Clubbers Guide 05

Clubbers Guide 05


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Ministry Of Sound Uk


Disc 1

  1. Out of Touch  -  Uniting Nations
  2. Call on Me  - Eric Prydz
  3. Rocker  -  Alter Ego
  4. Wonderful Night  -  Fatboy Slim
  5. Pump It Up  -  Danzel
  6. Get It On  -  Lisa Scott-Lee
  7. Drop the Pressure  -  Mylo
  8. Stay With You  -  Lemon Jelly
  9. Enjoy the Silence  -  Depeche Mode
  10. Feel the Vibe  -  Axwell
  11. In My Heart  -  Ethan
  12. Swing 2 Harmony  -  Perasma
  13. Sos  -  Polina
  14. I See Girls  -  Studio B
  15. Every Little Time  - Gemma J.
  16. Saturday  - Joey Negro
  17. Heavy  -  Hooked
  18. Rockya Body @@Bodyrox
  19. Night Music  - Linus Loves
  20. What U Got, What U Do @@Subway

Disc 2

  1. Object of My Desire  - Dana Rayne
  2. Sunrise  -  Angel City
  3. Winter  -  DT8 Project
  4. Attention!  - Commander Tom
  5. Love U More  -  Public Domain
  6. Back for Me  - Candee Jay
  7. Still the One  -  United In Dance
  8. Loveshy 2004  - Kristine Blond
  9. Forgiven 2005  -  Space Brothers
  10. Intruder @@Armin Vs. M.I.K.E.
  11. Ignition, Sequence, Start!  - System F
  12. Nightdive  - Graham Gold
  13. Love Shines Through  - Marcella Woods
  14. The Second You Sleep (I Stay to Watch You Fade Away) @@Tess
  15. Feelin' Me @@4 Rising Stars
  16. Sunshine After the Rain  -  Bel-Aires
  17. Generation of Love  -  Rocco
  18. Calabria  -  Drunkenmunky
  19. Wanna Win You Back @@Montana
  20. Follow the Sun  - Paul Holden

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Taka Boom   Vocals
Weston Foster   Background Vocals
Lucia Holm   Vocals
L.G.   Vocals
Andy Whitmore   Keyboards
Lisa Abbott   Vocals
Nathan Thomas   Vocals
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Tess   Vocals
Joanna Law   Vocals
Ben Ofoedu   Vocals
Andrea Britton   Vocals
Dana Rayne   Vocals
Philip Cortez   Percussion
Lisa Scott-Lee   Vocals
Sandy Wilhelm   Vocals
Leigh Guest   Keyboards
Richard Mayes   Guitar
Danzel   Vocals
Carol Black   Background Vocals
Lara McAllen   Vocals
Jinian Wilde   Vocals
Gemma J.   Vocals
DJ Rod-1   Vocals
Lloyd Dukes   Guitar
Lateef   Vocals
Neil Skinner   Vocals
Vikki   Vocals

Technical Credits

Depeche Mode   Producer
Ellie Greenwich   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Daryl Hall   Composer
Paul Roberts   Producer,Remixing
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Paddy Keenan   Producer
Kayode Adeyemo   Composer
Calvert   Remixing
Paul Carnell   Composer
Timothy Cole   Composer,Producer
Norman Cook   Composer
Cutfather   Producer
David Katz   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Keith Diamond   Composer
Flood   Producer
Martin Gore   Composer
Lucia Holm   Composer
Jimmy Jay   Composer
Will Jennings   Composer
J. Knudsen   Composer
John Oates   Composer
Ernesto Phillips   Composer
Joseph Powell   Remixing
Errol Reid   Composer
Mark Simon   Producer,Remixing
Tyrrell   Producer
Andy Whitmore   Programming
SMP   Producer
Billy Mann   Composer
Roman Flügel   Composer,Producer
Jörn Elling Wuttke   Composer,Producer
Mike   Composer
Commander Tom   Producer
Graham Gold   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Tommy Kent   Composer,Vocal Engineer,Vocal Producer
Fatboy Slim   Producer
Stephen Jones   Composer
Adam Marano   Producer
Dougal   Producer,Remixing
Jon Pearn   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Justin Time   Composer
Jennifer Bolton   Composer
Djaimin   Composer
Simon Thornton   Engineer,Executive Producer
Paul Clarke   Composer
Space Brothers   Arranger,Producer
Nathan Thomas   Composer
Samuel Malm   Producer
Andrew Galea   Producer,Remixing
Paul Masterson   Composer,Producer
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer
Jaco Van Rijswijk   Producer
D. Lee   Composer
Ferry Corsten   Composer,Producer
Angel Farringdon   Engineer
Axwell   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Tess   Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Engineer,Vocal Mixing
Lee Butler   Producer,Remixing
Tuff Twins   Producer,Remixing
Dave Lee   Arranger,Producer
Pronti   Producer
S.T. Jones   Composer
P. Griffith   Composer
Kevin Kennedy   Composer,Producer
Ewan Pearson   Producer,Remixing
Kalmani   Composer,Producer
Lars Frederiksen   Producer,Remixing
Larsen   Arranger
Pit Bailay   Composer
M.I.K.E.   Composer,Producer
Darren Tate   Producer
SeBass-Tian   Producer
Søren Weile   Producer,Remixing
Drunkenmunky   Producer
Ben Ofoedu   Composer
Jerry Ropero   Remixing
Dennis "DJ Delay" Horstmann   Producer,Remixing
Mike DiScala   Producer,Remixing
Intenso Project   Producer
Lateef Daumont   Composer
Mark Wilson   Producer
Sandy Wilhelm   Producer
Frank Knebel   Producer
Tom Neville   Producer,Remixing
James Theochari   Composer,Vocal Engineer,Vocal Producer
Leigh Guest   Programming
Eric Prydz   Arranger,Producer
Myles Macinnes   Composer,Producer
Patrick James   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Robbie Pollard   Producer,Remixing
Styles   Producer,Remixing
Rick Simmonds   Composer
Darren Sampson   Producer
James Allan   Producer,Remixing
Olavi Ash   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Mark Brady   Composer,Producer
Nick Bridges   Composer,Producer
Oli Böhm   Producer
Elliott Smith   Arranger
Slobodan Petrovic   Producer
Yannis Pappakonstantinou   Arranger,Producer
Dizzy Deejays   Producer,Remixing
Tony Puddifer   Producer,Remixing
DT   Engineer
Darren Mew   Composer,Producer
Chris Midas   Composer,Producer
Silverroom   Producer,Remixing
Jimmy Thornfeld   Producer,Engineer
Michael VanHolz   Producer,Remixing
Baigali Serkebayev   Composer
Lisa Marie Keegan   Composer
Sandy Wilhem   Composer
Sven-R-G   Producer
Nikolaos Galatsopoulos   Arranger,Producer
Dennis the Menace   Remixing

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