Clinical Neurology of Aging / Edition 3

Clinical Neurology of Aging / Edition 3

by Martin Albert, MD, PhD, FAAN

ISBN-10: 0195369297

ISBN-13: 9780195369298

Pub. Date: 01/18/2011

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Clinical Neurology of Aging, Third Edition continues the tradition of the First (1984) and Second (1994) editions with 60 chapters written by the world's elite clinicians from neurology, geriatrics and research on all aspects of geriatric neurology. Aging does not automatically imply decline. Many older people find joy in their friendships and their willingness to

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Clinical Neurology of Aging, Third Edition continues the tradition of the First (1984) and Second (1994) editions with 60 chapters written by the world's elite clinicians from neurology, geriatrics and research on all aspects of geriatric neurology. Aging does not automatically imply decline. Many older people find joy in their friendships and their willingness to look at the world with a calmer view than they may have had in youth. This clinically focused book is designed to help clinicians help older persons maintain that joy. Now divided into 9 comprehensive sections, the Third Edition contains subjects ranging from geriatric assessment to pain management and palliative care. Specific sections include: Introduction to Geriatric Neurology; Neurological Assessment in Aging; Cognitive Disorders in Aging; Motor Disorders in Aging; Neuropsychiatric Illness in Aging; Sensory Disturbance in Aging; Peripheral Neurology of Aging; Disease States in Elderly; and Neurological Therapeutics. With a deft touch, the editors - Drs. Martin Albert and Janice Knoefel - have incorporated the geriatric care perspective and a quality-oriented approach to health care throughout the volume. The result: the definitive reference, useful for all clinicians caring for older people and informative to those who set policies that affect research and clinical practice.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to Geriatric Neurology
Chapter 1: Geriatric Neurology-an Introduction
Janice E. Knoefel and Martin L. Albert
Chapter 2: Epidemiology of Aging and Age-Related Neurological Disease
Christiane Reitz and Richard Mayeux
Chapter 3: Neurogenetics in Aging
P. Hemachandra Reddy
Chapter 4: Special Aspects of Research in Aging
Dan R. Berlowitz, Mary Jo Pugh, and Michael P. Gerardo
Chapter 5: Neurological Evaluation of the Elderly Patient
David A. Drachman and Joan M. Swearer
Section 2: Neurological Assessment in Aging
Chapter 6: Mental Status Examination in the Elderly
Alan Mandell
Chapter 7: The Process of Geriatric Neuropsychological Assessment
Melissa M. Amick, Laura J. Grande, and William Milberg
Chapter 8: Anatomical Neuroimaging in Aging
Joseph C. Masdeu
Chapter 9: Functional Neuroimaging in Epilepsy
Gary R. Turner and Mark D'Esposito
Chapter 10: Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials in Geriatrics
Barry S. Oken and Alexandra Amen
Chapter 11: Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography
Jau-Shin Lou
Chapter 12: Competency, Capacity and Self-Determination in Aging
Scott Y.H. Kim
Section 3: Cognitive Disorders in Aging
Chapter 13: Functional Assessment in Geriatric Neurology
Germaine L. Odenheimer and Linda Hunt
Chapter 14: Cognitive Function in Healthy Aging
Janet L. Jankowiak
Chapter 15: Mild Cognitive Impairment
Jennifer R. Molano and Ronald C. Petersen
Chapter 16: Alzheimer's Disease
David A. Bennett
