolen. Ingeniously tracking the thieves to Italy, she winds up taking on some world-class bad guys. At the same time, she is involved in a case of suspected industrial sabotage that has turned deadly. Juggling her clients, facing physical danger and coping with the continually bruised ego of her lover, Richard, Kate must navigate her way through power plays, unsavory associations and divided loyalties. A neatly arrived at conclusion leaves Kate and readers reckoning that success may not always be worth its price. (Oct.)
Wes Lukowsky
The fourth Kate Brannigan mystery finds the British equivalent of Kinsey Millhone trying to crack a case in which a ring of smash-and-grabbers is stealing artwork from country estates. Kate is involved because her security firm was responsible for one of the burgled homes. The owners of the estates are reluctant to bring in the police because so much of their income is generated by tourist excursions through their homes and they fear the publicity. In one of the homes, the intruders' activity is recorded, and Kate recognizes one of them--it's Dennis, Kate's close pal and her connection to the criminal underworld. She has some hard choices to make but is willing to put them off if she can recover the stolen property. Dennis points her in the right direction, but soon the case takes a far more sinister turn, with people connected to the thefts turning up dead all over the countryside. When a trip to Italy reveals Mob involvement, Kate realizes the stakes are much higher than a few pieces of stolen art and that her life means nothing to those involved in the crimes. Brannigan is tough, funny, and sometimes profane.

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