Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984

Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984


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Cherry Red

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Disc 1

  1. Computer Bank
  2. R.A.M.
  3. Re-Education Through Labour
  4. Sedation Strokes
  5. Little Bob Minor
  6. Tight as a Drum
  7. Holiday Camp
  8. Fractured Smile
  9. Sexuality
  10. God with Us
  11. Faith
  12. Disco Song
  13. The Optimum Chant
  14. All Night Long
  15. Stopping and Starting

Disc 2

  1. I Am Your Shadow
  2. D’Ya Think I’m Sexy?
  3. The Single Off the Album
  4. Back to the Beginning
  5. Gerry and the Holograms
  6. Drugface
  7. A New Kind of Man
  8. Green for Go
  9. Sentimental
  10. Protect and Survive
  11. Being Boiled
  12. New Muzak
  13. Materialistic Man
  14. (Leaving Me) Now
  15. Music to Save the World By
  16. Almost
  17. Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
  18. Broken Vein
  19. The Distance from Köln

Disc 3

  1. Adrenalin (Return of the Elohim, Pt. 1)
  2. Robot Dance
  3. Sea of Tranquility
  4. Mistral
  5. Joe Goes to New York
  6. Embryo (Extract)
  7. Triptych
  8. Encounter
  9. Ynys Scaith
  10. Sedation
  11. Western Vein
  12. Dead of Night (Excerpt)

Disc 4

  1. What a Day
  2. No Way of Knowing
  3. Go for the Throat
  4. Eco Beat
  5. Dying Inside
  6. In the Army
  7. God Speed
  8. Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer
  9. Live at Longborne
  10. Menial Disorders, Extract B2
  11. Himeal (And She Blew)
  12. In the Room
  13. Dignity of Labour
  14. Mzui (Extract)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Julian Gilbert   Voices
Simon Crab   electronics

Technical Credits

Chris Carter   Composer
Bruce Gilbert   Composer
Edward Ka-Spel   Composer
Carmine Appice   Composer
Martyn Bates   Composer
Ron Berry   Composer
Blancmange   Composer
John Foxx   Composer
Kevin Harrison   Composer
Thomas Leer   Composer
Graham Lewis   Composer
Carl Matthews   Composer
Colin Potter   Composer
Sea of Wires   Composer
Mark Shreeve   Composer
Adrian Smith   Composer
Cosey Fanni Tutti   Composer
Philip Oakey   Composer
Steve Ball   Composer
Peter Becker   Composer
Basil Brooks   Composer
Malcolm Brown   Composer
Peter Christopherson   Composer
Genesis P-Orridge   Composer
Dave Henderson   Composer,Liner Notes
Duane Hitchings   Composer
Ian Craig Marsh   Composer
Andy McCluskey   Composer
Paul Nagle   Composer
Nick Plytas   Composer
Brian Poole   Composer
Gavin Povey   Composer
Adrian Sherwood   Composer
Ian Smith   Composer
Martyn Ware   Composer
Dick Witts   Composer
Gwyo Zepix   Composer
Ian Sharp   Composer
Paul Humphreys   Composer
Mark Phillips   Composer
Dominique Brethes   Composer
Steward   Composer
Martin Bowes   Composer
Andrew Hulme   Composer
Ashley Niblock   Composer
Andrew Cox   Composer
Christopher Andrews   Composer
Richard Woodfield   Composer
Paul Hood   Composer
Robertson   Composer
Chris "C.P." Lee   Composer
David Elliott   Composer
Bryn Jones   Composer
Philip Sanderson   Composer
Instant Automatons   Composer
Spoon Fazer   Composer,Producer
JP Scott   Composer
Andrew Lagowski   Composer
Julian Gilbert   Composer
Cultural Amnesia   Composer
Alan Burnham   Composer
Peter Wiggins   Composer
Raye Caluori   Composer
Stephen Jarvis   Composer
Suisse   Composer
John Whybrew   Composer
Ian Dobson   Composer
Kevin Thorne   Composer
Dean Piavani   Composer
Robert Lawrence   Composer
Simon Crab   Composer
Claire Elliott   Composer
Roger Horberry   Composer
Alien Brains   Composer
Clare Elliott   Composer
Dave Janssen   Composer
Nigel Lackey   Composer
Dinah Mulholland   Composer
Victoria Gordon Jones   Composer
Martin Croxford   Composer
Andrew Fleck   Composer
Anne Droid   Composer
Glenn Wallis   Composer
Kevin Donoghue   Composer
Michael Wolfen   Composer
Richie Program   Composer
Tim Horberry   Composer

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