Clinical Use and Interpretation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children / Edition 3

Clinical Use and Interpretation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children / Edition 3

by Shawn Cooper

ISBN-10: 0398065241

ISBN-13: 9780398065249

Pub. Date: 01/28/1995

Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Limited

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1The Future of Intelligence Testing5
2Ethics and the WISC-III7
3History of the WISC-III23
4Design and Organization of the WISC-III26
5The WISC-III Standardization and Scaled Score, IQ, and Index Score Development38
6Reliability and Validity of the WISC-III45
7Other Psychometric Features of the WISC-III66
8Issues in the Clinical Use of the WISC-III77
9Models in Psychology97
10Models in Psychological Assessment103
11General Issues in Test Administration121
12The Individual Subtests149
13Frameworks for the Interpretation of the WISC-III245
14The Psychological Report: General Issues281
15The Psychological Report: Framework and Design Features286
16Writing the Psychological Report296
17Bias and the Wechsler Scales339
18Medication and Psychological Testing350
19Computers and the WISC-III367
20Reviews of the WISC-III373
21Concluding Comment381
Appendix A. 1. Questions Asked of Publishers Regarding WISC-III Computer-Interpretive Programs393
Appendix A. 2. Responses from Psychologistics, Inc. Regarding WISC-III Computer-Interpretive Programs394
Appendix A. 3. Responses from The Psychological Corporation Regarding WISC-III Computer-Interpretive Programs396
Appendix A. 4. Responses from Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. Regarding WISC-III Computer-Interpretive Programs398

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