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Club Charts: Right Round

Club Charts: Right Round


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Release Date:
Zyx Records

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

George Michael   Composer
Jimmy James   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Maggie Reilly   Composer
Tim Benjamin   Composer
Robert Clivillés   Composer
Geoffrey Downes   Composer
Dee Dee Halligan   Composer
Paul Heard   Composer
Trevor Horn   Composer
Stuart MacKillop   Composer
Jean McClain   Composer
Shep Pettibone   Composer
Mike Pickering   Composer
Andy Jay Powell   Composer
Junior Torello   Composer
Donnie Wahlberg   Composer
Patrick DeMeyer   Composer
Frank Peterson   Composer
Mark Wahlberg   Composer
Angie Brown   Composer
Max Martin   Composer
Oliver Abbeloos   Composer
P. Rossini   Composer
David Brandes   Composer
Alex Christensen   Composer
Ottomix   Composer
Paolo Pelandi   Composer
David Toinet   Composer
DJ Sloop   Composer
Markus Binapfl   Composer
Thomas Bruchschmidt   Composer
Massimo Gabutti   Composer
Maurizio Lobina   Composer
Chris Lake   Composer
Peter Risavy   Composer
David Vogt   Composer
Jan-Markus Färger   Composer
Steven Neumann   Composer
Yves Murasca   Composer
Dan Hartman   Composer
Audrey Valorzi   Composer
Alecia Moore   Composer
Marcel Schmidt   Composer
P. Peroni   Composer
T.J. Lever   Composer
BK Duke   Composer
Daniel Schrade   Composer
Daniel Gramer   Composer
B. Edwards   Composer
S. Coy   Composer
M. Percy   Composer
J. Franks   Composer
A. Clayton   Composer
Musumarra   Composer
A.P. Grigg   Composer
Madonna Ciccone   Composer
Frederick Williams   Composer
D. Evans   Composer
MC Bones   Composer
Yann Destagnol   Composer
G. Calabro   Composer
Bruce Wooley   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
Artis Ivey   Composer
P. Lawrence   Composer
P. Burns   Composer
Sonia Clarke   Composer
Rob Barter   Composer
Gianfranco Randone   Composer
Fojan Amani   Composer
Kweku   Composer
Ronny Rockstroh   Composer
Tramar Dillard   Composer
John O'Flynn   Composer
Amir Shakir   Composer
Alex Vision   Composer
Corinna Tomaschitz   Composer
Christopher J. Taylor   Composer
Chris Norlin   Composer
Gerd Lehmukuhl   Composer
Denis Zet   Composer
Daisy Rollocks   Composer
Longuepee Xavier   Composer
Mario Wurzer   Composer
Phoebe Hall   Composer
Philip Bölhof   Composer
Michael Blatnik   Composer
Slakmon Gregori   Composer
Sipho Sillio   Composer
Seals Jones   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer

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