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Clearing the Hurdles: Women Building High-Growth Businesses

Clearing the Hurdles: Women Building High-Growth Businesses

by Candida Brush, Nancy M. Carter, Patricia G. Greene, Elizabeth Gatewood, Myra M. Hart

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"Even in the 21st century, much of the world still systematically excludes 50 percent of the smartest people from full responsibility. Entrepreneurship rewards excellence and results, not gender, and this book is a wonderful gift to women who would like to respond to corporate America by saying, 'Thanks, I'll do it myself'."
Jim Collins, Author,


"Even in the 21st century, much of the world still systematically excludes 50 percent of the smartest people from full responsibility. Entrepreneurship rewards excellence and results, not gender, and this book is a wonderful gift to women who would like to respond to corporate America by saying, 'Thanks, I'll do it myself'."
Jim Collins, Author, "Good to Great", and Co-author, "Built to Last"

"Savvy and inspirational, Clearing the Hurdles is an important book for women intent on growing new businesses. The team of talented authors provides information, insights, and advice that will educate, motivate, and challenge women aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs."
Laura Tyson, Dean, London Business School

"With women creating new businesses at a faster rate than males, it is imperative that today's venture capitalists take an active role in mentoring and recruiting women to become venture capitalists, business owners, technologists, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. Clearing the Hurdles is not only a wake up call; it is a roadmap to start this long overdue project."
Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association

"Clearing the Hurdles examines all elements behind the lack of access to capital for women entrepreneurs who want to build high-growth companies. If you are a woman who has a vision for a high-potential business, this book was written for you."
Connie Duckworth, Kathy Elliott, Sharon Whiteley, Founders, 8Wings Enterprises, and Co-authors, "The Old Girls Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man's World"

"Clearing the Hurdles debunks the myths and defines the barriers that entrepreneurs confront--a perfect roadmap for women embarking on the entrepreneurial journey."
Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Networks, and former Chair, National Women's Business Council

Starting, funding, and growing a new venture are significant challenges for every entrepreneur. For women, the hurdles are even higher, due to widely held perceptions about them, their capabilities, and their businesses. Now, five leading experts on women entrepreneurs offer systematic solutions to the challenges, offering timely advice to women dedicated to achieving success and claiming the rewards.

Clearing the Hurdles draws on five years of original research, performed as part of the Diana Project--a major initiative that explores ways women grow businesses.

The authors identify key factors associated with funding, growth, and success: the founder's goals, expertise, and commitment; strategic direction; team building; effective use of networks; and access to capital. Most important, they offer concrete strategies for overcoming obstacles: strategies proven in the marketplace by women entrepreneurs. Wealth creation: Don't get left out!

  • Learn what it takes to build your high-growth business
  • Get credible
  • Fill the technical and management gaps in your expertise
  • Get strategic
  • Choose the right business, build the right plan
  • Get connected
  • Link yourself to the right resources, networks, and people
  • Get over the funding hurdles.
This book is a training manual for women who want to claim their place as winners in the entrepreneurial challenge.

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal - Library Journal
Five years of collaborative research have led the five authors, all consultants to women entrepreneurs, to identify the myths and realities confronting these women. To help them start, fund, and grow a new venture, the authors have compiled solutions to basic business challenges. They explore the key factors in success-the founder's objectives and expertise, financial resources, goal setting, networks, and management teams-while also explaining the strategies needed for success, including creating wealth, building credibility and networks, and choosing the right business and the right plan. Case studies are used throughout. An additional highlight is the detailed explanation of the venture capital process and industry. A wealth of endnotes for resources in print and online will lead readers to more and specific information sources. Most business collections will want to add this organized, well-researched, thoughtful work.-Susan C. Awe, Univ. of New Mexico Lib., Albuquerque Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Candida Brush is Associate Professor in the Strategy and Policy Department, Boston University School of Management. She is the Founder and Director of the Council for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership and Research Director for the Entrepreneurial Management Institute.

Dr. Nancy M. Carter is the Richard M. Schulze Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN, and is Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the London Business School. She previously held the Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies at Marquette University where she directed the Center for the Study of Entrepreneurship and the Center for Family Business.

Dr. Elizabeth J. Gatewood is Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship and Director of The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Indiana University. She has served as Executive Director of the University of Houston Small Business Development Center and was the founder of the Women’s Roundtable Program. She founded and directed the Center for Business and Economic Studies at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Patricia G. Greene is Dean of the Undergraduate School at Babson College. She formerly held the Ewing Marion Kauffman/Missouri Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Missouri--Kansas City and the NJ Chair of Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers University. Prior to her academic career she was active in starting, growing, and managing long-term care facilities.

Dr. Myra M. Hart, Class of 1961 Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School, currently leads the school’s Models ofSuccess initiative and directs the writing of case studies featuring women protagonists. A founding officer of Staples, she participated in raising multiple rounds of venture capital, served as VP of Operations, and led the early expansion as Group VP of Growth and Development. She is also chair of the Center for Women’s Business Research.

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