Chapter 17: Frontotemporal Dementia and Related Syndromes
Mario F. Mendez, Harry V. Vinters, and Jeffrey L. Cummings
Chapter 18: Vascular Cognitive Impairment
John C. Adair, Branko Huisa-Garate, and Gary A. Rosenberg
Chapter 19: Synucleinopathies
Michael S. Rafii and Jody Corey-Bloom
Chapter 20: Alcohol and Toxin-related Dementias
Sachio Matsushita and Masaru Mimura
Chapter 21: Delirium in the Elderly
Tenielle E. Gofton and G. Bryan Young
Section 4: Motor Disorders in Aging
Chapter 22: Parkinson's Disease
Stanley Fahn
Chapter 23: Other Parkinsonian Disorders
Nabila Dahodwala, Amy Colcher, and Matthew B. Stern
Chapter 24: Essential Tremor
Elizabeth Haberfeld and Elan D. Louis
Chapter 25: Gait Disturbances in Aging
Ron Ben-Yitzhak, Talia Herman, Nir Giladi, and Jeffrey M. Hausdorff
Chapter 26: Falls in Geriatric Neurology
Richard Camicioli
Chapter 27: The Ataxias
Katrina Gwinn
Chapter 28: Dyskinetic Movement Disorders
Sarah Pirio Richardson and Mark Hallett
Chapter 29: Simple and Complex Sleep-related Movement Disorders in Older Adults
Madeleine Grigg-Damberger
Section 5: Sensory Disturbance in Aging
Chapter 30: Neurophthalmology of the Afferent Visual System in Aging
Molly E. Gilbert and James Goodwin
Chapter 31: The Aging Auditory System
Michael H. Flores, Gabrielle H. Saunders, and Bradley P. Pickett
Chapter 32: Dizziness in the Elderly
Larry E. Davis
Chapter 33: Taste and Smell in Aging
Richard L. Doty
Chapter 34: Autonomic Dysfunction in the Elderly
William P. Cheshire, Jr.
Section 6: Peripheral Neurology in Aging
Chapter 35: Spinal Disorders in the Elderly
Robert L. Ruff and Stephen Selkirk
Chapter 36: Motor Neuron Disease
Yvonne D. Rollins and Stephen P. Ringel
Chapter 37: Primary and Inflammatory Muscle Disorders in the Elderly
Mazen M. Dimachkie, Faisal Raja, and Richard J. Barohn
Chapter 38: Peripheral Motor and Sensory Neuropathies in Aging
Jennifer A. Tracy and P. James B. Dyck
Section 7: Disease States in the Elderly
Chapter 39: Stroke
Sandeep Kumar and Louis R. Caplan
Chapter 40: Epilepsy
Anne C. Van Cott and Mary Jo Pugh
Chapter 41: Head Injury in the Elderly
David A. Olson, MD
Chapter 42: Language Changes Associated with Aging
Loraine K. Obler, Martin L. Albert, Avron Spiro, III., Mira Goral, Christopher B. Brady, Elena Rykhlevskaia, JungMoon Hyun, and David Schnyer
Chapter 43: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Winnie C.W. Pao and Neil R.Graff-Radford
Chapter 44: Spinal Cord Injury and Dysfunction in the Elderly
K.J. Fiedler
Chapter 45: Brain Tumor in the Elderly
Robert Cavaliere and David Schiff
Chapter 46: Multiple Sclerosis in the Elderly
Tanuja Chitnis and Howard L. Weiner
Chapter 47: Sleep Disorders in Aging
Amanda A. Beck and Frank M. Ralls
Chapter 48: Headache in the Elderly
Cynthia Bamford and MaryAnn Mays
Chapter 49: Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia in the Elderly
Larry E. Davis and Molly K. King
Section 8: Neurological Therapeutics
Chapter 50: Neurorehabilitation in the Elderly
Ricardo Cruz and Mike Reding
Chapter 51: Pain Management in the Elderly
Don H. Bivins
Chapter 52: Pharmacotherapy Considerations in Geriatric Neurology
Melanie A. Dodd and Jessica Campaign
Chapter 53: Cognitive Enhancement in the Elderly
David Q. Beversdorf
Chapter 54: Cognitive and Physical Benefits of Exercise in the Aging
Krupa Shah and Dennis T. Villareal
Chapter 55: Palliative Care and neurological Illness: An Approach to Long-term Neurological Conditions and Catastrophic Illness
Mark Stillman and Patricia Scripko

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