Cloudy with a Chance of Boys (Sisters Club Series)

Cloudy with a Chance of Boys (Sisters Club Series)

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by Megan McDonald, Jenna Lamia

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The forecast calls for a first crush after Stevie makes a wish for something new and daring in this authentic, funny Sisters Club adventure.

As the middle sister in a family with three girls, Stevie Reel doesn’t know much about boys, and that’s always been just fine with her. But lately, things have been changing: kids at school are

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The forecast calls for a first crush after Stevie makes a wish for something new and daring in this authentic, funny Sisters Club adventure.

As the middle sister in a family with three girls, Stevie Reel doesn’t know much about boys, and that’s always been just fine with her. But lately, things have been changing: kids at school are starting to pair up, and Owen, the new boy in her Earth Science class, seems to have his sights set on Stevie. The trouble is, Stevie doesn’t want a boyfriend- she’s not even sure she’s ready to have a boy friend. And her sisters, who know exactly where they stand on the issue of boys, are no help: drama queen Alex is busy trying to orchestrate a perfect, Romeo-and-Juliet-style first kiss from her heartthrob, Scott Towel (er, Howell), while Joey can’t understand why anyone would like a boy better than a frog anyway. If only figuring out boys were as easy as predicting the weather!

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Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal - Audio
Gr 4–6—In the third book (Candlewick, 2011) in Megan McDonald's "The Sisters Club" series, the three Reel sisters are dealing with boys, Shakespeare, first kisses, and frogs. Younger sister Joey is into frogs and doesn't understand why anyone would risk cooties to spend time with a boy. Middle sister Stevie isn't really expecting to like boys, but the new kid at school has other plans. Teenager Alex desperately wants to be Juliet in the school play, and is making plans to orchestrate the perfect first kiss. Nothing works out quite as any of them expect. Jenna Lamia reads with enthusiasm and humor, creating unique voices for the characters. The book doesn't lend itself well to a strictly audio presentation since the illustrations are key to portions of the book—the explanation of palm-reading, for example, not to mention cloud types. And the variety of viewpoints, lists of weird facts, and asides are fun in a visual format, but interrupt the flow of the story in the audiobook. Also, the CDs seem to end when they run out of room, rather than at a logical transition point, leaving listeners hanging until the next CD is in place. Still, girls will enjoy this presentation, especially if the book is available so they don't miss out on the illustrations.—Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary School, Federal Way, WA
Children's Literature - Margaret Orto
The Reel sisters, Alex, Stevie, and Joey, are off on a new adventure—this one dealing with the world of boys and first kisses—in this third installment in "The Sisters Club" series. Alex, the oldest, and most theatrical, auditions for the role of Juliet in the school production of Romeo and Juliet in order to orchestrate the perfect first kiss with her crush, Scott Howell, sure to win the role of Romeo. Stevie, the middle sister, insists that she does not want a boyfriend but the new boy in her science class is funny and definitely pursuing her. They end up working together on an earth science project about weather. Joey, the youngest, would rather kiss a frog than a boy. Nothing, of course, turns out as planned for the sisters when it comes to dealing with males. As in the other books in this series, the straight narrative is carried by Stevie with Alex contributing in script format and Joey offering journal entries. Since this is a theatrical family, the characters' references to Shakespeare are believable and the Shakespearian comparisons and quotations cleverly worked into the plot. Alex's glossed over diva behavior when she does not get the lead and turns down a more minor role but still ends up in the play is a disappointing development but necessary for the story to resolve. Overall, though, this is a light, fun romp into the world of romance that will be enjoyed by girls trying to figure out just where they stand when it comes to the opposite sex themselves. Best is the chemistry between the sisters—they complain about each other but always band together whenever one needs the other. Reviewer: Margaret Orto
School Library Journal
Gr 4–7—In this story about the Reel sisters, Stevie, 12, gives her perspective on the changing nature of boy-girl relationships at school, while Alex, 14, contributes screenplay story lines chronicling her quiet admiration for fellow thespian Scott Howell. Joey, 10, adds lists and doodles to illustrate her disgust for her sisters' new attitudes toward kissing a boy. Cloudy uses weather, frogs, and Romeo and Juliet as the backdrop to a story focused on the sweeter side of sisterhood. Dialogue and situations will ring true for both new readers and fans.—Colleen S. Banick, Tomlinson Middle School, Fairfield, CT
Kirkus Reviews

First kisses have Stevie Reel and her older sister Alex on opposite sides of the male-interest spectrum, while youngest sister Joey cannot even imagine considering boys over her frogs. This latest Sister Club volume balances middle-school co-ed hilarity with values and pre-adolescent angst. When Alex, the family's star actress, unexpectedly loses the school's leading role of Juliet to Jayden "Fluffernutter" Pffeffer's mediocre acting skills, her plans to experience a first kiss with her newest love interest, Scott Towel as Romeo, are thwarted. Furious, Alex quits the play and launches a spy mission with her two sisters to keep an eye on things and prevent Scott's first acting kiss. In science class, Stevie's cloud experiment gets a bit stormy when Owen "Wire Rims" O'Malley, her science partner, attempts a first kiss, which ends in an embarrassingly wet and icy fiasco for Stevie. McDonald keeps readers laughing with all the antics while expertly folding in Shakespeare references and double entendres in her now-familiar combination of journal-style entries from Joey's perspective, play scenes outlining Alex's viewpoint and an overall narrative told in Stevie's glib voice. (Fiction. 9-12)

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Sisters Club Series
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