Club Hits 2003 [SPG]

Club Hits 2003 [SPG]


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Disc 1

  1. At Night
  2. Come on Over
  3. Billie Jean
  4. Shiny Disco Balls
  5. So Much Love to Give @@2 Of Us
  6. It Just Won't Do
  7. Dark Beat
  8. Jungle Life @@Bag Of Trixx
  9. Superdrum
  10. Get Ur Freak On
  11. Everybody Be Somebody
  12. Fix My Sink
  13. Crazy Beats (The Bum Spank Song), Pt. 1 @@Condesa
  14. Erotic City
  15. Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke)

Disc 2

  1. Innerlife @@Decoy & Roy
  2. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand)
  3. Nothing But You
  4. Angel Eyes @@7th Sense
  5. Freeloader
  6. At the End
  7. Days Go By
  8. If U Want Me
  9. Loneliness
  10. 2 Months Off
  11. Strange Strange World @@Lesley
  12. Satisfaction
  13. Able to Love
  14. With or Without You @@Laysia
  15. Shout

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jan Johnston   Vocals
DJ Sneak   Vocals
Terra Deva   Vocals
Latanza Waters   Background Vocals
Juliette Jaimes   Background Vocals
K.Y.M.   Vocals
Oba Frank Lords   Vocals
Fraser T. Smith   Guitar
Labh Janjua   Vocals
Lesley Meguid   Vocals
Jessica Eve   Vocals

Technical Credits

Michael Jackson   Composer
Prince   Composer
Steve Smith   Composer
Dave Evans   Composer
S. Scott   Composer
Paul Oakenfold   Producer,Remixing
Ben Blank   Composer
Adam Clayton   Composer
E-Smoove   Producer
Ralph Falcon   Composer
Oscar Gaeton   Composer
Derek Jenkins   Composer
Glen Larson   Composer
E. Miller   Composer
Larry Mullen   Composer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer,Producer
DJ Sneak   Programming,Engineer,beats
Paul Hewson   Composer
Christopher Reece   Composer,Producer
L.C. "Good Rockin'" Robinson   Composer
Rob Di Stefano   Executive Producer
Missy Elliott   Composer
Thomas Bangalter   Composer
Paul van Dyk   Producer
Tony Rebelo   Executive Producer
Jeff Sprigg   Executive Producer
Stephan Mandrax   Composer
Scuzzy   Producer
Eniac   Producer
Scumfrog   Producer,Remixing
Mousse T   Producer
Tim Deluxe   Composer,Producer
Terra Deva   Composer
Franky Fonell   Composer,Producer
Arnaldo Alicea   Composer,Producer
Tim Mosley   Composer
Charlie Solana   Producer,Remixing
Robbie Rivera   Composer
Juliette Jaimes   Composer
M. Woods   Composer
Svenson   Producer,Remixing
DJ Falcon   Composer
Neil Petricone   Executive Producer
Mandrax   Producer
Tomcraft   Producer
Labh Janjua   Composer
Robin Felder   Vocal Producer
F." L. Ivan "Stia   Producer
Luca Moretti   Producer,Remixing
Markus Moser   Producer
Ricky Romanini   Producer,Remixing
Melanie Moser   Composer
Panjabi MC   Composer,Producer
Benny Benassi   Composer
Ron van Kroonenburg   Composer,Producer
Ben Onono   Composer
Paul Crawley   Composer
Mark Thomas Bell   Composer
Victoria Horn   Composer
Matt Watkins   Producer,Remixing
E. "Hustlechild" Clement   Composer
Stu Phillips   Composer
Alle Benassi   Arranger,Producer
John Silver   Composer,Producer
Rick Smith   Composer,Producer
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Executive Producer
Michael Woods   Producer

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