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Club Earth

Club Earth

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by Gail Gauthier, Joy Peskin (Editor)

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Will and his brother Robby have met more than their share of aliens in the past. But their latest dinner guest, an alien named Saliva, makes them and their parents an offer they can't refuse. Their home is to be an intergalactic resort for space travelers: Club Earth. Will and Robby are thrilled. They'll be the only people on Earth having aliens sleep over. There's


Will and his brother Robby have met more than their share of aliens in the past. But their latest dinner guest, an alien named Saliva, makes them and their parents an offer they can't refuse. Their home is to be an intergalactic resort for space travelers: Club Earth. Will and Robby are thrilled. They'll be the only people on Earth having aliens sleep over. There's only one question: what happens when Club Earth's residents get tired of cleaning up after its guests?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
Dad doesn't seem to be aware of much and that suits the Will and Robby fine--most of the time. But they have a problem--an alien just dropped in and he wants to make the Denis house a tour highlight--a first class resort called Club Earth. From then on expect the unexpected as one way-out guest after another arrives to enjoy the food, soak up the culture and have the vacation of a lifetime. Interplanetary visitor, Lard Butt uses his enormous posterior to help get the Denis car back on the road, JD100 is miserable until the boys let him clean and organize their rooms, camping with Corell Merqhors ends up really escalating the war between the girls and boys and these are just a few of the uninvited guests. Finally fed up with their alien visitors, the boys come up with an ingenious solution for removing their home from the intergalactic tour service.
School Library Journal
Gr 4-7-Will Denis and his little brother Robby, who first appeared in My Life among the Aliens (Putnam, 1996), return in another imaginative, tongue-in-cheek adventure involving uninvited guests. An intergalactic entrepreneur has selected the Denis home to be an interstellar resort featuring Mom's dubious health-nut cuisine with entr es like zucchini bran pizza. Each visitor seems to have some peculiar talent, whether it's helping the children by aggressively selling knickknacks for their ubiquitous elementary school fund-raisers, repairing Dad's car, providing intergalactic Internet access, or, in one unkind characterization, using a hefty derriere to help move Mr. Denis's station wagon out from a snowbank. There's even a barf fest that would do Paul Jennings proud, precipitated by feeding stale guests large quantities of junk food. Kids who liked My Life will revel in more of these sometimes confusing, occasionally macabre, and often just plain weird takes on life in the neighborhood.-John Sigwald, Unger Memorial Library, Plainview, TX Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Susan P. Bloom
Offbeat and wacky, with Gauthier's imagination working in overdrive, this book really is from outer space.
The Horn Book Magazine
Kirkus Reviews
In this wise and funny sequel to My Life Among the Aliens (1996), Will, Robby, and their parents agree to open their house as a resort for aliens, who are far more enamored of the mother's macrobiotic cooking than her family is. Knowing that she will end up with all the work, she is less than thrilled with the arrangement, but the males in the family think it will be great, at least until the eccentric aliens begin showing up. They have to be entertained, watched over, and cleaned up after. When one guest, Alphonse, shows no signs of leaving, the family conspires to get rid of him and to get out of their agreement. Written with a big dose of kid-friendly humor, this novel is much like its predecessor. Gauthier carefully plots episodic action, lacing it with plenty of witty commentary on family life, food, chores, pets, and other youthful concerns. (Fiction. 8-12)

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Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
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8 - 12 Years

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Club Earth 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
CandymanWM More than 1 year ago
Club Earth was in the middle of the books I love and the books I hate. Club Earth is about two boys, Will and Robby, who meet aliens. The aliens just stay for a night or two and eat and just hang out. One day an alien salesman wants to turn there house into a hotel for aliens. The boys love the idea but the parents aren't sure. To make them sure, the alien salesman blackmails them. So they have to say that they will do it. So the family gets ready for the aliens, but they never come. The aliens come at unexpected times and it kind of ruins their week or for however long the alien(s) stays for. So they have to deal with the aliens at unexpected and not-welcoming times. After a while like this, they soon grow tired of taking care of the aliens and dealing with them. They also don't even get paid by the salesman that makes their abode into a hotel for aliens. They want to stop, but since the salesman blackmailed them into making their home into a resort for aliens they cant.. So the family is stuck on a big problem. Fortunately, they become kind of friendly with one alien who stays a lot longer than expected and wanted. The alien also didn't even have a reservation to stay at the resort. The alien named Alphonse gives Will and Robby an idea. The idea was to have "Tunella epidemic". It's an organism that only grows on food in the artificial environments of spaceships. Alphonse tells them that even a rumor of it, "will ruin business in any public establishment that serves food." An alien that stayed at "Club Earth" had to go on a camping trip with Will, Robby, and their Dad. The alien threw up because of junk food so they made a dinner of junk food. They fed it to the aliens staying with them at the time and they were gone the next day. The ending of the story is real good one. You will want to find out for yourself. One positive is that it had a nice ending. Another one is that I think they had good characters. I also liked how Will and Robby got the aliens away. Also, I liked how the aliens came whenever they were busy or didn't expect it, and they didn't come when they were ready and did expect them to come. I thought there were only a few negatives. One, the comedy wasn't really funny. And two, it's wasn't a book that pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading. I don't think the book was really interesting either. Another negative is that it wasn't that thrilling and its really not a book you would read at school in 6th grade. The writing style of the author was that she wrote in first person. Also, she wrote science fiction. The author didn't really use hard words besides the names and words she came up with. This was an easy book to read, too. I don't recommend this book to other 6th graders. One reason is that I don't think 6th graders would like the book because it isn't really for 6th graders. I also don't think most 6th graders aren't interested in aliens, and this book has a lot to do with aliens.. Another reason is because the comedy isn't really for 6th graders. I didn't love the book myself and I don't think a lot of 6th graders would either. The author of my book, Gail Gauthier, has writing other books, too. Club Earth is the sequel to My Life Among the Aliens. She also wrote the books Happy Kid! , Saving the Planet and Stuff, The Hero of Ticonderoga, A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat, and she has written other books too. The book i read wasn't my favorite book, but not my least favorite boo