Club Hits 2002 [SPG]

Club Hits 2002 [SPG]


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Spg Records


Disc 1

  1. Hide U
  2. 10 in 01
  3. Camels  -  Santos
  4. Free at Last  -  Simon
  5. Flawless  -  Ones
  6. Everybody Everywhere  -  Fun-K
  7. Needin' U II  - Juliet Roberts
  8. U Look Fantastic  - Richard Grey
  9. I Wanna Be U
  10. The Underground  -  Celeda
  11. Welcome 2 the Jungle
  12. Love You Some More
  13. Stringer  -  Riva
  14. Push  -  Gardeweg
  15. Blood Is Pumpin'  -  Serano

Disc 2

  1. Tribal Mania (Maghalena)
  2. K Pasa
  3. Blame It On...
  4. I Can Cast a Spell
  5. Can You Feel It With Me  -  Soundscapers
  6. Bel Amour
  7. What a Night  - Janine Cross
  8. Over You
  9. Massive
  10. 3-2-1 Fire!  -  Santos
  11. I Get Live  -  Mike & Charlie
  12. How U Like Bass
  13. Feel the Beat
  14. Lui  -  Re-Flex
  15. Why Can't You Free Some Time  - Armand Van Helden

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kathy Brown   Track Performer
Juliet Roberts   Track Performer
Evo   Vocals
Soundscapers   Track Performer
Members of Mayday   Track Performer
Celeda   Track Performer
Troy Brown   Track Performer
Pound Boys   Track Performer
Gardeweg   Track Performer
Cloudburst   Track Performer
Serano   Track Performer
Sheila Smith   Vocals
Darude   Track Performer
Richard Grey   Track Performer
Thick Dick   Track Performer
Janine Cross   Vocals
Suzanne Palmer   Track Performer
Norman Bass   Track Performer
Bel Amour   Track Performer
Chocolate Puma   Track Performer
Ones   Track Performer

Technical Credits

David Morales   Producer
Joanne   Graphic Design
Armand Van Helden   Arranger
Erick "More" Morillo   Producer
Peter Rauhofer   Producer
Poole   Producer
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Mike Gray   Producer
Dobre   Producer
Jon Pearn   Producer
Tony Rebelo   Executive Producer
Jeff Sprigg   Executive Producer
Klaus Jankuhn   Producer
Dealer   Producer
Danny Harrison   Producer
Simon Pearson   Producer
Warren Clarke   Producer,Remixing
C.J. Stone   Producer
Antoine Clamaran   Producer
Cameron Craig   Producer
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero   Producer
Jaakko "JS16" Salovaara   Arranger
Riva   Producer
Santos   Arranger,Producer
D.J. Zki   Producer
Sergio Flores   Arranger,Producer
Steve Lawler   Producer,Remixing
Lorenzo Al Dino Pizzileo   Arranger,Producer
Ville Virtanen   Arranger
Clarke   Producer
Markus Gardeweg   Producer
Franck Keller   Producer
Laurent Pautrat   Producer

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