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Club Files, Vol. 3

Club Files, Vol. 3


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Ministry Of Sound De

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Disc 1

  1. Together
  2. Start All Over Again
  3. Freed from Desire
  4. Some Kinda Rush
  5. Shrine
  6. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  7. Everytime You Need Me
  8. Be Loved
  9. One Life
  10. No Government
  11. Come Back
  12. The Whistler
  13. Move Me 2008
  14. House Musc (All Night Long)
  15. The Nighttrain

Disc 2

  1. Everybody (Move Around)
  2. Let It Go
  3. Famous
  4. Luvstruck
  5. Keep on Rising
  6. Dance
  7. So Real
  8. Funky Radio (Radio Ga Ga 2007)
  9. Get Up
  10. In Chicago
  11. Star
  12. Sunrize
  13. Still in Love (With You)
  14. Irresistible
  15. A Girl Like You

Disc 3

  1. Together
  2. Freed from Desire
  3. Bucovina
  4. Some Kinda Rush
  5. Speed Up
  6. The Clap
  7. Heater
  8. Pompero
  9. Die Mit dem Roten Halsband
  10. Candy on the Dancefloor
  11. Like This Like That
  12. Enjoy the Silence
  13. Let Go
  14. Vuja De
  15. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Tom Waits   Composer
Doreen Chanter   Composer
Martin Gore   Composer
Gary Kemp   Composer
Jens Lissat   Composer
Nicolette   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Composer
Paul van Dyk   Composer
Henning Reith   Composer
Christophe Le Friant   Composer
Michael Scroccaro   Composer
Matthias Menck   Composer
Errol Rennalls   Composer
Thomas Hagenbeek   Composer
Marco Verkuylen   Composer
Benjamin Kuyten   Composer
Kai Paul   Composer
Robin Felder   Composer
James Winchester   Composer
Joachim Garraud   Composer
Shena McSween   Composer
David Guetta   Composer
Stephan Endemann   Composer
Serhat Sakin   Composer
Carl Ryden   Composer
Haydain Neale   Composer
Frank Sieben   Composer
Chelonis R. Jones   Composer
Sharon Phillips   Composer
Andreas Litterscheid   Composer
Raf "X"   Composer
Claude VonStroke   Composer
Nicole Tyler   Composer
Cosmo Klein   Composer
Terri Bjerre   Composer
Funkerman   Composer
Rea Garvey   Composer
Massimo Nocito   Composer
Sven Kirschner   Composer
Alexander Gerlach   Composer
Enrico DiTroy   Composer
Dirk Duderstadt   Composer
Christophe Hoeffel   Composer
Samim Winiger   Composer
Nadia Shepherd   Composer
Torsten Abrolat   Composer
Ivan Peroti   Composer
Chris Willis   Composer
Rudy Sandapa   Composer

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