Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother Of Mankind

Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother Of Mankind

by Andrew W.K.

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Steev Mike


Disc 1

  1. I Came for You  - Andrew W.K.
  2. Close Calls with Bal Harbour  - Andrew W.K.
  3. Not Going to Bed  - Andrew W.K.
  4. You Will Remember Tonight  - Andrew W.K.
  5. Pushing Drugs  - Andrew W.K.
  6. Hand on the Place  - Andrew W.K.
  7. One Brother  - Andrew W.K.
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada  - Andrew W.K.
  9. Dr. Dumont  - Andrew W.K.
  10. I Want to See You Go Wild  - Andrew W.K.
  11. When I'm High  - Andrew W.K.
  12. Golden Eyed Dog  - Andrew W.K.
  13. Into the Clear  - Andrew W.K.
  14. Mark My Grace  - Andrew W.K.
  15. Don't Call Me Andy  - Andrew W.K.
  16. The Background  - Andrew W.K.
  17. Slam John Against a Brick Wall  - Andrew W.K.
  18. The Moving Room  - Andrew W.K.

Disc 2

  1. We Party (You Shout)  - Andrew W.K.
  2. High Five  - Andrew W.K.
  3. Let's Go on a Date  - Andrew W.K.
  4. We Got a Groove  - Andrew W.K.
  5. Sarah Notto  - Andrew W.K.
  6. I'm a Vagabond  - Andrew W.K.
  7. I've Got Know Fear  - Andrew W.K.
  8. Big Party  - Andrew W.K.
  9. Who Knows?  - Andrew W.K.
  10. Coming Bad  - Andrew W.K.
  11. Can You Dance with Me?  - Andrew W.K.
  12. Kicks and Bricks  - Andrew W.K.
  13. A.W.K.  - Andrew W.K.
  14. I Will Find God  - Andrew W.K.
  15. This Is My World  - Andrew W.K.
  16. Young Lord  - Andrew W.K.
  17. We're Not Gunna Get Old  - Andrew W.K.
  18. Kill Yourself  - Andrew W.K.
  19. I Want Your Face  - Andrew W.K.
  20. Jewel Street Man  - Andrew W.K.
  21. The Party God  - Andrew W.K.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Andrew W.K.   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals
Don Fleming   Vocals
Ken Andrews   Guitar
Rich Russo   Drums
Cherie Lily   Vocals
Frank Werner   Guitar
Gregg Roberts   Bass,Vocals
Erik Payne   Guitar,Vocals
Mattie Sweeney   Guitar,Vocals
Sgt. Frank   Guitar,Vocals
Kimbo "Tiny" Rancourt   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Agnello   Engineer
Don Fleming   Producer,Additional Production
Ryan Boesch   Engineer
Michael McCoy   Engineer
Lior Goldenberg   Engineer
TSD   Engineer
Andrew W.K.   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Frank Vierti   Engineer,Executive Producer,Additional Production
Matt Azzarto   Engineer
Ted Young   Engineer
Anthony Fontana   Engineer
Kate Laracuenta   Studio Manager
Mario Dane   Producer,Music Direction
Melanie Renecker   Studio Manager
Steev Mike   Executive Producer

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